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Stock Trading App Solutions

The practice of stock trading has been here for a while now. People see it as a potential passive income, while some consider it to be the main source of revenue too. But the greatest shortcoming people face to date is time. Yes, people do not have time to observe the market and invest in it at the right time. Today, there is a change, and that change is created by stock trading apps. Now anyone can trade stocks from any part of the world in the middle of any work. Isn't it amazing? This flexibility has lured many people into trying their wit in stock trading. Zerodha clone can be your user-friendly app for the stock traders out there. Get in touch with us to build an exemplary stock trading app with extraordinary features that makes stock trading a cakewalk. Call us.

What Is A Zerodha Clone?

Zerodha clone is a stock trading app that allows traders to buy and sell stocks from the market. It promotes flexibility; people just need a smartphone and your Zerodha clone app; any stock can be purchased or sold in minutes. The Zerodha clone script can be personalized for your business in terms of design and technology. It is your best option in terms of cost, time, and quality to enter the entrepreneurial world.

Zerodha Clone App Features

User RegistrationA simple sign-up process is a mandatory process for a fintech app like Zerodha clone. The users can use their email address, social credentials, or contact information. The KYC, AML, and other regulatory compliances can be done after the signup process.

Profile ManagementThe user is provided with a profile to feed their personal information and manage it at their convenience.

TradingThe key feature in a stock trading application is none other than trading.

WalletThe users can transfer money required for trading to the wallet. And then this money can be used to buy stocks.

NewsFeedThis is an integral feature for a stock trading app. Hoard your users’ feed with news that can benefit them. Let them insight themselves from the newsfeed and plan their trading strategy accordingly.

Quote MonitoringAssist your users in seeing and control the quotes in real-time.

Advanced AnalyticsA newsfeed alone cannot help a user determine their buy and sell for the day. Provide their statistical data in charts for a better understanding.

Search OptionAllow your users to search flexibly and get results for the exact thing they were looking for.

SuggestionsProvide your users a suggestion on the stocks they can trade, considering the market situation.

NotificationsKeep your users notified about the stocks they have invested in. This can help them make decisions upfront.

Creep Up The Ladder In The Fintech Industry With A Seamless Stock Trading App like Zerodha

Types Of Trading Platforms

Traditional Trading Platform

The traditional trading platform offers a wide range of assets for users to trade. They range from ETFs, currencies, stocks, precious metals, and more. This is one of the most prominent trading methods as our people don't fixate themself on a particular asset and look out for varieties.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

These are new headlines. You most probably have already heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more other cryptocurrencies. In a cryptocurrency trading platform, users can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies.

White-Label Stock Trading Platform

INORU brings you a white-label stock trading platform in robust quality and seamless performance. Our Zerodha clone is a ready-made script that can be deployed any minute. Once we partner up, we study your requirements and the niche you are about to tap in. In regards to it, we customize it with add-on features that can work well with your crowd.

Also, we design the app using the color patterns in your logo, making it look unique and appealing to the crowd. By launching a white-label stock trading platform, you get to take a cost-effective approach and also can launch the app sooner than you normally would. Give us a call and tell us your requirements, and kick-start your entrepreneurial journey today.

Launch An Extraordinary Stock Trading App And Relish The Benefits Of The Fintech Industry With Zerodha Clone App

Revenue Model Of Zerodha Clone App

Premium Subscription

Provide valuable insights and expert advice to customers who subscribe to your premium membership program.


Earn interests from the amount deposited by your users in the app like any bank.


Deduct a commission rate for every trade pulled off by the users.


Earn rebates from market makers and trading venues.

Development Process Of Zerodha Clone App

Requirement Analysis

Our core team meets you, understands your business objectives, and thus enlists the pertinent requirements for the stock trading app.


An extensive plan is laid to develop a robust app with extraordinary features that can make trading easy.


Our team of creative designers starts creating a unique design for your Zerodha clone app that will appeal to your niche in a great manner.

Back-End Development

The experienced stock trading platform developers simultaneously start developing the app integrating unique features that will make your app stand out.


Our testing team runs various tests in all steps of the development process to ensure a bug-free app.


We present you the fully developed Zerodha clone app for an overview, and on your approval, we deploy it on the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose INORU For Zerodha Clone App Development?

Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced stock trading platform developers. Their experience and expertise are the sole reason for the development of robust apps.

Technological Advancement

We build your app using advanced technologies like AI, VR, IoT, and more to build an interactive app.

On-Time Delivery

We work with a definitive plan. Once we share a delivery time, we never take a minute over it. You get the Zerodha clone app deployed on time.

Native Apps

We use native technologies to develop your Zerodha clone app, which ensures compatibility on all devices.

Round The Clock Support

Our support team is always readily available for you at whatever time of the day it is. All your queries will be resolved in a short time.

Free Server Installation

Yes, you heard it right. We install the fully-developed app on the server of your choice for free.

A Robust Stock Trading Platform With Exciting Features That Make Trading Easy. Zerodha Clone Development


We have developed hundreds of apps so far for startups, enterprises, and popular market players and help them achieve their business goals successfully.

Yes, we are highly proficient in developing web apps along with mobile apps.

We sign an NDA with you to ensure your business idea is safe with us and it is never leaving our doors.

Yes, we provide a 100% customization facility. You name them, and we get them done for you.

Yes, of course, we provide free support even after the launch of the app for a specific period of time and later for a nominal price.

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