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Deezer Clone

Music is the most innate part of everyone’s life. We tend to fuse ourselves in the rhythm of music, which helps us to escape from reality. Earlier, we used to have only rare means such as radio and television, the classic mediums through which we enjoyed music, but also in a limited manner. But today, there’s nothing that has restrictions or limits. Everything is now unlimited! We can run down to literally anything without limits. When it comes to music, it applies a lot where any type of music is available online. You can choose any genre of music and start enjoying your music.

The wide variety of music available online can be accessed at any time you want! Have you ever thought about starting your own business with a music streaming service? If this idea is one of your dreams, you can now make it a reality with Inoru’s Deezer Clone, an app like Deezer, an unlimited music platform with all the special features of the app with choices to customize them based on your business needs.

What Is Deezer App?

Deezer App is a popular music streaming app that allows users to listen to music and podcasts online for free and also based on a premium subscription. Deezer has risen into one of the most renowned music streaming applications over the years. So, Deezer being a famous one, on starting up a business that has successful business records will eventually make you more confident in getting started with an app like Deezer.

What Is Deezer Clone?

Deezer Clone, is a similar application with that of the Deezer, a music streaming platform that allows the users to stream all the music genres to podcasts based on various subscription plans. Deezer Clone has all the important features of the application where you can customize the required features that are best suitable for your business requirements. We offer world-class quality, which makes us stand out from other application developers in the business market. What are the major features of the Deezer Clone?

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Vibrant Features Of Deezer Clone

The primary features of Inoru’s Deezer Clone are as follows.

Account Creation

When the user starts to get into the application, they can create their personal account by filling up the required details, including their favourite music genres, to get an overview of the music collection.

Browse Soundtracks

The users can search for any type of music tracks, podcasts or soundtracks that they are open to search via the browse option.

Music Library

With the Music Library feature, the users are open to choose any music track from the vast number of music genres that is completely available for the users to select from.

Personal Playlist

In the personal playlist, the users can create a favourite music playlist of their choice by selecting the list of most liked songs according to their taste and preferences and is saved as a regular daily playlist.

Lyrics Inclusion

The best part of a song is the lyrics! If the users are interested in getting to know the lyrics of any soundtrack, they can easily have access to it by just tapping on the ‘Lyrics’ features to get the lyrics with the songs.

Best Music Picks

The editor’s choice is what most of the users are looking for! The best song picks are chosen based on the top ratings and will be available if the users want them.


As the music streaming part is completely payable, the payment features allow the user to make secure payments via online payment gateways to pay for the subscription plans that they choose.

What Do The Statistics Say?

When it comes to the Statistics part, it is one of the most important ones to start a business venture! According to the statistics of the music streaming industry where

         1)   Audio streaming services grew up to 40% in India in 2020

         2)   The global music streaming market size, which was valued at USD 20.9 billion in 2019, is expected to expand at a CAGR of 17.8% from 2020 to 2027.

         3)   The music application segment dominated the market in 2019 and was known for the largest revenue share of 85.2%.

         4)   Deezer stands among the top 5 promising online music streaming services apps in the world.

         5)   Goldman Sachs has forecast that the current music streaming numbers will more than double up to $45 billion by 2030.


Finally, the music industry will continue to keep growing in the upcoming years. There are more futuristic approaches to audio streaming that might crop up to ensure a great value to the music. It is foreseen that the future of streaming music will have a great impact by bringing more revenue, and the music streaming apps will be developed more in the future with high-end technology. So, be a pioneer in predicting the future of the music industry by getting Inoru’s most on-demand music streaming app, Deezer Clone, today!


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