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Custom Taxi Booking Application Development Solution For All

Due to the increased reliance on technology, on-demand taxi app development has been gathering the attention of people across the world. Are you an entrepreneur looking to set foot in the lucrative taxi business? Realize your big-time business ideas with INORU’s team of expert taxi app developers! We provide our clients with unmatchable taxi-hailing app development solutions. Approach us right away to create a taxi app and scale your business up to greater heights. Our dedicated taxi app builders have vast experience and knowledge in providing taxi-hailing app development services to business organizations ranging from universal startups and taxi & fleet business companies to government sectors.

taxi_app_for_startup Universal Startups

Launch your advanced
Taxi Booking App

We offer state-of-the-art Taxi booking Applications for upcoming startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

taxi_app_for_fleet_business Taxi and fleet Business

Scale your taxi fleet
business seamlessly

Connect, track, and optimize your taxi business operations in real-time and offer unforgettable ride experience to your passengers.

taxi_app_for_corporate Companies and Governments

SImplify Corporate and Government
transportation system

Our next-generation taxi application solutions help simplify employee rides and travel management with ease.


Bring your unique app ideas to life today!

Taxi App Development

Taxi App Development

Taxi app development plays a vital role in providing unmatchable taxi booking services to users across the world. Usually, mobile apps for booking taxi rides are multi-dimensional and come with rich feature sets for the benefit of the users, admins, and drivers.


INORU provides smart taxi app development for the smart traveller. With over 12+ years in the industry helping customers reach their goals, it is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Make your travels a breeze with our customer based approach.

Book now

After feeding the drop location and checking the nearby available cabs, passengers can book a taxi instantly.

Book Later

This unique feature allows users to choose a vehicle and schedule the taxi ride for a later date and time.

Book for others

Users via the app can enter the pick-up and drop details and book a taxi for their friends or family as per their discretion.

Pick-up and drop location

Users need to feed the appropriate pickup and drop location to view the nearby cabs and estimated fare for the taxi trip.

Multi-language integration

Users can enhance their experience by opting for their preferred language. The app will run in English, Mandarin, and other local languages with ease.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Post booking confirmation, users via the app can view the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the taxi to their pickup location.

Vehicle selection

Post-feeding the destination location details, users will view the available vehicle types nearby. Users can choose the one that best suits their convenience.

Fare estimation

Users can view the estimated fare for the taxi ride after feeding the pickup and drop location. Passengers can confirm the trip if they are content with the fare.

Trip history

The feature lets users keep track of the rides he/she has previously transited. They can also see the date, time, fare cost and other information.

Rate & Review

At the end of the trip, passengers can rate the driver and ride. They can even give additional reviews to help service providers enhance the ride experience.

Track drivers

The app feature lets passengers track their driver's precise location in real-time seamlessly.

Easy registration

The user before availing taxi service can register and login the app with their email, mobile number, and social media.


With our innovative approach to developing application for taxis, INORU provides the best of digital app and marketing solutions for the modern taxi driver. Take your ride to the next level with a streamlined approach offering all that you will need with the click of a button.

Availability status

The user-friendly feature allows drivers to set their status as “active,” “inactive,” or “busy” anytime with ease.

Accept/Reject ride requests

After the driver receives the ride request, he/she can review the trip details and accept or reject the same in a limited period.

Start the trip

Before commencing a ride, drivers require to tap “Start trip” button. By doing so, the driver will view the detailed navigation to the destination.


The advanced navigation guides drivers with picking-up passengers from their current location and dropping them off to their desired destination.

Contact rider

The app enables drivers to contact passengers for purposes such as directions to the pickup location, destination details, and others.

Rate passengers

Similar to riders rating drivers for the trip, drivers can also rate their passengers after the completion of the journey.

Ride history

In chronological order, the driver can view the ride details he/she has completed in a day or week or even months.

Move Offline

The feature allows drivers to take a short break or call it a day with ease. To stop receiving new trip notifications, drivers can go offline.

Get pickup location

After the driver accepts a ride request, he/she will receive the necessary details with regards to the pickup location including end-to-end navigation.

Real-time ride requests

The app updates drivers with real-time updates with regards to ride requests, pickup location, drop off location and others.


Drivers can sign out from the app after they are done for the day. By signing off, drivers will stop receiving ride requests.

From one-touch dispatch to intuitive Admin panel

Monitor your enterprise the right way with INORU - the complete taxi booking application developer for all your needs. Our innovative control panel gives you complete control over the passengers, cab drivers, and transactions, making things simple and easy. As it should be.

Secure login

The admin can log in their dedicated web-panel directly via any web browser securely and hassle-free.

Manage drivers

The admin via the panel can add new drivers or remove existing ones, change payments or commissions and much more.

Admin dashboard

Admin can manage the functionality and get access to the latest statistics, view active drivers, and overview business operations.

Manage the vehicles

The admin can update the fleet by adding new vehicles or removing existing ones. They can even manage and schedule vehicle maintenance.

Manage dispatchers

Admin can add & edit appropriate dispatchers to assist in monitoring, managing, and dispatching vehicles for every ride request.

Manage riders

Admin can view and manage all the registered passengers in the app. They can see their ratings, ride frequency, feedback, and others.

