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TaskRabbit Clone
Proclaim Your Success In The On-Demand Home Service Industry With Our Multi-Featured TaskRabbit Clone

Today’s fast-paced work culture of people has left them with no time to look after the household chores. Thanks to the rise of the digital age! When people needed assistance, there came the on-demand apps like TaskRabbit offering instant gratification. With the rise of the digital realm happened the growth of the on-demand economy. Thus, on-demand businesses are much of people-oriented, outperforming and growing at a faster pace.

TaskRabbit clone is one such app that bestows prospective chances for entrepreneurs to hit a next-level success in the home service industry. Backed by a powerful tech stack and responsive UI, our TaskRabbit clone scripts can be the perfect fit to make your launch in the on-demand sector. Leverage the gateway to success by heading towards INORU for unsurpassable Handyman clone app development services.

What Is A TaskRabbit Clone?

TaskRabbit clone is a peer-to-peer intermediary platform that connects users with tasks to be outsourced and professionals who can get them accomplished. It is a simple solution that helps the customers to get things they are not familiar with or lack time to do to be executed with the help of professionals—especially the handyman services like cleaning, gardening, plumbing, car wash, and more. The users post the tasks for which they require assistance in the platform, and the professionals place their bids for the task. The user makes a deal with the professional who offers the best deal and gets the job done.

Taskrabbit Clone

Begin your entrepreneurial journey by launching a stunning on-demand service marketplace

Remarkable Features Of TaskRabbit Clone App

Social Login

Welcome your customers with an effortless sign-up process by using their social credentials.

Profile Management

The user can optimize their profile with personal data, location details, and other required details.

Post Tasks

This tends to be the prominent feature of the app. The users choose the category of the job, add specific details about the job, add the date and time when they want the job to be done, and post the task.

Advanced Funnel Search

The user can filter their search to find the right person for their job by using this feature. They can search either based on the category of the job or the location of the user.

Task Management

Management of the tasks posted by the users is now simple. The tasks are categorized as posted tasks, accepted tasks, accomplished tasks, and canceled tasks. This succors for easy tracking of the task status.

Social Sharing

Entice the user interactivity in the app by allowing your users to share the tasks they just got accomplished in their social media.

In-App Chat

Connect your customers with the task providers with an in-app chat solution. This enables users to share more details about the job.

Real-Time Tracking

Provide your customers the live location of the service providers once they have started from their place to the user's place.

Write Reviews

Offer your users an opportunity to share their reviews on the service they received. This can help the other users to decide before choosing a service provider for their task.

Refer And Earn

Elevate your customer base today by rewarding your customers with exciting benefits for every new user they bring on board.


Stringent verification process is held before getting the service providers on board to avoid security risks.

Service Hours

Promote work flexibility for your service providers by providing them the liberty to manage their availability hours on their own terms. This can, in turn, influence other service providers to register with you.

Profile Management

The service providers are required to manage a profile for themselves that exhibits their work proficiency, the tasks they have accomplished in the past, their location of service, and more.


Provoke the competitive spirit in your service providers by rewarding them with badges for every milestone they achieve. This can also act as a credibility sign from the user's point of view.

Order History

An optimized record of all the orders completed by the service provider since their registration with the TaskRabbit-clonebbit clone app.

Earnings Report

A dashboard that confers the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earning reports of the service provider.

Push Notifications

Pop-up on the screens of the service providers every time a user from their location is looking for a service they offer.

Chat Options

The service providers can enquire the users on the details of the job to get a better view of their needs.

User Management

Get hold of all the user data in your on-demand service marketplace in a single dashboard. The admin has the potential to add or remove a user.

Service Provider Management

Keep an eye on all your service providers to ensure they offer a quality service without any constraints, as your credibility with users depends on it.

Payment Management

Make payments to your service providers on a regular basis for every order they have accomplished after the deduction of the commission amount.


Illuminate yourself with all the business proceedings of your app that include the number of users, the number of new users in a week, the number of dormant users, and more, all in a single dashboard. This data can aid you in figuring out ways to scale up your business.

Bestow A Unique Experience With Premium Add-On Features

Chat Translator

Go wide from today. Connect users and service providers from diverse ethnicities using the chat translation feature.

Voice Messaging Feature

Elicit the user experience with a voice messaging solution that offers the customers an added comfort.

