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Accord 60+ Services To Your Global Users With Our Infallible Gojek Clone Software

Introducing the new age Gojek app clone solution befitting all the contemporary market needs! Right from taxi booking, online grocery ordering to hiring a plumber, the on-demand multi-service app solution grants users access to 60+ services all within a single tap.

Bundled up with easy-to-use features and well-distinguished categories, our powerful Gojek clone app solution serves as a perfect fit to surpass the rivals in the market. And for your users, hiring any kind of service becomes as easy as winking. With this, earning lump profits is your piece of cake.

Are you curious to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality? Get in touch with our experts and get your hands on Gojek clone app development. Wrapped with exciting features and innovative UI, our Gojek clone bestows your customers with one-click services delivered at home.

What Is A Gojek Clone?

Gojek Clone is a pre-built and ready-to-use solution designed to offer multiple services in a single window. And that includes anything and everything from taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine supplies, and whatnot. Integrated with 60+ services, our solution opens up 60+ different revenue streams making your brand widely recognizable in the market.

Over and above all, our feature-loaded Gojek clone script is well-adaptable to customizations. And that makes it ideal for including different services and features proclaiming yourself as a prominent service provider in the market. Seize the chance now by joining us for Gojek clone app development.

A Flip Through Multi-Services That Can Be Offered Using Gojek Clone

Do you desire a grandeur business venture? In which case, what could be more appealing if not for the on-demand multi-service app solution? Deliver a vast array of services grouped under distinct categories.

  • Taxi Ride
  • Boat Ride
  • Moto Ride
  • Car Rental
  • Food Deliveries
  • Alcohol Deliveries
  • Flower Deliveries
  • Courier Deliveries
  • Grocery Deliveries
  • Marijiuana Dliveries
  • Other delivery services
  • Doctor
  • Babysitter
  • Plumber
  • Beauty service
  • Carpenter
  • Car wash
  • Electrician
  • Laundry
  • Workers
  • Car repair
  • Real estate agent
  • Handyman services
  • Fitness coach
  • Home services
  • House painting services
  • Pest control
  • Security guard

Branch out your service offering with a super app like Gojek. Get together with our experts to develop a surpassing Gojek clone.

Ingenious features of our Gojek clone app

Sign In A simple sign-in feature hooked up with social media handles such as email or phone number grants users access to the app with reduced effort.

Find Proximal Service Provider Fetches all the details regarding the service personnel in the nearby location. Users can select the one they prefer.

Service Booking Imparting the book now or schedule booking option confers users the liberty to acquire services as and when they need them.

In-app Communication It allows users and service providers to have uninterrupted communication while sharing information or solving queries regarding the service.

Payment Gateway Integration Multiple payment options endows users to make transactions conveniently choosing their preferred mode such as credit/debit card, etc.

SOS button SOS feature ensures security for your users. This earns the trust for your brand and makes your app a more reliable one.

Order History Ease off the work by furnishing details on all the previous order bookings in one single place. It facilitates users to avail of the same service with just a click.

Ratings & Reviews The ratings and reviews of the user help you keep in check the quality of your services. Also, it gives knowledge about the service to other users.

In-app notifications There can be no better way to keep your customers engaged with the app than sending regular updates relating to offers, order status, etc., as notifications.

ReferralsUsers can be endowed with reward points as encouragement on every successful enrollment of the referred members in the app.

Sign Up A simple registration process with an email address or any social media accounts lets service providers easily enroll themselves on the app platforms.

Verification Of Details Service providers can list their services on the app by submitting all the necessary documents. This ensures the authenticity of the service.

Set up profile Service providers can set up their own profiles in a creative way to gain the attention of the users. They can upload their relevant photos and details.

Availability Status Gives services providers the ability to display their availability status to the users. It assists users in making bookings based on that.

Accept/Reject Bookings It enables service providers to take booking requests or reject them at their convenience.

Set Service Radius Setting up the radius range in the app filters the service requests and notifies only the bookings from the specified area.

Real-time GPS navigation: Integrating with GPS features suggests the best optimal routes to reach the user location. Thereby saving the time and efforts of the delivery personnel.

View Earnings Earnings is one of the interesting features as it gives the necessary boost and motivation to do the work. This option helps the provider to eye on their profits.

Earning Details Earning records of service providers is provided here for retrospective comparison on a regular, weekly, or annual basis.

Take Multiple Requests This option enables the service personnel to take up multiple requests from nearby areas lying in the vicinity range.

Feedback The delivery personnel can voice out their feedback regarding the app updates or about the users in the feedback section.

Store Profile Stores can create a profile by giving the details regarding the area where it is located, shop timings, etc.

Disparate Categories Wide range of items can be segregated and given under specific categories for the users to easily find the one they are looking for.

Manage Orders Order status such as ongoing, completed, canceled, and all other details can be managed in this section.

Order Tracking Store owners can keep watch on the transfer of goods by the delivery personnel through the tracking option to ensure they are delivered safely at the user location.

