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Build A Feature-Rich Grocery Delivery Solution With Us

Today’s business world is starkly different from just a few years ago. The advent of readily accessible mobile application technology has altered the way consumers shop around the world. The last decade has seen the arrival of a new type of service known as the ‘on-demand’ service model. This innovative approach to availing both products and services has seen widespread adoption globally.

From ordering in food to booking a taxi, people have become used to the convenience and accessibility of on-demand service. No wonder then, that one of the most utilized services in recent times have been on-demand grocery apps. Offerings like Grocery Delivery App have become hugely popular among the masses, allowing them to shop for groceries from the comfort of their homes.

It is now a better time than ever to elevate your grocery business. Take a step in the right direction with INORU’s tried and tested Grocery E-commerce App Solution app development services.

Serve Your Customers Safely With Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App

Chances are that you’re not unaffected by the devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on to businesses around the world. This unprecedented viral spread has brought the world to a standstill. The lockdowns and restrictions imposed as a result, although a necessary step, have added to the hardships faced by business owners.

With the world slowly crawling back to normalcy in recent weeks, a majority of the world is still wary of the implications that the restart may present. With public and heavily visited areas such as grocery stores viewed as a potential hotbed for infection, many consumers are nervous about stepping in one. And for good reason. So how does a grocery store overcome this challenge?

With the help of an innovative technological solution like our White-Label Grocery Delivery App. With this cutting-edge offering, you can continue your services unhindered by providing your consumers with what they need right to their doorstep!

The last few months have seen a massive increase in the number of downloads of on-demand Grocery Delivery App Solutions. The demand for a well-crafted grocery delivery app that makes the consumers feel safe is higher than ever. With the restrictions and guidelines expected to be in place for the near future, the best thing you can do for your grocery business is to invest in your very own on-demand grocery delivery app.

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Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App For Variant Business Models

Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App is built to meet the demands of all types of grocers, big and small. Whether you’re the local neighborhood store or an expansive chain with many locations, this must-have solution will help you immensely.

Grocery Store

If you’re the proud owner of a local grocery store in your neighborhood, our White-Label Grocery Delivery App is the perfect way to grow your business. Keep your businesses going strong during these trying times with this tailor-made solution.


An effective and streamlined approach to bolster the needs of a market place is here! The Grocery E-commerce Script can act as an intermediary between the consumer and a number of stores in the local market place.

Supermarket chains

The main issue faced by established grocery store chains is streamlining their services and bringing efficiency into their fold. Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App aims to do both by reducing your redundancies and automating critical processes. Our clients have been able to witness an almost doubled profit margin with our help. We can help you do the same!

Salient Features Of Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App

INORU’s On Demand Grocery Delivery Script is loaded with the latest features to make life easier for both shoppers and grocery shop owners around the world.

Quick Registration Customers can quickly get on-board to the app with a quick sign-up process.

Email/Social-Media Login Customers can log in in a matter of seconds with their Email, phone number, or social media handles.

Browse Products Products are listed in an easy to find manner that lets users find what they are looking for in a jiffy.

Multi-Payment Mode The Online grocery delivery app is compatible with a multitude of payment options including cards, internet banking, UPI, and cash on delivery.

Easy Search Customers can easily find any product they’re shopping for by the searching option.

Scheduled Delivery Customers can choose to have the product delivered at any date and time.

Re-order Customers can quickly reorder an item that they have previously ordered before.

Live Order Tracking Customers can track their orders from the store to home in real-time.

Ratings and Feedbacks Customers can rate the delivery service and provide feedback.

Registration/Verification Store owners can register their store with the Online grocery delivery app along with the necessary details. Post the approval process, the store will be listed and can start their service.

Inventory Management The store owner can manage the list of items and products they have listed on the app.

Availability The store owner can indicate whether a product is available or unavailable using this feature.

Incoming Order Every time a customer orders from the store, the owner gets a notification with the order details.

Web Panel Store owners are provided with a web portal to offer their services with a dedicated site.

Store Pickup An additional option for customers to pick up pre-ordered items.

Manage Profile Store managers can manage all the registered profiles in the application.

Support Store managers can get in touch with dedicated support staff to address any queries and concerns.

Live-Tracking Store managers can track the delivery at any time from the moment it leaves the store.

Registration Delivery Personnel can start their service once the proper approval process has been completed.

Incoming Order Delivery Personnel is altered from incoming orders in their vicinity. They can either choose to accept or reject orders.

Pickup Delivery Personnel is dispatched to the store once the order has been packed.

Delivery On picking up the order, the delivery personnel is directed to the customer’s location via GPS navigation.

Complete Order Delivery personnel can finish the delivery by choosing the ‘Complete Order’ option post successful delivery.

Manage Profiles Delivery personnel can manage the contents of their profile and modify them.

Revenue Tracker Delivery Personnel can view their earnings in commissions.

Dashboard A bird’s eye view of the entire process. The admin can find all the necessary information on the dashboard.

Verification Requests Admin can view the incoming requests for verification from both grocery vendors and delivery personnel

Manage Stores Admin can view and manage the list of stores registered with the app.

