Bike Taxi Apps – Taking The On-Demand Service Industry To New Heights

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When it comes to running a successful business, the most important recipe is having the ability to innovate and continuously update yourself to the changing requirements of the marketplace. The digital marketplace is constantly evolving due to various factors such as improving technology, changing consumers, new trends, etc.

The service industry is one such marketplace where constant evolution is the name of the game.  With many different competitors all vying for customer’s attention, the ones who truly make life easier for the consumer wins out most of the time. 

This need for accessibility and easy use has led way to the arrival of an entire sector of services known as On-Demand services.

What Is An On-Demand Service?

The on-demand service is described as an economic activity generated by digital marketplaces and technology firms to meet customer demand through instant access to products and services.

The on-demand economy operates by taking a service such as meal delivery, taxi service, make-up, etc, and using technology to link vendors to customers.

With the ease in the use of such applications and the accessibility that they provide, they have become a staple of the service industry and have completely changed the landscape of the economy.

Shortcomings Of The Taxi Industry

One such nook of the service industry that has been hugely successful in employing this method is the taxi service industry. With the huge success of companies like Uber and Ola, there has been a  huge explosion in the growth of on-demand taxi fleet services.

However, as we all know,  nothing is perfect. There are some shortcomings to the taxi industry that were not entirely addressed.

For example, booking a taxi for one person does not make much sense economically. It is a waste of space and fuel to transport a single person back and forth. 

  • Making use of these shortcomings, there is a new player in the game in the form of bike booking apps. 
  • Online bike taxi apps are a fresh concept in the minds of many consumers, but they are a welcome sight indeed!
  • Sometimes referred to as “baxis”, these bike taxis are a faster, affordable and economically more feasible method of transport compared to the traditional taxis. 

Let’s look at some reasons why online bike taxi apps are growing in popularity.

The Rise Of Online Bike Taxi Applications


Affordability is the main selling point for most consumers that avail the services of a bike booking app. Due to the lower cost of fuel and maintenance, bike taxis are able to offer customers their services at a lower rate. Going from point A to point B on a bike taxi is much cheaper than on a four-wheeler.

Skip Through Traffic / Faster Commute

The next big advantage of availing the service of a bike booking app, especially in a country like India, is the ability to get through traffic that you’ll be otherwise stuck in. As we all know, bikes are the most sensible way to get around a congested city. 

Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, not only do bike taxi apps help out your pockets but also the planet! By reducing the usage of four-wheelers, you can help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint by a lot. It might not be much for a single ride, but if everyone were to avail the services of such bike taxis, the cumulative effort can be really beneficial for the planet!

These are just some of the reasons why one should use a bike taxi to move around. The customers must have really gotten this message as online bike taxi apps are seeing a huge explosion in growth recently.


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