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Social presence is the need of the hour for businesses to survive and thrive. The popular channel promises to attract global customers with an unstoppable flow of data and revenue. Ride the success tide with social media applications powered with artistic UI/UX and next-generation features. At INORU, our social media app developers, aka highbrows, are obsessed with delivering tailor-made solutions for meaningful user experience across the digital ecosystem. Are you interested in promoting businesses, brands, or labels for remarkable conversions? Opt for our unique social network application development solutions today and achieve intended business goals seamlessly.

Benefits Of Investing In Social Media Apps

Building communities

Businesses via social media apps bring together people of similar interests and preferences and build brand loyal communities. These communities help attract the right set of audience, hence, promote easy conversion.

Effective social branding

Social media apps help businesses and brands extend their services and products to global users with ease. A reliable platform where audiences/communities are encouraged to generate brand recognition by sharing on social channels.

Boost user engagement

Enhance user engagement with intelligent interactions to maximize conversions. Leverage smart device features such as GPS, camera, and others for making informed social engagement decisions.

Exceptional CRM opportunity

To deliver better branding solutions, leverage the crucial user data captured by mobile apps. The data helps fetch critical insights for businesses to formulate future services and ensure prompt communication.

Social Media App

Enhanced business reach

Social media apps provide the perfect platform for businesses to reach and expand the customer base with ease. The apps offer easy entry to infinite lucrative markets across the globe and help organizations thrive.

Social Networking Solutions

UberEats Clone App

Contest Apps

Creating and running contests are a fantastic way to engage with users all over the globe. Generate infinite competitions with desirable prize incentives and witnesses a surge in sign-ups and audience interactions.

Creative & Aspiring

  • Create contests
  • Share via social media
  • Invite & play with friends
  • Social media login
  • Contest results
  • Leaderboards

Promotional Apps

Immerse users in an unforgettable experience with the creatively-crafted promotional app. The brand’s custom-designed identity offers a meaningful encounter to entice and boost audience interactions & conversions.

Branding & enchanting

  • Quick search
  • Advanced filters
  • Result optimization
  • Brand page
  • Product page
  • Image search
UberEats Clone App
UberEats Clone App

Quiz Apps

The highly addictive game enchants the audience with interactive questions. With infinite topics and easy-to-understand nature, quiz apps provide comprehensive insights on users perception. A valuable means for informed decision making.

Engaging & informative

  • Contests on-the-go
  • Multi-categories
  • Real-time analytics
  • Quiz of the day
  • Difficulty levels
  • Social media share

Social games

Games running on social media platforms are amongst the most popular offering to date. By engaging users with interactive and fun games, brands can integrate their elements and enhance visibility. With memorable gaming experiences, ensure real-time audience interaction for an extended period.

Amazing & interactive

  • Social media share
  • Invite friends & family
  • In-app communication
  • Virtual coins/gifts
  • Leaderboards
  • Real-time analytics
UberEats Clone App

Blend social elements with traditional businesses

By integrating social platform capabilities with our enterprise-grade mobile applications, INORU helps businesses connect with digital audiences seamlessly. By blending next-generation social collaboration tools with our portal development abilities, we build and empower social enterprises (for organizations).

Tools for businesses

  • Smart polls
  • Managing calendars
  • Advanced search
  • Managing tasks

Networking for employee

  • Effective messaging
  • Real-time meetings
  • Information feed
  • Notifications

Team assessing

  • Employee rating
  • Effective voting
  • Special privileges
  • Identifications

Collaborating videos

  • Company webcasting
  • Employee video calls
  • Video messages
  • Video conferencing

Manage work manner

  • Sharing files
  • Tagging
  • Collaborating documents
  • Version control

Top Features

Profile creation

Users & brands can create and customize their profiles with names, theme, display pictures, wallpapers, font styles, and much more.

Advanced search

With the smart online-marketplace feature, users can search for services, products, brands, or business with ease.

Real-time messaging

Users can exchange information in real-time via the in-app messaging feature integrated into the social media app.

In-app video calling

The advanced feature allows effortless video calling among app users. During the call, users can pause and mute as per their discretion.

Share files

Share documents, images, videos, and audios with other users via the seasoned app for social media.

Secure login

With the integration of unique authentication parameters, users and brands can log in the app securely.

Push notifications

Update users with the latest alerts on messages, video calls, quiz/games, and much more via push notifications and email.

Manage communities

Create & manage numerous communities of people sharing similar interests, friends, family, office employees, or solely for the fun of it.

Manage events

Create and manage countless events via the cutting-edge social app. Target audiences with unique campaigns or create awareness for a cause, all with just a few taps.

Audio, video & image editing

Before sharing or uploading files on the social media platform, users can edit images, audio & videos with dedicated tools.

Manage page

Brands can create and manage dedicated pages with regards to their product, service, or even company and promote among digital audiences.

Follow / unfollow

Users can follow dedicated pages & communities of brands, products, individuals, groups, and others for the latest updates. To stop receiving alerts, users can unfollow the page.

