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Set Yourself Apart With This White Label Casino Solution

Whitelabel casino solutions have increasingly become a hit among budding entrepreneurs due to their ability to be modified and rebranded. Unlike a made-from-scratch solution, white labels can be quickly adapted to the mold of your company in no time. This gives entrepreneurs more flexibility and room to focus on growing their business.

Our white label casino game software comprises of the most popular games including Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, Keno, Bingo, and more. This white label online casino software is filled to the brim with everything one would look for in such an offering. It is guaranteed to give you a leg up over your competitors and help you become a leader in the industry. With over 13+ years of experience as a leading white label casino provider, we have helped countless customers reach their full potential and get to where they are today. Become the next success story by partnering up with INORU today.

Advantages Of Our White Label Casino Software

INORU offers the industry's most extensive casino game portfolio. Our white label gaming is constantly updated to remain ahead in the market.

Ready-to-launch and live the project

The most secure payment system

Tailor-made payment solutions

Automated mailing system and more

User-friendly interface

Cross-platform solution

Multiple languages Setting

Extensive Features Of Our White Label Casino Game Development

white label casino game development
Game Management

You can add new games with just a few clicks, specific games on your website, create custom game categories, view reports on your most popular or profitable games.

white label casino game development
Payment Management

You can manage multiple payment systems, approve or reject requests of withdrawal, set the right commission value for deposits, generate discount codes with definitive values.

white label casino game development
Player Segmentation

We create dynamic player segments based on parameters such as the player’s personal info and betting activity. Creating segments is important to understand the behavior and enhance low performing games.

white label casino game development
Anti-Fraud System

We create a preventive barrier that lets you check suspicious activities by different players. This system will help to uncover potential payment fraud and breach in other regulatory terms.

whitelabel-casino-solutionwhite label casino game development
Responsible Gambling

We offer safe and responsible gambling facilities. An easy way to exit! This will promote the gambling limits of each player, promoting safety and emotional well-being.

white label casino game development
Bonus System

Our bonus system lets you create “customized bonuses that target highly specific segments of players at the right time.” We use internal languages specifically designed for denoting bonus.

white label casino game development
Access Rights And Role

Casino administrators will have a unique set of access rights. All administrators will be given two-factor authentication before letting them inside the casino back office.

white label casino game development
Tournaments And Lotteries

You can create lotteries and tournaments for players. You can define tournament winners based on various criteria and distribute prizes in the form of money and bonuses (Cryptos).

white label casino game development
Player And KYC Management

You can calculate any player’s acts in complete detail. These are a few of the many things that you can do: give out personal bonuses, adjust balances, stop suspicious accounts from operating, KYC documents, and get insights about your players’ gaming preferences.

Implementation Of Our White Label Casino Solution

white label casino game development

Games Integration

We can integrate the best games with numerous customizable functions for your online casino.

white label casino providers

Hostings on Dedicated Platform

We can help you host games on a dedicated platform. The platform will have enhanced safety features.

white label casino providers

Addition of Cryptocurrency Payments

We add cryptocurrencies to your payment methods where you can have your players transact with numerous altcoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

white label casino providers

Easy Banking Services

We will create a bank account for you, which will be used for your gaming transactions.

white label casino providers

Quick Launch

We ensure that your casino game is ready for immediate launch.

white label casino providers


We offer a wide range of marketing services right from on-page optimizations to content marketing.

white label casino providers

Casino Bundle

Best slots will be integrated with your online casino gaming within 30 days. Slot Machine gaming is one of our leading products.

white label casino providers

Bonus System

Set the right bonus for players, add an automated bonus system to your online casino gaming.

Unique Features That Set Our White Label Casino Solution Apart

white label casino software
User-friendly interface:

We offer the best easy-to-use interface in the market. The features are designed to handle multiple files, support quick & easy navigation and sorting options.

white label casino software

Our white label gaming solutions offer multi-language settings that can significantly improve communication with international clients.

white label casino software
Common and secured payment system:

The White Label Gaming Solution does not require any banking since we offer the most cutting-edge payment system that will accept payments through various payment avenues.

white label casino software
Around The Clock Support:

With a dedicated support staff on standby to help you with any queries and concerns you might have, you’re always a call away from expert advice.

white label casino software
Scalable Model:

All our development solutions are made with the idea of scalability in mind. Continue to grow your business to newer heights.

white label casino software

Extra Benefits Of Our White Label Casino

Security Solution

We provide our clients with the most secure end-to-end product. It goes without saying a security breach can spoil one’s reputation.

Payment Solution

Easy transaction is one thing, but giving additional payment methods to your casino game gives your users the benefit of choosing from a wide range, thus increasing your customer base.

Customization Solution

Unlimited customization for your casino game, be it the user interface or an additional security method. We provide the best-tailored solution.

