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WhatsApp Bot Development Solution

Among the most common messaging applications in the world, WhatsApp is used by more than 1.6 billion users on a monthly basis to stay engaged with friends and family. Being safe, quick, and easy to use, WhatsApp messenger has created a massive niche in the industry on its own. Great usability responsiveness, functionality, and end-to-end encryption as focal points that makes WhatsApp the most common messaging device.

In the past two years, WhatsApp has introduced a range of innovative and groundbreaking security technologies, including end-to-end encryption for payment facilities. However, the function that has generated the most hype in the industry is the bold move of the company towards the future – the chatbots!

WhatsApp provides the service as a digital paradigm for enterprises to let them connect with their clients from across the globe. Chatbot for WhatsApp Industry ensures that companies of all types will now utilize automated systems to reach clients on the world's biggest chat network.

WhatsApp bots have been a huge hit among businesses across the globe. To become a part of this innovative trend and give your enterprise the much-needed boost, get in touch with INORU and get the best WhatsApp bot in the market.

WhatsApp Bot Development Solution

The WhatsApp chatbot is a software application that runs on the WhatsApp network and is controlled by a given collection of rules or artificial intelligence. Essentially, it's a program built to hold a chat interaction with users.

These chatbots are designed to address customer queries automatically on behalf of the company. The main benefit of the WhatsApp Bot is, in fact, the convenience it provides in conversing with customers and maintaining issues that occur in real-time

Using the product, you can provide your clients with much-needed help on the channel they use most often. It not only allows you to actively participate with your clients but also improves your consumer experience, which subsequently enables you to retain and grow your customer base.

Benefits of a Whatsapp ChatBot

We live in a time in which we can find chatbots anywhere – in applications, on blogs, even on Facebook profiles. Then why do we have to have another outlet, you might enquire?

When it comes to online marketers seeking buyers through various channels, WhatsApp has been at the top of the list, followed by other sites, including Twitter, Instagram, etc. WhatsApp Chatbot is built to allow companies of different sizes to get the best out of this immensely successful contact network by implementing automated processes.


24x7 Availability

Chatbots can be readily available and on-call to discuss the necessary requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Handling More Requests

If there are a number of queries that are crucial to the enterprise, we create a well-performed chatbot that helps the business to solve all the problems at the same time.


Understands Customer

Businesses will get a good understanding of what their clients want, and our development process enables them with the best tools that will help the chatbot improve on their users' feedback and solutions.


Low Maintenance Costs

Chatbots help businesses to save money, provide protection, and react to various requirements. Our competent developers have built up a modestly reasonable budget of offerings that are highly accessible.


Real-time Analytics and Data Collection

As a result of our expertise, our developed chatbots can read data, objectives, and metrics to control, communicate, and improve their processes and responses.



A basic and outstanding example of how chatbots can support businesses save points is in terms of how they can support corporations and answer their client's queries.

By Choosing our WhatsApp Bot You can

  • Effectively and instantly interact with clients

  • Expand the company’s availability and reach

  • Support customers by responding to queries in real-time

  • Send contextual responses automatically

  • Personalize customers’ experience

  • Free up support personnel to solve more complex requests

  • Make customer communications more secure due to end-to-end encryption

  • Shorten the sales cycle

  • Achieve better brand recognition


Our WhatsApp chatbot allows you to connect with your customers in two important ways - sending timely updates and resolving customer complaints/queries. Businesses can also use the bot to send promotional messages in bulk and expand their reach.

Here are the most utilized automated messages that our WhatsApp chatbots are used for.

Order updates

WhatsApp chatbots can be used to regularly update the customer on the status of their order, such as - order received, packing, out for delivery, etc.

Billing inquiries

Automated replies to address queries about the billing process. This is helpful in placating the customer who would otherwise have to wait to get in touch with a customer relations executive.

Urgent customer issues

WhatsApp bots can also be used to send messages about inbound requests that require urgent resolution, for example, misplaced packages, lost or stolen credit card reports, etc.

Warnings & alerts

Warnings can be sent in extreme cases. Alerts can be sent to keep the consumer informed of the purchase process and other issues such as credit limit reached, card declined etc.

Booking inquiries

To enquire about bookings, seat allocation, upgrades, payment/billing questions, or any such information that is common with consumers.

Travel confirmations & alerts

For a travel business, the Whatsapp bot can help keep users informed about flight cancellations/delays/confirmations, check-in confirmations, and sending boarding passes.

Product availability

Updates the consumer in real-time on the availability of the request item or service.


1. Applying for WhatsApp Business API The very first step in the process of building a WhatsApp bot is to connect to the WhatsApp Business API as either an end consumer or as a service provider.

You need to request an application comprising different pieces of information, such as the business name, venue, web page, and the business representative's identification. You could either apply directly to WhatsApp or to one of the providers. Post the approval process of the system by WhatsApp, and you can get approved to conduct business in the application.

2. Choosing the right chatbot platform It's incredibly essential to select the right chatbot framework that will set up and incorporate the chatbot with the WhatsApp Business API. You can pick from several various chatbot solutions currently on the market so that you don't have to start from scratch.

With INORU’s chatbot framework, the business will enjoy the following advantages:
  • 24x7 customer service
  • chatbot-to-human handover for complex queries
  • conversation analytics
  • multilingual chatbot, and more!

3. Ensuring a proper conversation flow Thinking and designing the correct conversation experience that the chatbot can provide with your consumers is one of the most critical phases in building a WhatsApp bot. It also involves understanding the kind of concerns that customers will have and whether the bot should react to queries that it can not address.

4. Final testing of WhatsApp chatbot The aim of setting up a WhatsApp Business Chatbot is to improve customer service.

In order to be able to accomplish that aim to create a high-quality WhatsApp chatbot, it is important to check it by answering the same questions that users would ask the chatbot, finding the bugs accompanied by solving them instantly and then re-running them to the best of their ability.


Customer Support

Make customer service simple for both your clients and your staff, use the WhatsApp chatbot. Solve the FAQs of the clients immediately, around the clock. You can switch to manual service at any point to answer complex queries.


Reduce your sales cycle. Interact with pre-qualified leads only. Engage proactively with prospects and hot leads. Cross marketing and resale to loyal clients. Everything with the WhatsApp Business Chatbot powered by INORU.


Enjoy a higher level of interaction and better brand awareness by reaching out to your audience on the platform they are already using. Generate hot leads from marketing strategies.

Our Development Process

Dating Mobile App
  • Requirements Sync

    Our dialogue design experts will carefully examine your specifications and start preparing a detailed overview of the bot.

  • Design & Develop

    The production department develops the most natural communication flow and moves it on to our engineering staff.

  • WhatsApp Approved

    If we use the bot for updates, a copy of the code will be sent to WhatsApp for approval.

  • Deploy & Iterate

    We're deploying the chatbot to your assigned WhatsApp number and holding conversations dependent on the replies.

Our Chatbot Solutions

Bot that follows Set Rules

This bot is very simple and has limited functionalities. It can only reply to very specific commands. If the consumer doesn’t say the appropriate phrases, it cannot decipher the meaning. This bot is only as intelligent as it is defined in the software code.

Bot That Uses Artificial Intelligence

This bot has been programmed to use artificial intelligence. You don’t have to be very specific when you are talking to it. It recognizes language, the pattern of text and speech, not just commands. Apple Siri is a smart bot. This type of bot is getting smarter and efficient from the conversations it has with people.


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