Customer Support All of the customer queries or any of the issues faced during the order delivery can be communicated and cleared up through the customer support feature.

Comprehensive Dashboard Admin can have a broad view of all the ongoing activities in the app through the dashboard feature for efficient management of operations.

Manage user profile All of the user details can be accessed in a single place. Admins also have the control to block or access any of the user profiles.

Manage Service Provider Profile Admins can use this option to cross-verify the details of the service provider before enlisting their service on the app platform.

Manage Store Profile Tie-ups with the store other related details can be stored and accessed using this option.

Offer & Discounts The user inflow and the user retention rate can be escalated by offering attractive deals and offers to the customers.

Analytics & Reports Analytics and reports of the sales are generated in this section that gives necessary insights for admins to make informed decisions for improving the business.

Facile Work Layout Of Our Gojek Clone

Why Is The Usage Of Super App Like Gojek Are On The Uprise?

Luxury in availing service

How much time and effort are cut off when everything is brought to the doorsteps at fingertips? That is the convenience Gojek clone proffers to the customers.

One-stop for huge returns

Building separate apps for each service is a teeth-pulling task. Going for a single app that serves as a solution to offer 60+ services not just lessens the investment requirement but also fetches you huge wins from 60+ different ways.

Systemized operations

Unlike manual operations, here everything is automated with Gojek clone. The advantage is that it makes sure all the tasks are in sync with each other, and the end result is delivered to the user in an efficient way.

Optimized Models We Provide

Buyer Pick Model Customers can fill in the details regarding their service requests. Based on that, the app displays a list of available service providers matching the requirements. They can then select the service provider as they wish after viewing their profiles.

Supplier Pick Model Here in this model, the customer places their service request. The app algorithm itself finds and matches with the service personnel. For instance, when a customer books a ride, it finds and connects the user with the nearest driver by itself.

Dive Into The Digital World With An Empowering Gojek Clone Solution

Safety Addons Incurred In Our Gojek Clone

Covid-19 has not been completely eradicated yet, but its impact has left us with a lesson to follow safe hygiene measures. In light of that, we inculcate contributory features to best serve the purpose and instill trust in your brand to the customers.

Contact-free deliveries

Human-to-human interaction or interaction with the unsanitized surface were seen to be the major transmitter of the virus. To solve this problem, we present a contactless delivery feature. Users can mention a predetermined spot where the delivery person will leave the parcel. This ensures the orders are delivered without the user and the delivery person coming in contact.

Safety Badges

How can your customers be certain that they receive products from uncontaminated stores? Safety badges can be issued to the stores that are properly sanitized and are hygiene. By that, the customers will make their orders from the stores they feel safe, thereby making your app more reliable.

Standard safety guidelines

Imparting necessary knowledge to your customers on the guidelines and precautions is vital. It restrains from contracting the virus, thereby safeguarding the health of the individuals. Your app can have a separate section that dictates the safety protocols, which also speaks for your brand.

Distinguishing Attributes That Outclass Our Gojek Clone Script From Others

Anybody can launch an app, but to succeed and gain traction, there should be some X factor present in your app. We strive to hand over the same to you and supersede your business in the market. We imbed a few handpick characteristics to raise your Gojek clone beyond excellence.

Illimitable Service Integration

Captivate a wide user base by incorporating an unlimited number of services. So that no user has to put their face down with unfulfillment, and our solution guarantees that.

Receptive to Upgradations

Launching is for introducing your brand in the market; likewise, upgrades are necessary to sustain your app in the long run. Our solutions can be tamed as per the changing market trends and customer needs.

Multi-language and currency adaptation

To imprint your mark globally, we provide you with options to add extra languages and currencies. So this won't restrict you from serving your customers across nations.

Offline bookings through calls and websites

What if your customers got stuck in the low network connectivity region and are in need of your service? Network problems shouldn't be a reason for losing customers. We facilitate offline bookings for making service requests while retaining your target market.

Safety addons for secure shopping experience

Safety practices are vital, especially in these crucial times. We realize the need and shield our solution with proper sanitary and security protocols that paves the way for safer deliveries.

Strengthen The Revenue Inflow For Your Business With Our Gojek Clone Script

High priority service charge

For fulfilling the emergency needs of the user, extra charges can be levied with the service delivery. This fills up the service provider pockets with additional revenue for prioritizing the work.

Membership plans

Membership plans can be granted to the users with added special perks depending on the price range. You can decide these plans based on the user preferences that differ across regions. This opens up a new way of revenue-making.


Allowing other brands or service handlers to display their offering in the exclusive ad-space in your app counts up the profit inflow to your business. More relevant ads to the services you offer are always suggestible.

Commission charges

One of the main and prominent sources of revenue comes from commission-based models. For every booking that the user makes through the app, you can take a portion of the amount from the service provider earning.