Smart Reply Chat Bot

Don't keep your users waiting a whole day for a reply. Instead, integrate this smart reply chat feature to send custom replies instantly.

Splash Screen

Illuminate your brand value with a sleek splash screen design that is a visual treat to your customers.

Varied Services That Can Be Embedded In OurTaskRabbit Clone App

White-Label on-demand service marketplace
Lawn Services
Home Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Appliance Servicing
HVAC and more

Diverse handyman services hoarded in a stunning app to captivate a wider audience

TaskRabbit clone script

How Can TaskRabbit Clone Benefit Your Customers?

Saves TimeBy getting the car washed or by getting your pet taken for a walk by a professional, the user saves some time which he/she can use to do something they love.

Safe SpaceYour users do not have to worry about the credibility of the freelance workers they hire for the job, as every freelance worker would have to undergo a stringent verification process to get on board with your app.

An Easy-To-Use AppThe users need not rack brains to find a way to get their jobs done; they can simply select the type of job they need assistance for, feed the details, and choose a freelancer.

Hassle-Free PaymentThe TaskRabbit clone app is integrated with multiple payment methods that enable a hassle-free payment process for the customers despite the time or place they are.

Workflow Of Our TaskRabbit Clone App

TaskRabbit App Clone
  • The user registers with the app using the social login feature.

  • The user surfs through the app, amazed by the diverse services enlisted in the explore page.

  • Now, the user chooses the service they require and posts a task mentioning the intrinsic details of the job.

  • The service providers are alerted regarding the job. They can now place their bids for the job.

  • The user makes a deal with the service provider who has extended the best bid.

  • The service provider heads to the user's place and gets the job done.

Revenue Model Of TaskRabbit Clone App

Commission Fee

The commission amount can account for an integral share of your revenue. You get to deduct a commission amount for every order placed via the account.

Promotional Fee

Offer your service providers an opportunity to get listed on the top of search results by paying a promotional fee.

Surge Pricing

Map out the areas with high demand for services and surge the pricing at those areas. This can yield you considerable revenue.

Banner Ads

Allow the service providers to post banner Ads and promote their business in the blank spaces in your app by paying a banner ad fee.

Third-Party Ads

This can be an add-on revenue to your business. Allow other third-party businesses to post ads on your app to capitalize on your user base. And don't forget to charge them.

Our TaskRabbit Clone App Development Process

Proof Of Concept

We validate your business idea by creating a proof of concept, minimum viable product, testing your target audience and market size.

Requirement Analysis

Our team of business developers creates a wireframe, SRS, and SOW diagram to present visual data of the requirements to develop a robust app in accordance with your idea.

Sleek Design

Our design team lends their ears to your vision and creates a design that can be appealing to your target audience and also act as a branding tool.


The development process depends on your requirements. An agile development methodology is practiced to build your TaskRabbit-clonebbit clone app.

Quality Assurance

We run various tests like unit testing, integration, regression testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing, stress testing, server loading balancing, and more.


We walk you through the deployment process. The app can be launched on the server of your choice; it can either be in your place or in a target location from where you expect high traffic.

Why Choose Us For Your TaskRabbit Clone App Development?

Powerful Integration

You name the features, and we get them integrated for you. We embed your app with sturdy features that enhance the user experience.

Scale With Ease

In today's world, going viral can happen any second. We develop your app with scalability options so that your app works fine even if you witness a midnight buzz.

Customization And Branding

We offer a complete customization option to your app. Personalize it the way you need it with splash screens, logo, and usage of the color palettes in your logo throughout the app.

Multiple Business Models

We build a TaskRabbit clone app for multiple business models. It can be an app for a single service, a marketplace, or a chain of service providers.

Dedicated Support

We have a team of dedicated support associates who are always available for you, irrespective of the time of the day. You get your queries resolved in a short time.


You are susceptible to a sustainable revenue stream by launching a TaskRabbit app. Also, it operates with less ownership.

Simple. Give us a call and tell us your requirements. We send you a quote and also present you with a demo version. To your satisfaction, the development process begins.

The cost of developing a TaskRabbit clone app depends on the customizations your business requires. So, don't wait. Give us a call and get a quote.

Yes, the TaskRabbit clone app has all the features similar to the TaskRabbit app. Add-on features you believe that can make a great difference can also be integrated.

With us, you don't have to worry about security issues wondering why because we sign an NDA with you. Your ideas are never leaving anywhere but turned into an amazing app.

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