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Telegram Clone - A Secured Real-time Chat App

The telegram clone is your instant solution to build an instant messaging app. An exceptional chat app endorsing businesses and assisting the personal needs of the user.

img img img Telegram Clone
img img Telegram Clone

A Secured Messaging App With Exciting Features

Communication is a major driving force in humans. We share our emotions with our fellow people by communication. Instant messaging is a new form of communication. Telegram clone is an instant messaging app similar to Telegram with end-to-end encryption. It connects people from different sides of the globe as well as helps coordinate employees in an organization. It is a one-stop solution for all messaging solutions for both business and personal needs. Our Telegram clone is embedded with numerous exciting features like chat themes, GIFS, stickers, sharing multimedia content, and more, making it a complete package of fun and professionalism.

Road map to navigate through the
Telegram Clone

Telegram Clone


The user can drop in their contact number. This is followed by an OTP verification, and once the verification is successful, the user is registered in the app.

A glossy profile creation

Access to upload high-quality images and a space to write a bio helps the user design their profile with a stunning look.

Contact Synchronization

The contacts in the mobile device of the user get automatically synced in the app, making it effortless for the user.

Start the Chat

Now that the contacts are synced in the app, the user can start chatting with any of their contacts.

Call that long-distant friend

Video calls and voice calls can be used to contact any of the friends or family of the user.

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The Mandatory Features for an instant messaging app


The user can simply drop in their contact number and get onboarded in the app after the verification of the number.

Profile Management

Every user desires to project themselves in an elegant style. The user is provided with the freedom to upload a high-quality profile picture and a space to write down a bio.

Auto-syncing of contacts

The contacts saved in the user’s mobile device get synchronized in the app automatically once the user accepts permission to access the contacts.


Notifications appear on the screen of the mobile device the user uses every time they get a message.

Create Groups

Groups can be created with friends, family, or any professional usage. Any organization can create groups to keep its members updated with their upcoming events or jobs.

Multiple device logins

The Telegram clone app can be used simultaneously on multiple devices by scanning the QR code.

Sharing the user’s location

The location of a user can be shared with their friends or family. This helps them navigate to the user’s location effortlessly.

Privacy Settings

Privacy of the user is a major concern. Our privacy features give the user the right to set the person who can view their profile and who cannot.

Voice Calls and Video calls

Contacting a friend from a long distance is no more complex. You just need a good internet connection and an instant message and call app. The users can make both voice and video calls.

Chat themes

Chat themes are more of an entertaining feature. The users can have exclusive chat themes for their favorite people.

Prosper Your Wealth With Our Telegram Clone

We believe that every business needs to be monetized to stay in the market for the longer run. We offer some basic insights on making revenue with an instant messaging app.

In-App Products

The apps can be integrated with their own products namely GIFs, stickers, and more for purchase. These exciting features can be charged a small fee from the user.

Premium Add-on Features

The instant messaging apps can have premium features accessible only on payment. These may include secret chats, destructive chats, and more.

In-App Ads

Generating revenue by posting ads in the app is considered one of the most prominent ways to earn through an app.

Our Process of Developing Your Dream App

Developing an app and launching it is a job that includes a series of steps.

Client Discussion

Our expertise team confers with the clients on their business needs, the market they target, and more. This helps to understand what the client expects from the app.

Analysing the requirements

After understanding the business needs of the client, the features to be embedded in the app are planned in order to make it more effective for their business and audience.


Planning plays an integral part to accomplish a job on time with no perplexions. We plan and assign specific jobs to specific teams to develop an exemplary product.

Design a pleasing UI

Our design team is a bunch of creative people with deep knowledge of the pulse of the users. They design a UI accordingly.

Developing an interactive app

The expertise back-end developers work with the analytic report on the requirements and make sure to develop an interactive app any user would love to return often.

Testing and QA

After developing the app, it is undergone various tests to make it a bug-free app. This is a process aimed to launch a quality product.


Once all the tests are undergone and the app is declared as bug-free the app is launched on both Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Inoru to Launch your Instant Messaging App

Be selective in choosing the partner to build your app. Know why Inoru should be your choice.


A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.

Our clients are our first priority, and we know how precious your ideas are to you. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.

Yes, Of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the App, making it unique.

Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for the service.

Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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