Premium model

For accessing specialized features and upgrades, you can launch a premium model of user or service provider app. They can pay you for acquiring it and, in turn, also proves to be advantageous for them. More of a win-win situation.

Extra charges for Top-rated service providers

You can feature service providers on top of the searches that gain them visibility and booking requests from the customers. In return, they can pay you the assigned fee.

Gojek Clone Business Model


Entering all the basic details that include name, address, phone number, or as simple as using the social media log in, users can register in the app as the first step.

Landing Page

Users get landed on the home screen page once the registration process is completed. Here they can view the complete list of items available.

Service picking

After viewing the entire details about the type and nature of service, users can avail the one they require from the lot.

Pick up and drop

In case the user is availing ride-hailing service, nearby drivers get notified about it. On approving the ride, the driver arrives and picks up the rider.


On completion of the booking request, customers can proceed with the payment by choosing among the various available modes.

Ratings and reviews

Insightful feedback from the customers helps in making improvements to the quality of the app and its services.

Investment Cost Required To Build A Gojek Clone

We understand the budget constraints involved, especially when yours is a start-up. To let you know, we make every possible effort to get the desired app built at a minimal cost. While creating an app from scratch requires a lot of time and money, we employ readymade clone scripts.

It just serves as a base for developing an advanced version employing the latest tech stacks. It can be molded and given the shape as per your requirements and preferences. Speaking of cost, it solely depends based on the customizations you would want to implant and other factors such as,

Third-party integrations and add ons

App functionalities

UI/UX design

Quality analysis

Maintenance and support

We deliver the product to you at the most budget-friendly prices without burning a hole in your pocket.

Premium Plugins To Make Your Gojek Clone More Appealing To Users

Video Streaming solutions

Compete with the top players like Netflix or Amazon by streaming a diverse collection of videos and movies to enthrall the users of your app.

VOIP call masking feature

Ensure the privacy of the user data by masking the details of the users and service providers while communicating with each other.

Advertisement Banners

Keep adding up passive income to your pockets by signing contracts with interested companies to display ads on your platform by paying the specified amount.

Track Friends or Family

Enable your customers to make sure their loved ones are moving safely using the tracking feature. It lets them discover the route of the onboarded vehicle.

Admin Rights

Defining the roles of the admin lets them monitor and approve the requests made by the user.

Development Strategy That We Follow

  • Paying keen attention to client requirements Our pool of expert analysts and developers hear out the needs of the business from the clients.

  • Designing With all the collective details, our designer team starts creating a wireframe of the app to show the demo of the app.

  • Research We then employ a team to do thorough market research on recent trends and advancements in the on-demand sector. This helps us come up with the solution that best solves the pressing needs of the user.

  • Customizing Features Followed by which all the feature specs are included, and finally, a prototype of the app is shown to the client. Any changes or suggestions can be made at this stage.

  • Development using the latest tech stacks Once everything is finalized, the development team involves full-fledgedly in bringing the app to shape.

  • Testing and live The well-built app is made to undergo rigorous testing in a varied atmosphere to check for its seamless functioning. On the final nod from the client, the app is all set to go on live on all the major platforms.

Technology Stack

For Web
  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL
For Android
  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3
For iOS
  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1

Why Choose Our Gojek Clone Script?

The Gojek clone script we confer is seasoned by our industry experts with sturdy design and robust functionalities. We nail it in every aspect to skyrocket your business venture. The distinctive advantages that our Gojek clone script offer includes,

Thorough scalability



Original source code

Employs cutting-edge technologye

One hundred percent customization flexibility


Gojek clone app is a on-demand multi-service app that offers the customers a wholesome package of all their day-today needs. It comes with 63+ services built with high-end technology and designed personally for your business using the color palettes from your logo.

Our Gojek clone is capable of supporting over 50+ services. The popular services users look out for in a multifaceted app like Gojek are taxi hailing, booking tickets for entertainment shows like movies or trains and buses, scheduling delivery of food, groceries, medicines, and more. plumbing service, doctor appointments, etc. These are just some of the services that are a fixture of every Gojek clone, any additional services you want can be implemented.

The proficient on-demand apps of today can offer no more than two to three services. Whereas Gojek clone can be a powerhouse with 63+ services in it. It has the potential to be the one single app the users out there could rely on for all their needs.

Yes, you can! Schedule an appointment with our team for a free consultation and request to see a demo, and we will be sure to accommodate you.

Yes! If you choose a package that comes with the feature. We provide numerous different packages at varying prices, our all-inclusive packages will include the source code of the app.

Absolutely. The Gojek clone can be scaled and modified at any point in time to accommodate the needs of a growing business.

The exact price of the app can be determined only after knowing all your requirements and expectations. Since it’s a multi-service solution, the work that goes into development can vary from project to project. Schedule A Meeting for a free consultation and tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll be able to help you out.

Yes, we do. We offer a wide range of services starting from the development to design, marketing, branding, SEO optimization, business development, maintenance, on-going support, and more!

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