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Spotify Clone App Development

The way we listen to music has been an ever-evolving process. From old school gramophones to the handheld radio to cassette tapes to CDs, every now and then, there has been a shift in the way we listen to music. The latest in this lineage is the music streaming service platforms like Spotify. The physical purchases of CDs are at an all-time low. Even online, people are no longer downloading music to their devices. Why do that when you can stream your music online without wasting any space?

Music streaming is in its golden era. An overwhelming number of people around the world are utilizing the services of platforms such as Spotify to get their fill of music. The industry is set to grow at this incredible rate for quite some years to come. According to the numbers “the global online music streaming subscriptions grew 32% year-on-year (YoY) reaching 358 million subscriptions in CY 2019”.

What does this spell out for entrepreneurs like you? An opportunity! With all the signs pointing the right way, there has never been a better time to invest in a music streaming service. And, there is no better way to do so than with our Spotify Clone App.

Get into the market backed by experts. Choose INORU’s Spotify Clone App and put yourself in a position to succeed.

Why launch A Spotify Clone App?

Simply put, music streaming services like the Spotify clone app are the wave of the future. The digital streaming service industry is more robust than ever and with each passing year, the numbers are only trending upwards. There is no dearth in the amount of usage for streaming services like Spotify. WIth growing usage of smartphones and increasing internet penetration, there is no slowing down for this industry. If you’re looking to make a viable investment in the app technology industry, there is no better choice and time than a Spotify clone app and right now!

Get a launch-ready Spotify clone app with the latest features and functionality.

Unique Features Of Our Spotify Clone

These are the must-have features we recommend every entrepreneur to invest in while getting the Spotify Clone.

Curated PlaylistPlaylists on the Spotify clone are curated as per the listener’s tastes. This is learned through their song choices and their search history. A feature users will love.

Informative Admin PanelOverseeing the operations in the Spotify Clone has never been easier.All the information that admin needs for a seamless running of the operation are provided as part of the admin panel.

Complete ControlAdmins have the ability to outfil the Spotify app clone any way that they see fit. A truly customizable solution that you can make your own.

Loop FunctionalityListeners who like a song can put it in the ‘loop mode’ and listen to it over and over again.

Upload A SongUsers who would like to publish their own music can do so with the ‘Upload a Song’ function of the Spotify clone app. This acts as a stage for the up and coming artists.

Social Media IntegrationMake it easy for your users to connect with their friends and family via the Social Media Integration feature. They can share songs, curate playlists, and more!.

Spotify Clone App Package - What You Get

Web App

  • Profile Creation

    Users can create a customized profile page that includes their personal details, photo and more.

  • Home Page

    Every user has a dedicated home page which is filled with music that they like, their recently listened songs, recommendations for similar artists, songs and more.

  • Create Playlist

    Users can create playlists and add songs to them. This helps them curate songs into a list befitting to their mood, genre,etc.

  • Mark Favorite

    If users like a song, they mark it as a ‘favorite’. This will trigger the Spotify clone to recommend more songs in that style.

  • Multi-payment Options

    Users who wish to avail the premier membership from the Spotify Clone can do so by paying a subscription fee that’s either on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Sharing

    Users can choose to share music with their friends and family members. They simply click on the “share” icon and choose the medium of their sharing.


We have made the registration process lighting fast to enable users to quickly onboard onto the Spotify Clone App.

Search Song/Artist/Album

Users can search for any song, artist or album they wish to listen to with the quick search option available in the Spotify Clone App.


Curated Playlists

Apart from creating their own playlists, Users can also view curated playlists that have recommendations based on their music preferences.

Secure Payment

Users can pay for a subscription or renew their subscription at any time in a safe manner with the secure payment gateway.


Profile Settings

Users can choose to edit their profile settings at any time. They can change their profile name, picture, and more.


Users can choose to follow artists, or their friends on the Spotify clone by choosing the ‘follow option’.


Admin Dashboard

The dashboard is a place where the admin can have a bird’s eye view of the entire operation. They can quickly and seamlessly navigate the app through the admin dashboard.


Manage Users

Admins can view and manage the accounts of the users registered with the Spotify Clone.


Track Earnings

Admins can get a detailed breakdown of the earnings they have accumulated over a set period of time

Manage Advertisements

Admins can manage the advertisements that they choose to show on the app. They can set advertising fees and more.

Verify Upload

Admins can view the requests for song uploads on the Spotify clone and verify them at any point in time.

Manage Playlists

Admins can view the list of curated playlists on the Spotify clone and manage them any way they see fit.

Offers and Promotions

Admins can offer users special offers and promotions to entice them to switch to the paid version of the app.

Push Notifications

Admins can quickly get in touch with users and spread any message through the push notification feature.

Revenue Stream In The Spotify Clone - How does it make money?

