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Zillow Clone App Development

The real estate business has been one of the most successful avenues of business going back hundreds of years. With our Zillow Clone, we carry on this tradition with a feature-filled solution that makes the process of real estate dealings more convenient and easier than ever before.

With a comprehensive list of functionality, numerous revenue streams and more, the Zillow Clone is the all-encompassing real-estate solution for the modern-day real estate business. For those looking to cash in on the upturn of the real estate business, there is no better choice than our Zillow app clone!

To get a quote for your customized Zillow Clone that guarantees immediate impact, get in touch with our team!

zillow clone

Why launch a Zillow Clone App?

As we are all aware, the way we do business has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years. The arrival of mobile applications has fundamentally changed many aspects of the business world. Virtually in every industry, there has been a shift towards the on-demand mode of work. This shift has breached the real-estate world as well. Investors, sellers, buyers and more of today wish to do their buying and selling online rather than the cumbersome process of visiting each place.

With the ability to cater to clients across the globe, the Zillow clone is an all-in-one real estate application that promises growth. Accelerate your real estate business and see an impact within weeks with our Zillow clone.

Highlight Features of Zillow Clone

Bottomless ListingsWith thousands of listings on the app, the Zillow clone offers a never-ending list of real estate holdings for the users. Choices galore on the Zillow Clone!

Location-Based ListingsA key feature of any real estate booking app, the location-based listing ensures that the users find what they are looking for without any additional hassle.

Global CompatibilityThe Zillow clone allows you to focus on clients from the locality as well as those on the other side of the planet. With multiple languages and payment options, borders are never a problem on the Zillow app clone!

Third-Party IntegrationsWith the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party plugins and software, the Zillow clone offers functionality that is unmatched by anything else.

360 ViewAs an added functionality, a panoramic 360 view of properties can now be uploaded to the Zillow clone app.

Solutions We offer For The Real-Estate Business

When it comes to products geared towards the real estate business, there is no one else who provides such a comprehensive service as we do. From mobile apps to websites to browser applications, we have it all.

Real Estate Mobile App Development We are the number one provider of highly functional Real-estate focused mobile apps like the Zillow clone. World-class quality at affordable prices is what we offer at INORU.

Real Estate Management Solution Taking care of your real estate portfolio has never been more streamlined and efficient! Our Real Estate Management Solutions make the process of overseeing your real estate holdings a breeze!

Standalone Website For Your Real Estate Business A standalone website is a must for any company in 2020. This is even more true in the real-estate business, where having your own website is often an added boost to your credibility. Launch your own customized site in a matter of days with our services.

How can the Zillow Clone Benefit Your Business?

  • Boosted Interactions

    The first step in growing any business is to “get people in through the door’. That’s precisely what the Zillow clone offers you. With a real-estate app like Zillow, you will see a marked interest in your holdings and the number of customer interactions you have.

    • Streamlined Services

      The process of viewing property after property can be exhausting for any buyer. The Zillow clone allows users to learn everything about every listing from the comfort of their home. This streamlined property viewing experience is much sought after in the industry.

      • Boosted Efficiency

        The efficiency of your operation will see an immediate upward trend with the Zillow clone. With automated procedures that require no manual intervention or half the workforce to handle, the efficiency of your business will translate into profits in no time.

        • Increased Revenue Stream

          The success of any business is closely tied to the number of revenue streams it can manage to generate. The Zillow clone is an additional source of revenue for your business, a big one at that. Why wouldn't you invest?

          • Increased Awareness

            Brand recognition goes a long way in ensuring the success of your business. With a customized app that features your branding, logo, name and everything else that makes your business yours, you can stand out from the crowd and truly set yourself apart.

The User Experience of The Zillow Clone

How does renting / buying / selling on the Zillow Clone work? Let’s find out.

Guest App

  • Login The guest is prompted to login

  • View Properties The guest can view the list of available properties based on their requirements.

  • Book Property When the guest/buyer finds what they like, they can pre “book” the property.

  • Confirmation The booking request is sent to the landlord, who confirms their reservation.

  • Payment When the booking is confirmed, the guest can finish the process by paying the due amount.

 zillow clone

Host App

  • Login The host is prompted to log into the app.

  • Add Property The host can list their property on the Zillow clone along with all the necessary information.

  • View Booking Requests The Host is prompted with any booking request that comes up, and they can choose to accept or deny.

  • Payment When the payment is made by the guest, the host is notified and paid their fee minus the commission taken by the admin.

