Bitibots Clone – Proclaim The Digital Gaming Arena With An Impeccable NFT Game

Bitibots Clone

The gaming forum has a separate fan base among the digital evolution that has been prevailing in the arena. The craze for games is predominant and has lured every age group of people to dwell in the space and indulge in their favourite action.

The gaming venture has grown much further and has enhanced even more audiences to invade the platform; it is none other than NFT games. The unique mode of games has awakened the gaming industry with the facilities incorporated in and with the gaming experience for the players. The more predominant aspect of the NFT games is that it provokes the players to earn with gaming rewards and in-game collectibles. This aspect of the game has increased the frequency of players entering the platform and participating in the game. 

NFTs are the digital assets minted as tokens and traded in the desired platform; the users who purchase the tokens own the digital asset, which is stored in the blockchain networks. The same has been infused with NFT games as well, and the players can participate in the game and collect the in-game collectibles and trade it among their fellow players and earn income with that. All the actions in the gaming platform are regulated by the blockchain technology where the game is developed.

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What are Bitibots?

Bitibots is an enchanting NFT game where the users or the players participate in mining to acquire the bots NFTs and Yield NFTs, where the users have to buy the Bitibots and own them directly. Each Bitibot is unique, and the DNA sequences determine the uniqueness. The users can surf through the platform, look for unique tokens, and buy them through which they can earn enormous money. The place where the players can find the collectibles is called the Bitcity, wherein it is not easy for a player to access the Bitibots. They have a hindrance of destrobots that barge in the platform and hinder the players from collecting the Bitibots, and the users have to overcome this and collect the assets to gain ownership. 

The DNA sequence is the 5-digit character in which each digit provides a distinctive character of the Bitibots and adds uniqueness to nature, and provokes the users to own the unique character for engaging in gaming. 

Since the Bitibots have unique characters with specific DNA sequences, they can breed to produce more distinctive personalities, which can be a fusion of two diverse characters and reflect both aspired features of the characters. The first evolution of Bitibots is called the parent generation bots. They have another name called the gen-0 bots. These gen-0 characters are led to breeding, which provides the birth of a more distinct character called the gen-1 bots. These gen-1 bots can be used in gaming to participate in mining and earn enormous amounts of money. 

The players can trade their collected Bitibots in a unique platform called the Bitcity; the native token of the platform is $BITI, and every user has to possess this token to participate in any event on the forum. The users can get the BITI token by exchanging their BNB tokens. And the other way the users can get the native tokens is when they allow the tokens for breeding. 

Binance-based Bitibots Clone

As we have discussed already, the NFT games are developed on specific blockchain technologies and have the features of the blockchain on the original platform. Most games in the NFT arena are developed on Ethereum and Binance. Among them, Ethereum has been the sought-after blockchain in the case of games development, so the gaming minds have tilted their interest over the Binance blockchain because this provides enhanced features for the platform compared to the others. The Bitibots Clone is developed on the Binance blockchain technology to provide an amplified gaming experience for the users. The premium features of the Binance blockchain make it preferable when people think about developing an NFT Marketplace. The platform is affordable for millennials with low gas fees so that they can participate without hesitation. Moreover, the platform enables faster transactions compared to other blockchains. The Binance makes the platform decentralised and imposes multiple wallet integration making the arena accessible for various people with different digital wallets. 

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Bitibots clone

The Bitibots clone developed by INORU prevails to be the replica of the original game with all the in-game characteristics. Moreover, the gaming platform is customizable per the business requirements and the client’s needs. The Bitibots clone is developed on the desired blockchain technologies rather than binance and Ethereum. INORU can enhance the development of the game clone with the ready-made white label solutions and makes the platform an actual replica of the mother version. 

To Conclude

The NFTs and Cryptos are the future, and NFT games are the appealing pathway to making money in the digital space. After knowing about the Bitibots clone and the impeccable characteristic of the game, Connect with INORU and instigate a Bitibot clone game development for an amazing gaming experience.

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