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Aren’t we all are fond of trying cuisines? Maybe, not frequently, but our taste buds do ask for something new. Korean cuisine is very common yet has a strong effect on our tongue that tickles us to ask more. Its Noodles, soy, sushis, stews, chimaek, and others have various flavors to taste and enjoy every time. For timely needs, all of us would have wanted a similar Coupang Eats clone in your locality serving on-time food delivery with doorstep pickup.

The famous Coupang Eats app functioning in South Korea, which is one of the branches of the renowned Coupang, has emerged as the South Korean biggest online retailer beating Amazon in its eleven-year journey. This online retailer extends vast services, and one such inspiring story that leverages global business and audience is its food delivery service.

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Coupang Eats App – Dominating The South Korean Market

Unlike the brand, Coupang Eats came into the Korean market in the second half of 2021. It emerged as an instant food delivery service operating in Gangnam-Gu, Songpa-Gu, and other cities. Its dynamic features and performance have pushed it to gain South Korea’s 3rd largest food delivery service provider.

Its ‘single order delivery’ service helped it buff among many food outlets and customers. This exclusive food delivery service ensures to reduce the delivery time of each order that provides the customers to enjoy their food at their home as in the hotel temperature. The delivery executives’ efficiency was proven and could fulfill the customers’ needs as they carried only one order at a time. Thereby it employed an increased ratio of executives to deliver food and provided employment opportunities as well.

The rapid increase in the user interest increased the app’s daily traffic, and thereby the Coupang Eats came up with new offers and deals to encourage users and continue to maintain the customer traffic. The most attractive deal was when the user’s delivery fee exceeds $4.47, an estimate of 5000 South Korean Won, it will be entirely borne by itself at Coupang Eats. This encouraged customers to make huge orders frequently and get free food delivery. In less than a year, precisely by February 2020, the app curated increased orders than its competitors and forerunners.

Similarly, the app announced new incentives for high-performing delivery agents. They can be charged 5900 to 6500 Won ($ 5.28 – $ 5.81) per order. This thereby helps improve their income in a doubled ratio as the delivery executive’s basic pay is 2550Won ($2.24) per order.

The mother company, Coupang, was undoubtedly capable of raising $4.6 billion in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) during March 2021 that happened in the United States of America. And this was spent in the upbringing process of the Coupang Eats to boost the business operation more vigorously.

Few Appetizing Brands That have Listed Themself In Apps Like Coupang Eats

Apart from the Korean cuisines, the Coupang Eats is also flexible in delivering food delivery services from different other moth licking food outlets functioning in and around the town plating multiple cuisines. Like Burger King, KFC, Mexicana Chicken, Mr. Pizza, Ovenmaru Chicken, Lotteria, Subway, Dunkin’s, Goobne roasted chicken including beverages, desserts and pastries spots like the Baskin Robbins, Shake Shack, Paris Croissant. The users have great opportunities to taste delicious food anytime.

Alluring Features Infused In Our Coupang Eats Clone App

1. Social media login

With a quick sign-up process, the customers can easily register and log in to the app. We extend social media integration facilities, using their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account to sync with the app for the sign-in process.

2. Improved search and Filter

Users, with advanced search they can conveniently surf through the list and search for their desired dishes. There are filters to sort out categories and thereby making the search easy.

3. In-app wallet

Like that in the other apps, to exclusively benefit the user’s in-app wallet, CouPay is integrated to make payments easily. The app also facilitates the user with multiple payment gateways online and offline, including credit card, debit card, online banking, UPI, wallet banking, and cash. Complete safety and security are assured. Therefore the users are provided with a safe and secure platform to carry out their transactions effectively.

4. Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Depending on the order values, all the new users get a discount for their first order in the app. And similarly, some other different offers and deals are regularly created for the users to avail themselves based on the seasons and needs. This is one kind of effective interaction strategy used by the company to hold their customers in hand.

5. Real-Time Order Tracking facilities

The users can track their orders and monitor the activities of the delivery executive through the improved and advanced navigator infused in the app. And the user also will be intimated with the Estimated time of arrival once they order the food.

6. In-app bot

This feature keeps the app interactive. The users can conveniently interact with the bot that gives live updates and humanly responses. Also, facilitates the user to conveniently connect with the customer executive when needed to communicate in terms of issues, queries, and others. The customer care executives are made available 24 X 7 X 365. The users can contact us anytime for issues and clarifications.

Benefits Of Developing A Coupang Eats Clone App

Apps like Coupang Eats have a great name and fame in society. As a successful food delivery app in South Korea, it is trying to expand its activity. For an entrepreneur, you get benefits like

1. Increased revenue flow to the business
2. Multiple revenue streams
3. Increased popularity
4. High customer satisfaction
5. Manage to reach global trends
6. Local audience popularity

In the long run, all of this helps you gain sustainable customers for the app and more investors will flock to your business to increase their profits and thereby you get to increase the worth of your business.

The food delivery business is an on-demand service with constant demand in the market. Based on the needs, launching your Coupang Eats clone fulfills your customers’ needs. You get to shine out in the global market for all this to happen smoothly to develop your business app like Caupong Eats it developed with us.

The Bottom Line

At INORU, we develop your Food delivery app with all the advanced features and inputs to effectively perform. Our White-label solutions provide you to launch your Coupang Eats Clone app under your banner and name. And through scripting technology, your app is made flexible and compatible to perform.

This Cost-effective solution allows you to own your Coupang Eats Clone app and facilitate your service to a wider audience. Extending your Single order delivery motive into your business requires vital changes to spree the global market.

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