Crypto Dynasty Clone – Procreate A Grand PVP Gaming Platform On Multiple Blockchains

Crypto Dynasty Clone

The NFT and crypto-based games are the latest revolutions in online gaming. The craze for games is eventual, and each has an interest in any games. Additionally, online games provide the players an immersive experience that they continue playing even for a day. The players’ involvement in online games is highly scaled; this is beyond words when the same field provokes and provides a way to earn. A person would be astonished when they are allowed to earn while indulging in their favorite hobby. 

Various games in the NFT and crypto space are providing chances for the gamers to choose their arena of game and barge in to make money. The NFT games are the protagonists saving the players from the traditional play-to-win genre to the play-to-earn aspect. The games are developed on specific blockchains, which is the power that boosts the platform’s working. The gas fees, minting fees, transaction fees all the other aspects of the gaming platform depend on the associated blockchain technology.

Invade Castles and fill in your backpack(wallet) with Custom Crypto Dynasty Clone

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A Primitive RPG platform

Crypto Dynasty is a Role Play Game and a Player vs. Player game developed on two blockchain networks. The gaming platform has the backup of these two blockchains, adding advantages. The primary principle of the game is to battle; the player sends the heroes to fight against the castle and invade the castles to acquire in-game collectibles. The heroes are the reflection of the player contributing to the fact of it being a Role Play Game. The players control the character’s movement and thus earn the digital assets that are EOS and ETH tokens.

The Gaming platform was initiated on EOS blockchain and later brought in ETH blockchain to enhance the abiities, which made the gaming platform more impressive. The crypto dynasty developed on EOS blockchain promotes the players to battle with their opponents and invade castles. The players have to conquer the castles, which will earn them tokens; that can be used in the future. The players can also stacks the tokens. The ETH-based Crypto dynasty can make players earn ETH tokens while gaming.  The primary theme of the game is to battle and collect varied in-game collectibles. The players can increase the power of the characters and avatars within the arena and project them for the battle; the boosted avatars reflect a raging battle on the battlefield. 

What is a Crypto Dynasty Clone?

On seeing the features and the abilities of the RPG and PVP gaming platform, many gamers and enthusiasts might think of owning a replica of the gaming platform and encouraging people to earn while playing. The Crypto Dynasty clone development is done by INORU, a leading NFT Marketplace development company. The cloned version is assured to be the replica of the original version, and additionally, it can be developed on any of the desired blockchains, i.e., EOS and ETH blockchain. 

The developed gaming platform promotes the players to battle, acquire more castles and increase their ranking on the leader board. The higher the rank, the higher will be the chances of getting the in-game digital assets. Moreover, the players can mine the arena and acquire many more tokens and in-game assets, which they can stake to get benefits. 

Native Token for Crypto Dynasty Clone

Every NFT and crypto platform has its native tokens that are used for the fundamental actions that take place in the platform.  Likewise, the Crypto Dynasty Clone has the native Token that is used in the progress of gaming. Three kingdoms Token is the native Token of the Crypto Dynasty Clone, which is gained by purchasing the in-game collectibles.

 As mentioned earlier, this gaming platform promotes mining in search of various assets; on the way of mining, the players have a chance to gain the TKT tokens, which they can stake for future purposes.

Features Incorporated in the gaming arena

The crypto-based gaming platform has listed features that increase the invasion of gamers to the platform. The players experience certain abilities that increase their interest in gaming with the platform. 

  • The players can participate in the battling competitions and elevate their ranks on the leaderboard, which results in higher chances of benefits on the platform.

  • Gamers can trade the in-game collectibles and earn rewards that can be turned into cryptocurrencies.

  • The gamers gain weapons for the avatars to participate in the battling; they have to be recycled in intervals, increasing the EOS and ETH rewards.

  • When the players are invading the castles, they are directed to mine the gaming platform; on the way, they can get several digital assets and even the native tokens, turning into rewards. 

Staking the Native tokens

The stakeholders are provided with material bonuses and profits. The TKT earned within the game is staked for earning bonuses in the gaming field that are used during battling. The TKT stakeholders are privileged with 10% of in-game collectibles like weapons and skins, which they can use for battling. Additionally, the TKT stakeholders get 20% profits, including gaming platform processing fees. The native tokens are also generated in the course of platform development done by INORU. The native tokens facilitate to engage in any fundamental actions of the platform.

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INORU is the famous and leading NFT Marketplace development company; we are open to developing the desirable Crypto Dynasty clone. The ready-made NFT gaming platform is a developed White-label NFT Marketplace where the users can add their company’s name and the firm’s logo. The Crypto Dynasty Clone is developed similarly to all the aspects of the mother version; the users will get the same experience when they use the original version. If you are a gamer or business enthusiast, you can feel free to contact us and discuss the gaming platform’s development. After which, the development of the platform is initiated.

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