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Video Mentoring Platform Development

With remote work being more mainstream than ever, the need for mentors and mentees to connect over video has become a vital part of any organizational structure. Going forward, experts are predicting that this remote work model will take a considerable working force. Thus, it makes perfect sense for companies to equip their businesses with a video mentoring platform that enables them to carry out seamless work from the comforts of their homes.

INORU provides world-class video mentoring platform development services at an affordable price and in quick time. With cutting edge features that will make life easier for your users, this offering is not one you would want to miss out on!

Get in touch today to launch your own video mentoring platform and take advantage of all we have to offer.

How can a video mentoring platform help your business?

The year 2020 has been a huge wake-up call for businesses around the world. With the lockdowns and restrictions on movement wreaking havoc for businesses, video conferencing solutions were the number one way for companies to connect their employees with each other.

In any organizational structure, there arises a need for mentorship. With remote work being the norm at the moment, the need for a video-based solution that enables remote mentoring is doubly more apparent.

INORU provides a seamless solution for this exact need with our video mentoring platform. Built to the exact needs of your business, this highly customizable app is the best choice you can make for your business.

With our Video mentoring platform, distance is never a problem ever again.

Our Online Mentoring Platforms

Zoom/Airmeet Clone

Our Zoom/Airmeet clone as a Platform is one of the best-renowned variants in the market. A must-have for businesses to connect their employees with each other.

Cisco Webex Clone

The Cisco Webex clone is another of our popular applications that are a favorite among users. Reinvent your business with this cutting edge application.

Skype Meet Now Clone

Our version of Skype’s Meet Now clone is highly customizable and feature-filled. Get the best of virtual mentoring platforms with this application.

Discord Clone

With Discord being more popular than ever before, our Discord clone is an offering you don’t wanna miss out on. Get this app and get the best online mentoring platform available.

Google Meet Clone

Our Google Meet clone has all the functionality of the original with our own personalized feature set. A must-have for any business looking to make online mentorship easy for their employees.

Superpeer Clone

One of the quickly rising video platforms, our Superpeer clone is a super offering that you don’t want to miss out on!

Jitsi Meet Clone

Jitsi is an up and coming video conferencing platform that caters to the needs of every business. Our Jitsi Meet clone carries out this same function in an even more affordable way.

Whereby Clone

From video conferencing to sharing files, the Whereby clone makes everything easy and streamlined. Launch ready Whereby clone is waiting for you!

Starleaf Clone

Launch a Starleaf clone to immediate success with our online mentorship platform development services. Set up a meeting and get started now.

Eyeson Clone

Video meetings have never been easier than with our Eyeson clone, a definitive choice for any company looking to make online mentorship a part of their business venture.


Our on-demand service app for mechanics is designed to make life easier for everyone involved - the customer, the mechanic, and the admin. Here is a list of our features that make our offering so special.

Standout Features Of Online Mentoring AppHere are some exciting features that help our Online Mentoring app stand out from the rest.

Seamless connectionsThe Video Mentoring Platform enables users with a seamless connection with no downtime, letting users get the maximum usage out of it.

Direct MessagingMentors can connect with their mentees directly via direct messaging. This is a great way to keep in touch with their target audience.

Scheduled MeetingsWith pre-determined scheduled meetings, mentors can set up things ahead of time and ensure everything is up to speed.

Media Sharing Mentors can share all the information that they wish to share with their mentees such as media files, documents, and more.

Group ChatMentors can create a group chat with all the necessary members to be added. This way, they can hold group calls and chats.

Mute/UnmuteAnybody in the meeting can mute or unmute themselves with respect to the situation at hand. This ensures that not everybody is talking at the same time over each other.

Minutes Of MeetingThe Minutes of Meeting delegates a person to record the conversation. Alternatively, the entire recording of the session can be recorded.

Attention By pressing the ‘attention’ button on the app, the mentee can let the presenter know that they require attention.

Customized BackgroundUsers can set their own backgrounds and customize them any way they see fit. This adds to the uniqueness of their profile and also ensures no distraction from the background is picked up.

Our Development Process For The Best Online Mentoring Platform


Gathering Needs We sit down with the client to learn their requirements and expectations. This allows us to take the project on with efficiency and speed.


Making A Plan Once we have gathered all the intel, we can make a plan to meet all those requirements in a streamlined manner.


UI/UX Design The front end design is carried out by our expert design team. We will make an application that looks great as well as performs great.


Back end development Our development team will focus their attention on the back end of the application to ensure that it is up to speed. This is the meat and bone of the operation.


Quality Assurance Our Quality Assurance team is responsible for checking the quality of the product. They test it from top to bottom to ensure that it is performing up to our expectations.


Launching the App Once the app has been vetted from top to bottom, the app is launched on all the relevant platforms.


Maintenance & Support Our maintenance and support services are given to the clients who avail of it. A must-have in our opinion.

Why Choose INORU as your Video Mentoring App Developer Of Choice?

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