Best Reasons To Launch A Fantasy Cricket App This 2020

fantasy cricket app development

Are you an entrepreneur having plans to invest in fantasy cricket app development, but wondering if it is worth it? Then, you are at the right place! Read further to know more about fantasy cricket apps.

The industry of fantasy cricket has been attracting more and more players ever since its advent. This has created a massive demand for fantasy cricket app developers. This further stands as a significant reason, encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in fantasy cricket app development. In addition, there are several other reasons why investing in fantasy cricket app development can be considered as an incredible idea. The following are some of the most significant reasons.


It is a well-known fact that cricket is a very popular sport across the world. A study says that around 66.67 % of sports enthusiasts follow cricket. Besides, cricket is the 2nd most popular game in the world. This popularity factor of the sport has a major influence on the demand for fantasy cricket apps.


As cricket is a popular sport across the world, fantasy cricket has an equally huge fan base. Many cricket enthusiasts try fantasy cricket out of curiosity. Owing to this popularity factor, you can attain a global reach for your fantasy cricket app in no time.


We all know that the ultimate goal for any business is to make some money. Owing to the popularity and global reach of a fantasy cricket app, it is possible to generate considerable revenue. More revenue results in more business. Thus, you can very easily scale your business up to great heights.


As fantasy cricket is a relatively new industry and is still emerging, there aren’t many service providers around. So, every step you take can be considered as an opportune development.


Many other similar variations of sports are either totally or partially banned in several countries, including sports betting, casino gambling, etc. However, as fantasy cricket is a skill-based game, it has been legalized. Hence, you can step forward confidently to invest in a fantasy cricket app.

Besides, there are many important cricketing events scheduled to be held in 2020. The major ones are listed below.

Big Bash League – This Australian T20 takes place every year in the months of December to February. In 2020, it is scheduled to take place between 17th December and 8th February, and it is the 9th season.

Indian Premier League – IPL (Indian Premier League) is organized by the BCCI every year. This 2020, it is the 13th season of the IPL and is scheduled to take place between 29th March and 24th May.

World Cup T20 – This is played between several countries and takes place every two years. The 7th edition of World Cup T20 is scheduled to be held between 18th October and 15th November and is to be hosted by Australia.

All these cricketing events improve the scope of your fantasy cricket business. So, it would definitely be wise to get mobile applications for your fantasy sports business.


With all that being said, it is explicit that there is a huge scope for fantasy cricket app development across the world. However, to make your app successful, you should also understand the importance of incorporating cutting-edge technologies, which consequently maximizes user experience and customer satisfaction. You could also get some professional help from skillful app developers. For instance, you could collaborate with a fantasy sports app development company that understands market trends and meets all your growing business needs.

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