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UberEats Clone- A Friendly Food Delivery App For The Users

“Hungry? Order your food and get it delivered at your place” is a common notion used by most people today. The advancements of technology have given birth to apps that make life easier. Food delivery apps top this list. People no longer have to traverse to a restaurant and wait for their food but can place an order on their mobile devices and get it delivered at their doorsteps. This comfort and convenience offered by these apps have spiked their downloads and popularity.

Our UberEats clone is a food delivery app script inspired by the globally acclaimed UberEats app. It is in-built with eccentric features that enhance the food delivery experience for the users, delivery person, restaurants, and the business owner. It can be completely customized and honed with unique features and designs. Get to know more about our UberEats clone app from a 30-minute free consultation with our experts. Call now!

Our UberEats Clone Script - Your Best Bet Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every segment of the marketplace hard. Businesses around the world had to close for an extended period, and many are finding it difficult to survive and keep their ventures afloat.

As every restaurant owner knows, the food industry was hit especially hard not only by the virus but the lockdowns imposed worldwide. With no customers coming in through the door, they were left to fend for themselves. But graciously, for many restaurants, food delivery, and parcel pick-ups were an option because they had decided to invest in an on-demand food delivery app.

The imposition of lockdowns in various cities compelled the customers to use food delivery apps resulting in a spike in downloads. With healthcare authorities ensuring that food delivery was a relatively safe alternative, the restaurant industry was able to trudge along.

If you’re facing similar challenges due to the pandemic, INORU’s UberEats clone is the perfect ailment for your predicament. We have revitalized the application to include many innovative safety measures to give you and your customers a seamless food ordering experience.

Ubereats Clone App
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The workflow of the UberEats Clone - A Streamlined Food Ordering System

Ordering food has never been easier than with our intuitive, user-friendly approach. Enable your users of the comfort of ordering food from any place and time by partnering with us in our UberEats clone development services.

  • Browse Restaurants

    The customer can browse through a list of restaurants available in the application. They can also specifically search for a restaurant or a dish that they wish to order.

  • Order Placement

    The customer can place the order by choosing their dishes from the list of items listed out by every restaurant.

  • Payment

    Once the orders have been placed, the customer will be redirected to the payment screen. They can choose to pay through a multitude of payment options, including cash on delivery, when available.

Food Delivery App
  • Restaurant Confirmation

    The restaurant has the option to accept/reject the order, and upon confirmation, the delivery person is assigned for your order. In case the order is rejected, the customer will receive their payment back.

  • Food Delivery

    The delivery person assigned for the particular order delivers the food to the customer. The customer will be notified at every step of the delivery process and can even track the delivery in real-time.

  • Rating and Reviews

    Customers can rate the restaurant and the driver based on different parameters specified in the options. This feedback can be utilized to improve the customer experience.


It is time to give life to your ideas!

Features of the UberEats Clone

Our UberEats clone is loaded with all the features needed to make the process more efficient for everyone involved - the restaurant, the delivery executive, and, most importantly, the customer.

Customer App

App Like Ubereats

User Registration

Simple and easy registration to get the customers ordering in time!

Select Restaurant

Customers can choose the nearest restaurants based on their preferred locations, food choices, and suitable timings.

Live Order Tracking

Customers can track orders and get real-time status updates.

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List of Categories

Customers can select a restaurant by viewing them according to cuisine, reviews, proximity, and many other parameters.



Customers can instantly re-order a previously ordered food item without any wait.

Schedule Delivery

Customers easily schedule their preferred delivery time and date.

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Takeaway Option

Customers can pick up their food directly at the restaurant by selecting the takeaway option.

Promotional Offers

Users can be attracted through the use of discounts and offers. This is a highly effective tactic that is utilized by every food delivery system.

Manage Account

Profile Management

Users can manage their profiles, edit them according to their preferences and more with the profile manager tool.


Users can give their feedback by providing ratings based on their ordering experience. Numerous options regarding the food and delivery are available.

Customer Support

Users can call the customer support should they have any questions or concerns.

Ubereats Like App

Restaurant Partner App Features

Ubereats Like App

Simple registration and login process to start delivering food to your customers.

Manage Profile

Restaurant owners can manage their profile in any way they see fit.

Manage Menu

Owners can modify and change the menu according to their preferences.

Order Alerts

When a customer places an order, the restaurant receives a quick notification to take quick action.

Order Management

Restaurant owners can effectively manage all existing and in-coming orders as well view completed orders.

Manage Payments

The Payment manager tool makes the process of overseeing payments very easy and organized.

Chat Options

Giving a swift reply to any customer queries, and staying in touch with them helps grow your business.

Promotional Offers

Owners can boost their restaurant’s visibility by offering promotional offers like discounts.

Admin panel Features


Restaurant Management

The admin can view and manage all the restaurant listings on the platform to keep the service up to date and effective.