If you’re wondering about how a seemingly free application like the Spotify Clone, here’s how:

In-App Advertisements

The bulk of the money in most apps nowadays comes from the advertising revenue stream. While the Spotify clone is free to use, the free version of the app is outfitted with periodic advertisements. For users who wish to get an advertisement free service, the premium subscription is the option. Admins can showcase third party advertisements as well as advertisements from artists around the world for a special fee. This rate can be chosen on factors such as duration of advertisement, placement and more.

Premium Subscription

While the free version of the app attracts a lot of users, many of them will be willing to switch to the Premium Subscription plan for the features it offers. For example, the premium subscription of the Spotify Clone is advertisement-free, has a lot more features for customization, and additional features.While you do not want to make the free version restricted enough to turn away users, outfitting the Premium subscription plan with enough features to entice your users is a great way to upgrade and keep the revenue flowing in.

Why Choose our Spotify Clone App?

Among the competition, our Spotify Clone app stands out for its robust features. Here’s what makes our users and clients about our Spotify Clone.

  • The User Interface

    The hallmark of any successful application is its ease of use. The Spotify clone by INORU basically glides at the user’s fingertips. With easy to use icons, buttons and screens, the Spotify clone provides a highly user friendly interface.

  • The Design

    The only thing more important than how the app functions is how it looks. Our design engineers are known to create beautifully designed applications that wow users. The Spotify clone app is no different. Get a design you will love for a cost you’ll love.

  • Download Songs

    The premium version of the Spotify clone allows users to save songs for offline playback. This is a highly regarded feature that your users will be enamored by.

  • Customization

    The extent of customization we offer is only limited by two things: your creativity and your budget. Any way you want to outfit and design the app, you can do so.

  • White-label Features

    Branding is vital to the success of any application. Our Spotify clone ensures that your branding is featured prominently at every face of the app, ensuring that you get the necessary eyes.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our Spotify clone allows users to seamlessly integrate numerous social media profiles with their Spotify Clone profile.

Our App Development Process

Every app that leaves our doors goes through a tried and proven app development process that has a history of putting out hit after hit.

Requirement Analysis

This is the stage of product development where you tell us your expectations and requirements. We will sit down with you to learn all the necessary details before we get to work. Come tell us your ideal Spotify Clone app and we’ll make it happen.

Forging A Plan

Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we can begin our work. The planning stage involves figuring out the nitty gritty details and assigning the appropriate personnel to the project.


The front end of the Spotify Clone will be the first thing worked on. We will outfit the app with an attractive design that your users will love to use. The interface will guarantee smooth working.

Back-end Development

The back-end development of the app will be the next thing we turn our focus to. Our experienced developers will outfit your app with all the necessary features that one looks for and ensure that it is primed to hit the market successfully.

Quality Assurance

Once the production phase is complete. Our testing engineers will get on the job to ensure that the Spotify clone is upto the highest standards we’ve set for ourselves. The app will go through numerous tests to ensure that it is ready for launch. We will fix any issue that we might run into.


Once we get the client’s seal of approval, the only thing left to do is launch! The roll out plan will ensure that your Spotify Clone is set for a grand reception. We highly recommend that you enlist the help of our marketing team to make the biggest impact possible.

Post-launch Maintenance

Once the app is successfully up, it is a top priority to keep it up and running. Our maintenance team is the perfect team to relegate this task to. We will ensure that your Spotify clone is maintained properly and fix any bugs that might come up.

Why Choose INORU as your Spotify Clone App Developer?

We are a premier name in the business for a reason. Here’s what makes us great.

14+ years of experience

WIth around a decade and half in the game, we have perfected the art of app development. We know the intricacies of the field like no other can ensure your success with our knowledge and expertise.

Skilled Team

A company is only as good as the people they employ. Our team is filled with experts in their respective fields. From development to design to marketing, we only employ highly competent people we know can deliver results.

Affordable Services

While the product we put out is world-class, our prices are highly competitive and true to our commitment of staying affordable.

On-going Support

Our support services are second to none. We believe in being there for clients at their time of need. You can call at any time to deal with the problems you have and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Scalable Solutions

All our solutions are highly scalable. We know how important it is to grow your app as your business grows. We offer complete scalable solutions at an affordable price.


No. Cloned variants of the app are completely legal. While Spotify has the copyright to their name and likeness, we are not infringing on any of that. Our Spotify Clone app is 100% legal and you don’t have to worry about any legal repercussions.

The Spotify Clone app is a music streaming service application. Users can stream music without downloading them. It is the primary way that music is consumed nowadays.

Yes, you can! We offer complete customization capabilities for all our products.

Yes it is. You can add your brand name, logo, color scheme and more to the Spotify Clone.

The price is dependent on the client’s needs. To know the exact price of the Spotify clone, get in touch with our team and tell us what you’re looking for.

Yes, we do. Our support services can be availed at an affordable price.

Yes. Our marketing team will help you market the app for an attractive pricing point.

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