Zillow Clone App - The Complete Package

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, we suggest you get the complete Zillow Clone App package, which includes all of the things listed below.

zillow clone app
  • Android app for the User

  • iOS app for the User

  • Web Panel for the User

  • Android app for the Host

  • iOS app for the Host

  • Web panel for the Host

  • Android app for the Admin

  • iOS app for the Admin

  • Web Panel for the Admin with dashboard

Zillow Clone App Features

Quick Registration

Guests on the Zillow clone can be onboarded and viewing properties in a matter of minutes.

View Properties

Guests can view a list of properties available as per their requirements.

Location-Based View

Should guests want to view properties only in a particular area, they can set the location as such.

View Property Details

Guests can view the details of any property by clicking on the “View Details” tab.

Message Owner

Guests can message the owner or agent who uploaded the property with an in-app messaging feature.

Save For Later

If guests want to save a particular property for viewing it later, they can easily do so with the “save for later” function.

Ratings and Feedback

Guests can view the ratings and feedback provided by other users prior to booking the property.


Agents who want to list their properties on the app can register with the required documentation.

Add Listing

Agents can upload any property that they have under their care on the Zillow Clone.

Add Images

Agents can provide guests with photos and videos of the property they have listed.

Add Description

Agents are prompted to add a short description of the property.

View All My Listings

Agents can view all the listings under their care with this helpful feature.

Offers and Discounts

Agents can incentivize people to rent their properties by offering discounts or offers.

Ratings and Feedback

Agents, too, can rate the guests on their stay. This helps other agents weed out any unruly guests.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can navigate the app quickly and view any information they require with the dashboard.

Manage Listings

Admins can view and manage the property listings on the app. They can view any information regarding a property by just clicking on it.

Manage Users

Admins can view and manage the profiles of the guests registered on the app.


Admins can find useful insights of their business with the auto-generated analytical reports.

In-app Notifications

Admins can send push notifications to both guests and agents on the app.

View Feedback

Admins can view the ratings and feedback provided by the guests and agents on the app.

Making Money On The Zillow Clone - Revenue Channels


The Zillow Clone allows admins to earn money through the commission on each property rented or sold on the app. Admins can set the commission rate according to their preferences and the local real estate industry.

Priority Listings

Admins can charge an extra commission to designate tasks as a ‘priority listing.’ This boosts up the property on the search results and betters their chances of conversion.


Admins can also choose to include advertisements on the Zillow clone. These advertisements can be from third-party companies or any other business.

Premium Membership

Admins can avail of a premium membership for the guests. The premium plan of the Zillow clone unlocks new features that are not available on the free version.

Our Development Process - How Your Zillow Clone Is Made

The Zillow Clone undergoes a tried and tested process that we have employed for hundreds of successive applications.

Requirement Analysis

We take the time to understand the project to its barebone essentials before starting the development. Plan a call or come down to our office to discuss the project and tell us what you’re looking for.

Drafting A Plan

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll start drafting up a plan that achieves that idea in the most efficient way possible. We will assign a project manager to each project that oversees the development from start to finish.

Design Phase

The design of the app is crucial. An aesthetically pleasing app is a requirement to grab the attention of the user. Our design engineers will work closely with you to bring your ideal design to life.

Development Phase

Once the app’s outside is counted for, our development app will get into the back end functionality for the app. We will load with an extensive list of features and functionality.

Quality Assurance

We test every product we put out extensively before it hits the stores. Our quality assurance team will work on ensuring that the app is working properly before setting it up for launch.

The Launch

The launch of the app is done to create a seamless transition that guarantees you’re up and running from the get-go. With numerous launches under our belt, we know this process intimately well.

Why Choose INORU for your Zillow Clone App Development?

We are the premier name in the industry for a plethora of reasons.

  • 14+ years of experience.

  • Global client list.

  • Cutting-edge technology.

  • Latest industry standards.

  • Compliant with all regulatory requirements.

  • Great understanding of client expectations.

  • Adherence to timelines.

  • World-class quality

  • Affordable pricing

  • Around the clock support.


Yes, it is! The business of clone apps is legal in every way. The name “Zillow Clone” is just a placeholder. We employ our own coding and designs to the app, which falls under every regulatory guideline.

Yes, you can, provided the name is already not taken.

Yes, you can. Our design team will work closely with you to create the app just how you want it.

The price is dependent on a lot of factors like the client’s requirements, the deadline, the features, the functionality and more, so get in touch with us and we’ll give you an accurate estimate.

The basic version of the application can be made launch-ready in just a few days. The duration of the development process is dependent on client requirements, so set up a call to discuss.

We provide maintenance and post-launch support for a very affordable price.

Everything under the production cycle. We also provide consulting and marketing services that are well renowned.

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