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Virtual Event Development Services

With the world still coming to grips with the havoc that COVID-19 wrecked, people have had to find alternative solutions to lead their daily life. From attending school to taking part in weddings, there is a health risk associated with taking part in large events with big crowds. To mitigate this risk, virtual meeting software has become a mainstay and an integral part of offices and events worldwide.

Ensure the seamless running of events and services with this cutting edge Virtual event platform built with the current scenario in mind. Get in touch with our experts to roll-out this highly profitable application.

Why launch a Virtual Event Planning Platform at this time?

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe over the past year, there has been an unprecedented shift towards remote work. People around the world are utilizing virtual event planning software to carry out their professional and personal obligations. From holding meetings to taking part in birthday parties, weddings and other events, there has been a steady increase in the number of people utilizing virtual events platforms and software.

Experts say that this trend is not set to slow down anytime soon. As people learn to embrace the convenience and ease of use that virtual event software brings, they prefer to take advantage of these solutions and the safety that they bring. This is a great time to become a part of this robust business sector with your very own Virtual Event platform. By doing so, you gain the advantage over your competitors and set yourself up in a position to succeed.

Event Planning Solutions We Provide

Virtual Job Fairs

Be the connection between companies and potential employees with our Virtual conference software. From small scale meetings to large job fairs, this solution can handle it all.

Virtual Conferences

Ensure the safety of your conference attendees with our virtual conferences that offer complete functionality and services. With the ability to hold large scale conferences with ease, the virtual conference software by INORU is just what you need.

Virtual Trade Show

Planning on holding a trade show to showcase your business and products? Our Virtual trade show solution is the answer that you’ve been searching for. With every tool that you need built into the app, this is an offering that you don’t want to miss out on.

Virtual Meetings

Meetings are a common part of every business and office around the world. With remote work the prevalent mode of work, virtual meeting software like ours are a preferred choice among offices to carry on their work unhindered.

Virtual Classroom

Teaching through our virtual classroom solution is a great way for schools and universities to hold classes without putting the safety of their students in danger.


Virtual Open Day Meets

Busy first day disrupted? Don’t worry, with our virtual open day meets, students won’t miss a beat! Whether it be first day introductions or explaining the curriculum to your students, the virtual classroom solution software makes it easy.


Virtual Networking Events

Let your students mingle and create connections with our virtual networking event software. The best alternative to in-person networking is provided by our experts at a cost-effective price.

Virtual Alumni Events

Alumni events are an integral part of every prestigious university around the world. Let your alumnus hold events with safety as their priority with our Virtual alumni event software.

Virtual Birthday Parties

Hold birthday parties safely from afar with our Virtual private event planning app built with the end user in mind. The best way for hosting events in this post-COVID world is through our innovative solution.

Virtual Weddings

Weddings are a cause for celebration and joy in every culture around the world. With large gatherings posing a health risk during these uncertain times, our virtual wedding solution ensures that your friends and family can take part in your special day no matter how far they are.

Virtual Meetups

Want to catch up with your friends and family without worrying about putting themselves and you at risk of infection? Our virtual meetup app is the perfect way! Get in touch with our experts and launch a virtual meeting software in no time.

Virtual Baby Showers

Baby showers are a landmark for expecting mothers no matter what country they are from. Ensure the safety of your baby while sharing your special day with friends and family with our white-label virtual event planning app.

Features Of Our Virtual Event Planning App

RegistrationUsers can register with the event planning service app in just a few minutes and with an easy and simplified registration process.

Join/Leave EventUsers can join and leave meetings whenever they want. All they need is the unique event ID to join.

Admin ToolsThe admin has a variety of tools to choose from and utilize to carry out their operations with ease.

Mute/Unmute EventThe users can mute their mic at any point during the event broadcast. When they want to participate, they can unmute their mic.

Profile PersonalizationUsers can personalize their profile to create a highly unique experience that lets them stand out from the crowd.

Social Media IntegrationUsers can connect their social media accounts to the app. This allows them to share their event on social media.

Direct MessagingUsers have the ability to connect with other users at any time directly via instant messaging service.

Group ChatUsers can start a group chat with other members in the event. The group chat has numerous features to facilitate seamless communication.

Virtual BackgroundWhen taking part in an event, the users can change their background to any wallpaper or image that they choose.

Reminders/AlertsUsers can set reminders/alerts for the events much in advance. They will be notified a day in advance.

RSVPThe RSVP function allows the admin to know in advance about the guests’ plan about coming to the event. This eliminates uncertainty and lets them plan in advance

Report GenerationThe virtual event planner app provides the admin with great insight in the form of periodically generated reports.

API IntegrationsThird party APIs can be seamlessly integrated into the virtual event planning service platform to provide you with an expanded functionality.

Referral CodesAdmins can provide referral codes that can be utilized to get more users into the app. Rewards can be provided for every successful referral.

Customer SupportBoth users and the admin can get in touch with the customer support team at any time to get the help they need.

Our Event Planning App Development Process

Our development team handles the development from start to finish streamlined efficiency like no other.

  • Learning

    Every project we undertake goes through a preliminary phase of learning the requirements and needs of the customer. We take the time to learn everything needed beforehand to ensure we fully understand what is required.

  • Planning

    Once we learn we all need to know, the job will be executed with precision and accuracy by our seasoned professionals. Guided by a dedicated project manager, our team will figure out the way forward.

  • Designing

    Our design team gets on the job as the first checkpoint. They build a sleek looking app with highlight design features and attractive design elements to wow your customers.

  • Development

    Our development team works on the features and functionality of the app in the meantime to outfit your event planning app with robust performance. You can specify the intricacies of the app and we’ll get it done for you.

  • Quality Assurance

    When the design and back-end development of the app is carried out, our quality assurance team gets on the job to check and double check the program for any flaws or bugs present in the app.

  • Launch

    Once the app gets the greenlight from our quality assurance team, it is prepped for a seamless launch that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We will carry out a launch that sets you apart from the competition from the very beginning.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Post the launch of the app, the maintenance and support team will get on the job to ensure that the event planning service app is always up and running without any problems.

What You Get With Our Virtual Event Planning Development Solutions

  • User iOS App

  • User Android App

  • User Web Panel

  • Admin iOS App

  • Admin Android App

  • Admin Web Panel


The event planning service app allows you to hold seamless virtual events like meetings, conferences, job fairs and more.

With the world quickly moving forward with the remote mode of work. The market for virtual event planning and virtual meeting apps has grown exponentially in recent years. With this shift seeming like long term one, launching your own event planning service app now can be highly profitable.

Yes we do. You can get expert marketing services for the app at a highly competitive price. Get in touch to learn more!

The exact price of the virtual event planning service app is decided on project by project basis that takes into account the various aspects of app development including duration, extent of features implemented, the number of team members assigned to the project, and more. Get an accurate estimation by getting in touch with our team!

Yes it is. The app is completely white-label and can be modified to fit the needs of your company, no matter what they might be.

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