Branding Solution

This white label backed solution allows you to increase your brand awareness greatly and gain wider visibility among your audience.

white label casino software

INORU’s White Label Casino Platform

We provide White Label solution for online casino gaming, which will display your own unique customization. It is a comprehensive solution designed to be cost-effective and simultaneously offers a shorter time frame to launch. The convenience doesn't stop there; you could save on the quality check, staff recruitment, and supervision.

INORU gaming solution’s ready-to-launch-live products would complete your project within your budget and time. White Label provides the entire scope of online casino, which is ready for immediate release, requiring only a brand new name and design, selected according to your personal preferences.

Our Streamlined Design Process

  • BrainstormingTell us your big idea, and our team will do preliminary analysis and research to get a clear picture of the idea.

  • Design ProcessOnce the analysis process is done, our design team will come up with an attractive design and UI that we’ll get started on once you approve.

  • DevelopmentPost the design process, we are ready for development. Our development process is thorough and built on the concept of quality.

  • TestingOnce development is done, it is time for an extensive quality analysis process. The white label casino app goes through a barrage of tests to ensure the product is ready for launch.

  • LaunchA strong launch is the first step toward the success of your app. We will ensure that this auspicious start is smooth and hassle-free!

Things That Make Our White Label Casino Software Stand Out

  • A Detailed Admin DashboardOur intuitive admin panel provides you with all the information you need to run your casino business in the most efficient and streamlined manner possible.

  • Visually Appealing DesignTo make your game software a surefire hit, it needs to captivate the users at first glance. Our white label solution is designed with a beautiful 2D and 3D look that makes it stand out.

  • Management ToolThis useful tool gives admins the power to manage different games with complete control from one convenient.

  • Additional FeaturesDo you have an idea in mind that will elevate the app even further? We will work with you to bring that idea to life in the best way possible.

30+ top game providers under a single integration

We at INORU cooperate with the best online casino game providers to offer our clients qualitative, creative and innovative products.

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Our Dedicated Post-launch Maintenance And Support

Our job is not done once the product is launched! You can avail our post-launch services, which provide you with dedicated maintenance and support staff.

Bug FixesFind any bugs affecting the software performance? No problem! Our expert staff will get on it right away and ensure the product is good to go.

Periodic UpdatesA hallmark of any good application software is periodic updates. We will regularly update your white label casino software with the latest tech in the market.

Around The Clock SupportOur dedicated support staff is always on call to help you with any issues you might face. With over 14+ years of experience in the field, expert help is just one call away!

OptimizationOne of the core points of INORU is constant innovation and optimization. We position ourselves at the cutting edge of new developments to ensure this.

How Much Does Our White Label Casino Cost?

Our development process is designed to benefit customers with varying budgets. The price of the white label casino really comes down to the features you wish to be included. To get an accurate estimate of your vision, get in touch with our staff today!

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Starter Package

Standard Function Smart Contract

Gaming Platform

  • Trusted & reliable
  • Faster set-up with no legal hassle
  • Technical support & hosting

Multi-payment integration

  • Fiat currency as payment
  • Wide variety of cryptocurrencies as payment
  • Validated internal cryptocurrency exchanges

Safe & Secure Gaming

Responsible Gaming

  • Defined gambling limits of each player
  • Privatization of information
  • Easy way to exit

Player KYC Process

  • Verify KYC documents
  • Insights into players gaming preferences
  • Players activities in detail

Access Rights & Roles

  • Administrator dashboard
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Player dashboard

Additional Features

User-friendly Interface

  • Easy navigation & sorting options
  • Multiple file support
  • Unparalleled graphics

Multi-language User Interface

  • A collection of international languages
  • Region & language options available
  • Improved communication

Anti-fraud Module

  • Timely checks to detect suspicious activities
  • Prevention on payment fraud
  • Adherence to regulatory protocols

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A white label solution is one which takes an existing product or service and rebrands it to fit the needs of your business enterprise. It is a lot cheaper and can be done in a much shorter time frame than a standard development solution.

A white label solution is a great way to emulate the success of your competitors. It is a safe bet with a lower investment cost and the same functionality.

This really depends on how extensive you want your app to be. If you want a cutting edge solution with all the bells and whistles, it will cost you a bit more than a basic application, but in any case, contact our staff to know more!

The development process of your application will also depend on the features you wish to implement and other varying factors. Rest assured, we boast of a very low turnaround time no matter what the challenges might be!

Apart from development, we also offer world-class marketing and post-launch maintenance services. These can really help elevate your business to the next level, get in touch with us to know more!

Yes, absolutely! All our products are built on the concept of scalability and innovation, so at any time you wish you can upgrade your package to include more services.

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