Manage Delivery Personnel Admin can view and manage the list of Delivery Personnel registered with the app.

Manage Orders Admin can view and manage both incoming orders as well as previously carried out orders.

Delivery Tracking Admins can track all the ongoing deliveries from their panel.

Offers and Discounts Admins can avail offers and discounts for their customers to build brand loyalty.

Manage Ratings and Feedbacks Admins can review all the ratings and feedback provided by the customers.

Notifications Admins can notify their customers in real-time through push notifications.

Manage Payments Admins can manage all the pending payments as well as view payment history.

Safety Features Integrated With Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App

Apart from the usual features that we provide, we have implemented a list of new safety features
with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. These precautions will help both consumers and service providers stay safe and alert.

No Contact Deliveries

Deliveries are carried out without physical interaction between the customer and the delivery person. The order is placed at a predetermined location like the customer’s doorstep.

Photo Verification for Masks

All employees are advised to wear a mask and gloves when handling products according to the guidelines set by governing healthcare authorities. We ensure this by having the employees upload photos of the same.

Safety Badges

We incentivize store owners and employees to follow strict precautionary measures by recognizing them with safety badges. These safety badges will be listed in the app for the stores that follow the guidelines.

Alerts and Guidelines

We regularly update the app with the latest alerts and guidelines set forth by healthcare authorities to keep both users and service providers informed.

Daily Temperature checks

We have advised all stores to carry out daily temperature checks for their employees. They will be reminded with a daily reminder.

No Cash On Delivery

We have disabled the Cash On Delivery (COD) option for the time being as the COVID-19 virus can easily spread through currency notes and coins.

Our Streamlined On-Demand Grocery Delivery Process

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Sign InThe first thing a customer needs to do is sign-in into their account.

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Enter LocationCustomers are asked to provide their location through location services or by manually entering the address.

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Choose StoreCustomers are prompted with a list of stores that are available for delivery.

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Browse ItemsCustomers can browse through the list of available items and can even search for any specific product.

on-demand grocery delivery script

Add To CartCustomers can add a specific item by clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to the item. This adds the item to the cart.

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Check Out/ PaymentAll ordered items are located in the cart. Customers can complete their shopping by choosing one of the payment options and carrying it out successfully.

White label grocery app

Incoming OrderOnce the payment has been verified, the order is sent to the store.

White label grocery delivery app

PackingAll the items are packed together and set aside for pick-up.

Grocery Clone App Solution

Pick-upThe delivery personnel are notified and accept the order request. They are then guided to the store for pick-up.

White label grocery delivery app Solution

DeliveryThe delivery personnel carries out the delivery with the help of GPS navigation.

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Ratings and FeedbackOnce the delivery has been successfully completed, the customers are asked to verify and provide a rating and feedback on the service.

How Can You Benefit From The White-Label Grocery Delivery Solution

Our White-Label grocery delivery app can help your grocery business in many ways.

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Increased brand awareness

Get your name and branding out there by being listed as part of our premier White-Label grocery delivery app.

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Learn more about customers

By utilizing the detailed analytics and reports we provide, you can learn rare insights about your customers and their buying habits.


Build loyalty

By having the ability to connect with customers and offering them discounts and offers, you can establish and build your brand’s loyalty.


Expanding your customer base

By availing our services you can increase your sales. How? By catering to customers from all over the city instead of just your locality!


Multiple revenue streams

Delivering to your customers’ doorstep opens up another revenue stream for your business. The White-Label grocery delivery app also allows you to earn in other ways. (eg. commissions, ad revenue, priority listing, etc,)

White-label Grocery Delivery App Process

Our tried and proven process for the perfect White-Label grocery delivery app.

  • Meeting the Client

    We provide a free consultation service for new clients, during which, we will gather the necessary information and expectations of the project at hand.

  • Planning

    Once we understand the needs of our clients, we will formulate a plan that aims to achieve everything they are expecting.

  • Design and Development

    The project moves on to the design and development phase. The front end design of the UI ensures its attractiveness and usage while the back-end development takes care of the functionality of the app along with the implementation of the requested features.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Our testing team checks the grocery delivery app top to bottom for any bugs or defects and preps it for launch.

  • Launch

    Once we get the client’s approval, the grocery delivery appp is launched successfully to all the premier platforms.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Depending on the services rendered, our support team will carry out periodic maintenance and is on standby for assistance.

Why Choose INORU As Grocery Delivery App Development Company?

14+ Years of experience

That’s right. We’ve been around for a long time. We have necessary industry experience and knowledge that you need.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We constantly aim to adapt to the latest technology in the market, enabling us to provide world-quality solutions to our clients.

Globally Renowned

We have worked with clients from all over the world across many industries. This gives us a greater understanding of the prevalent market needs.

Customized Solutions

All our applications, including the White-label Grocery App, are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

100% Scalability

We ensure the scalability of the application. We understand the importance of this concept to a growing company.

Free App Submission

We will deploy your application to both the App Store and the Play Store, completely free of cost.

All-in-one Company

There is nothing in the development field we cannot do. From design to development, to testing and launch, we can handle it all.

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