Why Develop Social Media Apps?

The smart network offers an interactive platform where users can connect and communicate with people, products, brands, companies, services, and much more. Social media applications provide ample entertainment ranging from private/public gaming to pop-quiz on the go. The unique platforms offer infinite possibilities with its ever-evolving nature.

Ignite conversations

We help facilitate businesses to connect with their customers via the dedicated platform on leading mobile (iOS & Android) and web platforms.

Real-time virality

Social media apps offer unparalleled growth potential by harnessing user data for effective reach to the target audience.

Unforgettable experience

Create customized and creative experiences for the audience by leveraging critical information from users’ social network.

Have an interesting project?

We offer perfect solutions to help you lead the social media race. Talk to our experts today.

Social Media App Development

When it comes to carefully crafted social media applications that will captivate your users with seamless functionality and attractive design, there is no better option than INORU. Here is a list of our extensive social media applications. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

WhatsApp Clone

Launch a premier cross-platform messenger like Whatsapp to immediate success with our Whatsapp Clone. With full functionality, extensive features, and an attractive design, our Whatsapp clone is the numero-uno choice among users and entrepreneurs.

Signal Clone

Interested in launching a cross-platform messaging service with full encryption? Our Signal clone is all you need! Get in touch with our experts to get a launch-ready Signal Clone now!

Kik Clone

Launch an instant messaging service like Kik with our Kik Clone app development services. We are the premier provider of the Kik Clone app in the market.

Viber Clone

You can now launch a messaging and voice-over service like Viber in no time with our feature-laden Viber Clone! The messaging app of your choice!

Line Clone

Let your users connect instantly with high quality with our Line Clone! This cutting-edge messenger app is a sure-fire bet to success.

WeChat Clone

Looking to launch a multi-purpose app like WeChat? We have you covered. Our WeChat clone can carry out messaging, social media, and even payments!

Facebook Messenger Clone

This rendition of the popular Facebook Messenger app is every user’s preferred choice. Our Facebook Messenger Clone gives you all the functionality of the original at a fraction of the cost.

Botim Clone

Enable your users to make High Definition Voice and Video calls with our Botim Clone! This offering is launch-ready, so get in touch with our experts and set yourself up for success now!

KakaoTalk Clone

Launch an instant mobile messaging service like KakaoTalk with our services. INORU’s KakaoTalk clone is backed by industry experts for success.

Telegram Clone

Private messaging that’s secure is our specialty. The Telegram Clone is one of our most popular offerings. Get in touch with our team to find out why.

Hike Clone

The Hike Clone is quickly growing in popularity and for good reason. Find out what makes the Hike Clone a favorite among our clients by scheduling a call with our team.

Instagram Clone

Capitalize on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with our Instagram Clone. This picture/video-based social media platform is ready to launch in a matter of days!

Snapchat Clone

Thinking about launching a multi-media messaging app like Snapchat? You’ve come to the right place! INORU provides the best Snapchat Clone in the market for a price you won’t believe!

Qzone Clone

A launch ready blog based social media app is waiting for you with our Qzone clone. Capitalize on its popularity by getting in touch with us today!

Weibo Clone

The Chinese version of Twitter is an apt-name for Weibo. Launch your own Weibo clone and cash in on the opportunity! Schedule a call with us today!

Twitter Clone

Our Twitter Clone is the best rendition of the world’s most popular microblogging platform. Get all the goodness of Twitter for an exceptionally low price with our Twitter Clone.

Reddit Clone

Create your own version of the ‘front page of the internet’ with our Reddit Clone. A cutting-edge social media platform for users worldwide.

Pinterest Clone

Let your users showcase their individuality unhindered with our Pinterest Clone. This popular image-sharing service can be prepped for launch in under one week!

Askfm Clone

Launch your own version of this popular social networking site with our Askfm clone. Captivate users around the world and let them connect to each other.

Tumblr Clone

Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging and social networking sites. Our Tumblr clone is the most popular cloned version of it. Launch a Tumblr clone in no time with our services!

Flickr Clone

Get a launch-ready image and video hosting platform with our Flickr Clone. We provide robust development that is affordable to all. Set up a meeting with us today!


As a business promoting fashion, we wanted to connect with audiences on a more personal level. INORU offered splendid solutions and delivered the right app for the job. Thank you.

Walter Young

We were looking to introduce new products to a more extensive target base. With the dedicated app developed by INORU, we have been achieving positive brand awareness among communities.

Seth Venable

Social presence was crucial for our business to survive and thrive. Thanks to INORU and its excellent team, we now have a fantastic app developed as per our needs.

Arla Weaver

Frequent Questions

Yes, we custom design your app with numerous features to help reach the right target audience.
Yes, we can integrate numerous features that best meet your business requirements.
Yes, we can integrate popular global languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others to target the local and international audience.
Yes, we offer a fantastic post-launch support package that ensures your app functions smoothly always.
Each project is unique, and we ensure you are delivered with the most advanced solutions at pocket-friendly costs.

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