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Develop A Distinctive NFT Solution With Our NFT Development Services

Blockchain technology is an advancement in technology that is expected to do wonders in the coming years. Non-fungible tokens are considered to be the best of blockchain technology so far. This is because of the unique characteristics that non-fungible tokens possess. Non-fungibility itself is the reason for its uniqueness. It is represented with a unique ID that cannot be duplicated or divided.

This term, non-fungible tokens have been going around for a while now. The volume of the funds revolving around it has also been gargantuan. People are investing humongous funds in it, considering its security traits and the ownership rights it provides to creators. As the usage of NFTs cannot be confined to a single industry, we at Inoru have equipped ourselves with variant NFT development services. If you are an entrepreneur watching the NFT space closely for some time, it's time you join hands with us to develop your NFT solution.

Our Diverse NFT Development Solutions

NFT Development Platform

Our NFT Development platform is built aiming to tokenize digital collectibles to digital assets. The Ethereum standards ERC-721 are followed for the development of NFTs. Each token has a unique ID that can neither be duplicated nor dissected.

NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace is a digital market similar to ecommerce platforms but with non-fungible tokenized assets like games, artworks, virtual lands and buildings, and many more creative assets.

NFT Art Tokenization

The most popular and buzzy industry of the NFTs is the art world. Digital arts have been tokenized and put for sale. These arts have been making humongous money in the NFT marketplaces.

NFT For Sports

The fan-base for sports all over the world is vast. Tokenizing the cards of players, their autographs, clippings of rare moments can pull in a lot of fans to strive to acquire the ownership of these tokens.

NFT for Music

The music industry is another market that has a huge following. However, piracy has always been an issue in the music industry. The introduction of NFTs in a platform for music can rectify these issues and support music artists by getting them their desired royalty with no middlemen intervention.

NFT for Games

Most of the games have in-app products to be purchased already. Therefore embedding NFTs will be just an upgrade to this already existing practice in a more efficient, effortless, and profitable manner.

NFT for Fashion

The encryption of NFTs in the fashion industry can provide insights to customers on the origin of the apparel they wear and the sellers it had passed on before they purchased it. Consumers can also verify the ownership of coutures and ornaments to eliminate the risk of fraudsters.

NFT Lending Platform

NFTs are used as assets to loan up money. Creating a platform that lends money for NFTs can account for a business with a huge volume of transactions.

NFT for Real Estate

Create a platform that enables users to create virtual lands and list them in the market. It can be further sold to the highest bid. Creative people crazy about designing will show interest in these kinds of platforms, earning you revenue.

NFT for Architecture

This is a business that has already flourished. Designing virtual buildings, towns, cities, or parks and listing them in the market attracts the architects to try and own the extraordinary creations making it a highly profitable business.

Embedding DeFi in NFTs

The Decentralized Finance design has begun to be embedded with the NFTs. Rarible, an NFT marketplace, introduced its own governance token, RARI. It also turned the platform into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This gives every RARI token holder the right to vote on the decisions to upgrade the platform, participation in curation, and moderation of assets in the marketplace. They are also planning to create an NFT index by which a portfolio that describes the digital asset will be attached to the art so that the investor who is surfing with no direction to purchase an art gets informed about the art. By creating a platform and embedding it with DeFi can add up huge revenue to you.

NFT Marketplace Development Services We Offer

OpenSea Clone

OpenSea clone is a marketplace similar to an ecommerce platform enlisted with diverse crypto goods. Digital collectibles, game items, and other virtual assets are enlisted. The user can buy, sell, and trade any of these assets from any part of the world with no restrictions.

Rarible Clone

Rarible clone is an NFT marketplace for artists and art lovers to create, sell, buy, and trade digital arts and collectibles. An artist can create multiple NFTs from a single art or sell it just once to turn it into a rare piece in the future.

Axie Infinity Clone

The Axie Infinity clone is a universe inspired by the popular anime Pokemon. The users can purchase their favourite pets named Axies and use them in various games of the Axie universe. The users can also sell their Axies to other users.

Decentraland Clone

The Decentraland clone is an NFT marketplace for architects to design virtual real estate buildings, farmhouses, cities, and towns. The users can purchase properties they are attracted to from the creators for the price the creator quotes.

CryptoKitties Clone

CryptoKitties clone is a game built on a blockchain that allows users to buy, breed, feed, collect and sell virtual cats with other users. Each kitty is unique, indivisible, and cannot be traded.

Gods Unchained Clone

Gods Unchained clone is a virtual card game where every user buys a card for themselves that is unique from the rest of the cards. This uniqueness makes the sense of ownership a special one. These cards can be sold as well.

Inoru’s NFT Development Services

Inoru is a team of highly expert blockchain developers working to create a robust NFT development platform that carries out a seamless performance even in high traffic. We offer extremely expendable security and round-the-clock security support to the NFT development platform to maintain an exemplary performance. At Inoru, we practice transparency in our work with our clients. So, you will be updated with the status of every process in the NFT development platform. We hold meetings with you to understand your business requirements and strive to design an user interface offering user engagement at its peak. We provide 100% customization services as per your requirements, making it look authentic and user-friendly. Our customization services also assist in the branding of your platform designed with your logo and the color palettes of your logo all over the platform. We also integrate an external wallet similar to MetaMask to the platform to better the user experience. And more than all we deliver your product on time.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


We mostly prefer ERC-721 to develop NFTs, but on the client’s requirements, we also follow ERC-1155.

No, we develop NFTs that can be used in real-world assets too. It totally depends on the business project you come up with.

Yes, if your business idea is inclusive of a cryptocurrency that can be used as a functional coin in the marketplace, we do create them for you.

We work on blockchain development which is all about security, and we do practice it in our work pattern too. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure that your brainchild is safe with us.

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