Menu Management

Admin can manage all the menus submitted by the various restaurants and display them in a streamlined and pleasing way.


Categorize Listings

Admin can categorize restaurants based on cuisine, pricing, offers, and delivery time to improve the user experience.

Manage Orders

Admin can easily view and process all incoming orders for different restaurants.

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Manage Customers

The admin can view and manage details of customers, preferred restaurants, the cuisine, and place of order.

Payment Management

The admin can regulate commission rates with all partnered restaurants and manage payment modes easily.

Notifications Management

Admins can effectively communicate with customers and restaurants with emails, text messages, and app notifications.

Reporting & Analytics

The admin can make well-informed and data-backed decisions with the help of comprehensive reports.

Delivery Partner App


Delivery partners can register in the app with their relevant documentation, which will be vetted and approved by the admin.


Delivery partners login to the app via their credentials very quickly.

Incoming Order

Delivery partners are alerted of any incoming deliveries in their vicinity. They can either choose to accept or decline the job.

Pick up

Once the delivery partner has accepted the delivery, they are directed to the restaurant for the pick-up

GPS Navigation

The delivery partner is guided throughout the delivery process with the help of GPS navigation.

Delivery Status

The users can be notified in real time of the progress of the order they have placed.

Profile Management

Delivery partners can manage the contents of their profile with this helpful tool.

Payment Tracker

Delivery partners can view the history of payments received with this useful feature.


Delivery partners can get in touch with the customer support for any queries or any challenges they face.

Ubereats Clone

COVID-19 Safety Measures Implemented

As a sign of our continued commitment to customer safety and security, we have implemented a list of safety measures during the pandemic.

No Contact Delivery

Users may choose to receive their orders to their places without engaging with the delivery staff. The orders can be delivered outside of the users' doorsteps in a designated, secure location.

Photo Confirmation

When the order is delivered in a secure area outside the customer's residence, the delivery executives will provide the customers with photos or videos of the package and where it was delivered. The customers can then safely pick up the order.

Cash On Delivery Disabled

With items such as notes and coins being hotbeds for infection, we have disabled the cash on delivery option for the foreseeable future till the situation improves in a move to minimize the risk of spread.

Rate Safety / Give Feedback

We provide a ‘safety’ ratings feature that enables customers to rate the service based on the safety standard followed. This feedback can be used to improve the standard of safety provided to the clients.

Ensuring Masks and Gloves

The delivery personnel are requested to provide proof of wearing masks and gloves before providing services for the day. This feature ensures that safety protocols are being followed diligently and to make the customer feel safe.

Safety badges

The restaurants that meet the highest standards of safety and cleanliness are given safety badges that can be viewed when ordering. This gives the customer more options when it comes to their safety and peace of mind when ordering.

Take Away Option

Customers can utilize the option go pick up the food in person at the restaurant should they choose to.

Benefits of a food delivery app like UberEats Clone

In the modern age of business, investing in an on-demand food delivery application can be the best move you make. Enrich your business with our UberEats Clone

Multiple Ways To Order

The UberEats clone can act as an added revenue source for your business apart from dining in and takeaway options.

Build Your Brand

With the large customer base that food delivery apps enjoy, the added visibility of being displayed in the app will be good for your business.

Increase Your Reach

In cases, you reach both physically and metaphorically! Not only will more people learn about your restaurant, but they will be provided with exact directions should they choose to visit!
Food Delivery App Like Ubereats
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Simplify The Customer Experience

With the help of our UberEats clone, your customers can order in a matter of seconds with ease.

Payment Made Easy

With numerous payment options available, the task of overseeing payments of all types is easier than ever before.

Cut Your Response Time In Half

Track orders in time and respond dynamically. With our streamlined ordering system, you can serve your customers faster than ever before without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Why Choose INORU as your UberEats Clone Development Company?

Whitelabel & Customizable

Our UberEats clone is fully customizable and can be modified according to your needs. It will feature your branding, logo, and color scheme prominently.

Time & Cost Efficient

We offer world-quality services at a cost-effective price without any compromises in security, quality, or approach. We also boast of one of the quickest development time in the industry.

Years Of Experience

We have served hundreds of clients over the years from around the world and been a part of many successful applications. Our industry knowledge gives us the edge over our competitors.

100% Scalability

Our solution is built on a robust cloud platform and has the ability to be scaled to the growing needs of your business.

Third-Party Integrations

The UberEats Clone is highly flexible and can be integrated with virtually any third-party application seamlessly.

Muli-payment Options

Choose the payment gateways of your choice to start accepting payments in any international currency you want.

Global Centric

In order to grow your business internationally, UberEats like app can be utilized in numerous languages and time-zones.


Every aspect of the app from the customer-facing side to the admin panel has been designed for intuitive use.

Dedicated Support

Our Support team is always there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Reach them with a quick call or a message.


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