Discord Marketing Checklist To Get Your NFTs To The Spotlight

Discord Marketing Checklist

2021 marked the year of NFTs. The sales volume of NFTs reached above 24.9 billion US dollars. The popularity of NFTs grew in the last quarter of 2021. Several NFT collections are coming out in 2022, and competition is at its peak. Discord Marketing is one common strategy that is helping a number of successful NFT collectables.

Are you preparing to launch your NFT collection for the fans out there? Then you should definitely take up Discord Marketing for NFTs to reach and interact with the target audience. Of course, discord marketing is still new and emerging; with in-depth research and meticulous calculations on the target behaviour, we have come up with a Discord Marketing Guide for you to take up and taste success.

Discord Basics You Must Know

Before getting into the Discord marketing strategies, you need to understand some basic features of Discord so that you can use its features effectively. Discord is a messaging application that was developed for gamers who need a tool to communicate while they play games. 

Discord, with its running capacity, does not take up much space and offers seamless communication to players through voice and video chats in high quality. Slowly, various genres took up Discord to communicate with each other, which gradually brought merchandise marketing to these communities in discord. This made discord an excellent tool to reach the target audience easily and effectively, and now people started using it for marketing purposes exclusively.

There are a number of discord features, it is important to have sound knowledge of Discord Server and its features. Discord Bots, voice and video  Events and video streaming, and other features are also useful in using discord effectively as a marketing tool.

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Discord Features

⮞ Discord servers are similar to groups in other messaging applications. But, these servers in discord can host a huge audience at once. Currently, a gaming community discord server has 827,000 members. Since it hosts quite a larger crowd, it allows us to separate subgroups in the form of categories and a separate space to discuss a topic in the form of channels. This makes it easy to manage a huge community and engage with them efficiently.

⮞ Discord Bots is the next powerful tool that helps in the effective management of the server and also provides a better user experience. It helps in scanning the chats to look out for spam, bad language, and disputes. It has the ability to ban those members who create them from the server. Its functions don’t stop in just that. It also helps in sending scheduled messages to the channels, bringing social media updates in a separate channel, playing music, and much more.

⮞ Video Streaming is one of the most useful features in Discord. Helping the users to stream videos for the entire group and listen to songs through Spotify.

⮞ Voice and video events can be hosted on a Discord server through which the admins can get in touch with the target audience and understand them better.

There are many other features in discord including YouTube connection, Twitter, and Spotify profiles in discord profiles. 

Carefully Curated Checklist for Better Discord Marketing

Now that you have understood the basics of Discord, it is time for you to learn the Discord Marketing checklist which is a proven key to success. 

1. The first thing you need is a discord server to build your NFT community. Create a server with various categories and channels. Have a set of ground rules for your server and make sure the members go through them by having a separate channel for the rules.

2. Have separate channels for feedback, customer support, social media updates, announcements, giveaways, and a common chat room for all

3. Have a separate team or in charge to answer the customer queries as soon as possible. The more the members are satisfied with the server, the more members join the server.

4. Host giveaways in the channels so that people who join the community can get the extra privilege.  This will, in turn, bring more members to the server.

5. Have a dedicated team to engage with the community on a daily basis. Engaging with them, having a chat about the recent hot trends in the field, and asking them about their views will help understand the target community.

6. Join in other discord servers of similar interests to know what is happening around in the industry

7. Employ bots to welcome members, send scheduled messages, send reminders for events and others. 

8. Have a check on the stats of your discord server. It is important to know how many members are on the server, how many of them are active, and others. This can be easily monitored using the Stats bot of discord.

9. Host an airdrop campaign specifically for the members of your server

10. Get help from an experienced Discord marketing company to manage your community better to see efficient results very soon

At Inoru, we have an expert team well-versed in the discord market. Our team has dedicated its time to understanding discord and the target community. We offer you our guidance right from building your server to managing them after the launch of your brand. 

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Key Takeaway

NFT discord marketing for brands is the most preferred strategy to take NFTs to the spotlight in spite of the growing competition in the industry. It is important to act smart during the pre-launch marketing campaign. Discord is one of the best tools to reach the target audience better. Still, stuck where to start? You can have a chat with our experts and get insights from them on the Discord Marketing Checklist

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