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Groundbreaking Video Streaming Application Development Solutions For Your Business

As the leading video streaming app development company, we provide comprehensive solutions for businesses. With tailored apps infused with cutting-edge features and advanced techs, build a global viewership seamlessly. We ensure your viewers experience high-quality content coupled with an uninterrupted streaming experience. The scalable platform, powered with smart algorithms, function as per viewers’ requirements. So what’s the hold-up? Equip your business with the most exceptional video streaming platform and surpass users’ imagination all-time, every time.

Video Streaming App Screens

Intelligent Features
Carefully Integrated into the Motion Picture Streaming Platform

Adaptive Video StreamingAs per the network availability, the smart feature adapts the video streaming process. Hence, from low to high network bandwidth, the quality changes between 144pto 1080p full HD.

Share VideoUsers via the feature can share video links with friends and family. Links can be shared between registered users and non-registered users via push, SMS, email, and other messaging platforms.

SubscriptionBoost business revenue with weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription packages. Modify offering under each package as per discretion.

Offline ViewWith premium membership, users can view and enjoy their favorite videos during the absence of the internet and mobile network. Viewers can download videos and watch them under offline mode.

ProfileUsers can personalize their profile and edit as per their discretion. Additionally, viewers can manage their videos, subscription, review watch history, and much more.

Add/Edit/Remove VideoAdmins via the dashboard can upload new videos, edit existing contents, and remove motion pictures as per their business requirements.

Search & FilterThe search option eliminates the need to browse through the entire app. Furthermore, activating filters such as genre, length, language, age group, and others enhances search results.

WatchlistThe unique feature allows users to create a bucket list comprising movies, TV-shows, documentaries, and other videos they wish to watch later.

Rate & ReviewCustomers can view the ratings and reviews by other users for each video. The feature helps maintain the quality of the content on the video-streaming platform.

NotificationsUpdate users with information such as new videos, special offers, watchlist notice, subscription renewal, and others via push, SMS, and email.

AnalyticsBusiness admins make informed decisions with detailed and real-time reports comprising the number of subscriptions, user behaviors, user engagement, and others.

Resume VideoUsers can resume streaming videos exactly where they left earlier. Thus, eliminating the need to forward or rewind the content.

In-app AdvertisingIn-app advertising is the primary revenue source for most on-demand applications. With our on-demand video streaming platform, admins can easily showcase third party advertisements and generate a great deal of revenue. The more your platform grows, the more you can charge for advertising!

Admin DashboardAdmins can get all the information they need in a readily accessible location with the Admin Dashboard. Details regarding users, the content on the platform, revenue generated and more can be viewed with ease. The dashboard eliminates the need for unnecessary navigation and puts all the details at the admin’s fingertips.

Referral ProgramGrow your on-demand video streaming platform by incentivizing users to refer the program to their friends and family. You can gift your customers discounts and offers for every successful referral. This is a great way to grow your business and user base with minimal investment.

Why Hire Our Video Streaming App Developer?

  • INORU and its team of experts employ only the latest trends that dominate the app industry.

  • Our proven track record of delivering stellar applications is our testament to superior solutions.

  • The application goes through numerous phases of security testing to ensure zero breaches at any level.

  • Our apps (iOS, Android, and Web) have trailblazed the video streaming market hassle-free.

  • We maintain your budget during the development phase. Thus, not charging you extra, ever.

Let’s Join Hands!

With the video streaming segment witnessing a surge in requests, its the aptest time to go ahead and join the bandwagon. So, what we are trying to say, let’s collaborate and wow the market with the most critically-acclaimed app in the digital hemisphere.

And don’t forget to check out our custom demo showcasing the application’s superior functionality, creative designs, and cutting-edge features.

Short Video Making App Development Company

Interested in capitalizing on the profitable opportunities presented by the on-demand video video streaming app segment? Here is a list of video streaming and short video apps to get you started. Choose one and get your business up and running with increased profit margins and a great chance at success.

Netflix Clone Script

Want to launch a leading on-demand video streaming platform like Netflix to grand success? Our Netflix clone script is the right choice for you! With an impressive feature list and many revenue streams, it is the comprehensive app you’ve been waiting for.

Hulu Clone

What better way to get into this robust sector than with our Hulu Clone? A feature-laden offering that provides you the biggest bang for your buck, the Hulu clone is everything you’re looking for in an on-demand video application.

YouTube Clone

Launch your own version of the most popular video app in the market with our YouTube clone. With everything the original offers and more, this is your chance to establish yourself in the market in the quickest time possible.

Disney + Hotstar Clone

One of the most popular video streaming platforms in the market at the moment, this Disney + Hotstar clone can be launched in a matter of days to a grand reception. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Tik-Tok Clone

The epitome of short video applications, our TikTok clone is the perfect chance for you to fill the gap left behind by TikTok in many countries around the world. Schedule a call with our team to learn more about this wonderful opportunity now.

Mitron Clone

Want to launch your own version of India’s ‘original short video app’? Our Mitron Clone is feature-filled and comes with everything you need to make a splash in the market. Get in touch with us to get started.

Hive Live Clone

For those looking to get in on the short video segment, our Helo clone is a great way to do so! With an attractive design and easy to use interface, this is just what the doctor ordered. Launch your own Helo Clone by giving us a call.

Roposo Clone

INORU’s Roposo Clone is the preferred choice amongst entrepreneurs and users around the world. Come, see what makes our Roposo clone so popular by getting in touch with our experts today!

Dubsmash Clone

A clone app variant of one of the original short video applications in the market, the Dubsmash clone is a tried and proven classic that you can’t go wrong with. Launch a Dubsmash clone with high customization and high-end features.

Helo Clone

The follow-up to the famous Orkut, Helo is a fan favorite among many social media users around the world. Our Helo Clone provides complete functionality with additional features for your choosing.

Twitch Live Clone

Twitch is the most popular streaming service platform in the world at the moment. There has never been a better time to launch your own Twitch live clone and make the most of its popularity. Get in touch to get started!

Periscope Live Clone

One of the original video streaming applications that captivated users, the Periscope live clone is an offering you don’t want to miss out on! Launch a Periscope live clone in record-time with our development services.


It’s an application where users can enjoy motion pictures on-demand, including movies, TV-shows, music videos, documentaries, news, and much more with ease.

With numerous subscription models and integrated ad-spaces, rest assured, your business will be a money-making platform.

Indeed we can. Our solutions take into account your business requirements and customize them with creative features with ease.

We welcome you to discuss this with our experts and come up with a suitable agreement. And yes, you will love our app development cost.

Indeed you can. The admin panel is designed and developed to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the business and help you manage with ease.

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