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Signal Clone- The Future of Messaging Apps

"Use Signal" is a phrase that has been going around in social media for a while. The Signal is a free instant messaging app with end-to-end encryption technology embedded in it. Although other apps like Whatsapp and Facebook follow the same technology, their privacy policies differ. Signal stands for privacy wholeheartedly. It has replaced Whatsapp as the top free messaging app in the google store. The buzz around Signal is the sign of every individual's priority for privacy. With social media turning around from being an entertainment platform to more advertisement, app privacy had made the scapegoat. Signal makes its stand as the savior of privacy. This buzz and hype around Signal signifies that privacy is a significant feature for future social media apps. If you are an entrepreneur who believes that privacy matters and dreams to be a frontrunner in this social media revolution, join us and launch our Signal clone App, an instant messaging app with privacy as a priority.

A breakdown on how end-to-end encrypted messaging works in our Signal Clone App

Our Signal Clone is developed significantly for secure messaging. Wondering how this end-to-end encrypted messaging works, we will break it down for you.

  • When two users start a chat, two sets of keys are created, each for a user.
  • Now the private key is stored on the device of the user.
  • And a public key is stored in the server of the Signal Clone App.
  • When user 1 texts a message to user 2, the public key is encrypted and is made available only for the private key of the second user.
  • Now the message will be sent to the second user via the server.
  • The private key of the second user decrypts the message.

With this kind of encryption, the data cannot be decrypted by a third party. The data stored in the server will be of no use even if encrypted, as it will display some randomly generated characters.

Do you see signs of launching a Signal Clone app in your dream?


The user can register in the Signal Clone App by using his contact number.

Contact Synchronization

Once the user registers an account, the contacts in the user’s device will be automatically synced with the app. Also, this contact list will be updated every time a new connection is added to the user’s device.


Location Sharing

The user will be able to share his/her location with their friends as we have integrated google map with the Signal clone App.

Group chat

This feature allows the user to create groups and manage them effortlessly. This feature can be used to have fun groups with friends and also business-related groups.

Push Notifications

The users are notified of new messages from contacts, or groups, missed calls, or missed video calls. These notifications make the app more interactive and thereby increases user engagement.

Media Sharing

To have an interesting conversation means not just texting but also sharing photos, videos, and audio. This feeds the user with content, thereby spending more time in the app.

In-App calls

The user can make voice calls to their friends for free through the app. This call is absolutely free and is uninterrupted.


This feature brings the long-distance relations and friends closer. The user gets to connect with their families and friends face to face in HQ.

Managing User’s profile

The user can manage their profile by updating their status, profile picture, and also options to block contacts and privacy settings on the display of profile picture, and more.

App Lock

The app comes with a feature to lock it so that the conversations cannot be read by any third person.

Note to self

The user can message themself. This feature can be used by the user to take notes on details they do not want to share with others.

Multiple Device Login

The user can log in to their Signal Clone account on the desktop by just scanning a QR code. But the messages on the mobile device won’t be displayed considering privacy.

Admin channel

The admin is allowed to post any content they would like to share with all their users using this feature.


The admin has access to monitor the user’s profile, group activities but cannot have access to the decrypt user’s messages.

Data Management

The admin manages the contents that are stored in the app’s server.

Analytical data

The admin can have precise data on the number of users, and the time users spend in the app, the peak times of the app’s usage, and more.

App Updates

The admin notifies the user of the updates of the app using the admin panel. The users can be either asked for a routine update, where the user can update it whenever he/she wants to, or force update, where the user has to update immediately or else the user will be unable to use the app.

Monetizing your Signal Clone App

Although Signal App is run by a non-profit organization and does not depend on revenue, as an entrepreneur, you have to monetize the app to sustain the business. Check out our suggestions on how to monetize the Signal Clone App.

  • Premium Subscription

    The user can be charged some amount to use certain premium features like disappearing messages. This will help the business owner generate revenue.

  • In-App Advertising

    As a beginner, in-app advertising is one of the best ways to generate revenue. The ads can be placed in such a way that it does not annoy the user.

  • In-App Purchases

    The user can be provided with in-app products like exciting GIFS, stickers, filters, and more other products to buy. This will help the business owner earn some revenue.

Our Free instant messaging app development process

  • Requirement Analysis

    As the first step of the development process, we discuss with our clients their business plans, the audience they want to target, the customizations they need, and much more.

  • Research and Analysis of the Market

    Extensive research is undertaken to understand your business plan and assist you by developing the app.

  • Create an Appealing Design

    Our creative team works on a UI design that is exclusively designed for your niche crowd. The design is customized with your logo and branding, leaving no sign of being a clone app.

  • Back-end Development

    Our team of dedicated developer's expertise in developing instant-messaging apps works meticulously to develop an app with interactive features and seamless performance.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    After developing the app, our testing team conducts various tests and quality checks to make sure the app is bug-free.

  • Launching your App

    Once all the tests are conducted, and the app is fully functional, the app is launched in the Android and iOS stores in the name of your business.

Why Choose Inoru to launch a Signal Clone App?

Inoru is a forerunner in the app development arena. We would like to share some reasons why you choose us for your Signal clone app development.

Round the clock Support

App development is our arena, but customer satisfaction is our convention. Our support team works to resolve any queries aroused by the clients round the clock.

Demo Application

We provide our clients with a demo application to test. We proceed with the app development process only if the customer is satisfied with the demo app.


We customize the app with all the attributes the client requires. We design with the logo, name, themes, and color pallets resembling the logo.

On-Time delivery

We are a dedicated team working with a plan. We plan early, come up with a deadline, and then stick to the plan to deliver your Signal Clone App before the deadline.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All our clients have their own unique ideas, and every idea is so valuable. So, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients stating any of their ideas or work will be disclosed to any third party by us.

Free Server Installation

We deploy our Signal Clone App on your server for free. This helps the app to be functional right from day one.


The cost of developing an app includes various factors. It depends solely on the features you want to integrate into your App. So, make a call to us and tell us your requirements to get a clear picture on the costing.

The answer to this is very simple: give us a call, let us know your requirements for the upgrade. We will get your App updated in no time.

It is always safe with us. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you stating that your business ideas will be safe with us.

Yes, We provide free assistance even after the launch of the App for a limited time, and later we charge a minimal fee.

A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.

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