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7NOW clone

In this fast-paced era, businesses completely rely on online platforms to take their services straight to the customers easily. In the case of the food delivery business, 7NOW Clone is the right choice to take the food business online. The pandemic has eventually given rise to new delivery businesses, which is the easiest way to connect with the customers by providing them with continuous services online. As there is quite a huge demand for online food delivery, even the entrepreneurs looking to start a business always go for choosing a food delivery business. 

If you are looking to initiate a food delivery business and want to stand unique in the business market, 7NOW Clone is what all you need to develop. How can you initiate a food delivery business? How do these food delivery app pave the way for the upcoming businesses to boost their business as they get into the market? In order to boom your business profits quickly in the food delivery business, Inoru’s 7NOW Clone is the great option to go for! In this blog, we shall now diver deep into knowing more about the 7NOW Clone and more!

What Is A 7NOW Clone?

According to 7NOW, it delivers anything literally by selecting the required items from 900+ items from the list of Snacks, Food, Candy, Ice Cream, Baked Goods, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Household, Health, Personal Care, Mobile Gadgets and School & Office Supplies at any time as it is open 24*7. Inoru’s 7NOW Clone is a complete recreation of the popular 7NOW application that has similar features to the app. The 7NOW Clone is a new age business solution that allows businesses to deliver anything at the customers’ doorsteps. Especially in the pandemic, the emergence of these food delivery apps will serve as a saviour in connecting the business with the customers.

Key Features Of 7NOW Clone

Some of the primary features of the 7NOW Clone are as follows.

1.Sign Up/Registration

The user can register themselves by providing basic information such as Email ID or phone number or through even social media login.

2.Browse Restaurants 

The user can browse the restaurants based on their favourites and go for the various choices of restaurants that they like to order from. They can also apply filters to search for the restaurants based on ratings, cuisines and much more!

3.Multiple Orders

The user is open to make multiple food orders whenever they want it as they are open to ordering food multiple times in various restaurants.

4.Quick Delivery

Quick delivery is a choice that can be chosen if there is an immediate requirement of the food delivery that ensures quick delivery of the ordered food in no time.

5.Ratings And Reviews

The user can finally rate the food, restaurant and delivery professional based on various criteria that make the restaurant gain more ratings that help them in further business growth. 

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Working Process Of 7NOW Clone

How does the 7NOW Clone work? We shall now look at the complete working process of the 7NOW Clone below.

1.Browse Restaurants

First, the user can start browsing the restaurants that are present nearby or anywhere near their location by applying various filters to search.

2.Order Placement

The user can place the order by selecting the required food items by choosing them and adding them to the cart.


Once the food is added to the cart, it is now time for making the payment. The payment can be either made online or through cash. 

4.Restaurant Confirmation

After the payment, the restaurant confirms the users’ order based on the availability of the ordered food in the restaurant.

5.Food Delivery

Once the food gets prepared and packed, the delivery professional delivers the food to the respective users’ location with the help of the GPS feature.

6.Ratings And Reviews

Finally, the user can rate the food delivery based on various criteria such as the taste of food, food quality, and the delivery time.

Benefits Of Implementing 7NOW Clone In Pandemic

Some of the benefits of implementing the 7NOW Clone, especially in the pandemic, are as follows.

1.Increased Sales

2.Wide Range Of Customer Base

3.Fewer Overheads

4.Quick Payments

5.Increased Brand Visibility


It is finally concluded that the implementation of an effective food delivery app like 7NOW has all the required features that will assist in connecting with the customers effectively. Also, as there are more competitors in the food delivery market, it is a great opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to come up with a great business idea. If you want to become a leader in the food delivery industry, 7NOW Clone is the right application for your business! At Inoru, we offer white label solutions that are completely ready to launch and are open for customization that can be availed at affordable inline prices.

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