Manage Trips

Admins can monitor and manage trip details including taxi’s current location; customers pick up and destination details, whether a vehicle is transiting on-course or not and much more.

Real-time tracking

The feature lets admin track each vehicle’s location, whether the driver is performing a trip, active or inactive, and others.


The admin can notify both customers and drivers on any new updates, offers or alerts via customized push notifications, SMS, and email.

Why Choose our Taxi Booking App Development Solutions

Our expertise is not limited to app development alone. We will support you from the very initial stages of conceptualization to post-development. Our experienced team has abundant knowledge about the taxi industry and can provide personalized services that ensure success. So, if you are on the lookout for expertise, creativity, and skill, it’s not a hard choice to make! INORU delivers high-quality applications that are built using tested methods.

  • Customizable and Whitelabel

    Our taxi app whitelabel solutions come equipped with ready-to-use software that can be customized extensively and offers easy brand integration for your business.

  • Easy server deployment

    Post-development, we will assist you with deploying your application solutions on the server of your choice including shared server, hosted server or even cloud.

  • Multi-payment gateways

    We help integrate numerous payment gateways of your choice. As per your business needs, we can also integrate multiple payment methods including & not limited to credit/debit card, digital wallets, and other means.

  • End-to-end support

    From dusk to dawn, you are expected to support your customers and drivers all the time. Likewise, as your reliable development partner, we assist you round-the-clock always.

  • Fastest entry to market

    Our taxi app source code offers secure development and deployment of the application with minimum modifications. You can enter the market and prosper in no-time.

  • Scalable solutions

    For your business that will grow from a handful of drivers and a few hundred passengers to hundreds of drivers and thousands of passengers globally, we offer you with scalable and robust solutions.

What Do We Offer in Taxi App Development?

Our Taxi App Development Services have the entire package! INORU takes app development to the next level by providing tailor-made and white-label solutions. We offer unique features that will ensure that your app stands out from the crowd. Our brilliant Taxi App Developers provide the following.

All-Inclusive PackageOur package consists of the Admin Panel, Driver App, and User App. These indispensable components complete the app and ensure the smooth flow of operations.

Complete CustomizabilityWant to integrate the most innovative features into your taxi app? Our developers are ready to customize the app according to your every requirement. Uniqueness is guaranteed with our taxi app development solutions.

Economical ServicesDespite offering premium features and high-quality apps, we charge reasonable rates for our taxi app development services. The perfect fit for budding entrepreneurs or innovative startups!

Technology Stack

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1

How Much Does INORU’s Taxi App Development Service Cost?

By employing cutting edge technology and building powerful apps at a reasonable price, INORU aims to become the go-to Taxi App Development Company for entrepreneurs all around the globe. Know the price of developing a unique and well-functioning app!

Flexible & Efficient Development Solution for All

Our innovative approach and cost-effective solutions to mobile app development is a must-have for any type of start-up looking to get off the ground. From healthcare to taxi services, no matter what your industry is, we provide you with the necessary tools to help you succeed. are


Launch your customized carpooling app to help empower economical and eco-friendly rides worldwide.

Truck and logistics

Acquire premium customers through a robust app designed and developed for your truck and logistics business.

Car rental service

With your advanced car rental app, acquire new customers everyday and boost your vehicle renting business.

On-demand chauffeur

Create a strong network and connect drivers & chauffeurs with hotels, restaurants, airports, companies, and others seamlessly.

Bus booking app

Offer quick, advanced, efficient and secured bus booking platform for customers with ease.

On-demand auto rickshaw

Help connect Auto drivers & passengers with a custom designed and developed auto rickshaw application.

Vehicle towing service

With a bespoke application, agencies/service providers can locate vehicles in need of towing hassle-free.

Ships and cruises

Expand your shipping & cruise business worldwide by launching your well-crafted application.

Bike taxi app

Offer cheap rides to customers by connecting them with bike riders on-the-go seamlessly.

On-demand limos

Easily cater to limo services for parties, marriage, prom nights, corporate bookings, events, and others with your on-demand application.

Employee transportation app

The right solution to make employee transportation operations automated, flexible, efficient, secure and transparent.

On-demand fuel

A robust on-demand gas delivery solution for gas station owners, retailers, and fuel-delivery startups.


My journey with INORU has been an absolute joy. My project was delivered on time, and I genuinely love the output. Thank you, team!

- Harriet J. Alfaro

I partnered with INORU to help automate my taxi fleet. The results have been fantastic, and the app has been garnering positive reviews from my customers.

- Jennifer Young

As a startup connecting customers with cruise ships, we did our thorough research before choosing INORU. The results have been epic, and our small business is growing by the day. A well-done job team.

- Joseph Colema


Yes, the taxi app source code offers end-to-end customization to support any language of your choice. You can easily cater to customers preferring the Mandarin language.
Yes, our taxi software offers 100% flexibility to accommodate more features even after launch. You can get in touch with our experts to discuss further.
Yes, with the powerful admin panel, you can monitor and even download detailed reports on the ratings provided by users. This would help you enhance and improve your, raw denim aesthetic synth nesciunt you probably haven't heard of them accusamus labore sustainable VHS.
Yes, our development team comprise platform experts offering intelligent solutions for iOS, Android and Web.
The application is designed to cater to infinite users simultaneously. However, as per your business requirements, you can limit the number of users via the admin panel.

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