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Elmenus clone

The growing market for food delivery business creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore through new day sciences. Especially the on-demand sectors are on par with technologies and improvements hand and hand. Where in the Food and delivery industry coincide with working through Food delivery apps that have high profit and increased tractions in the business. There have been many successful business models around the market, among which this Egyptian-based food delivery model attracted many users and entrepreneurs. Thereby leading to the development of the Elmenus clone.

Let us Get to know how this particular Food delivery app was capable of attracting the vast Egyptian crowd and is now given the space to explore the Global market.

Elmenus – And Its Capabilities

As we know, this Elmenus is an Egyptian app with increased popularity for its improved security and user friendliness. There are almost thousands and thousands of Restaurants listed in the app, opening an array of options to choose from for the user to eat anything they desire at the moment. The app gives you options to book tables for dine in, in addition to ordering and delivering food services. Its ability to easily list down the required items and dishes through improved search and filter options gives the users to choose over and over to make regular orders.

The Elmenus, headquartered at Caira, serves nearly 1.5 million customers every month, and it holds nearly 20% of Egypt’s share value. With the growing business, David Buttress – the founder, states that the online food delivery business is worth $2.5 billion. This has led to increased income in the industry. Butterss, the former CEO of Just Eats has put in some high numbers into this business that is anticipated to contribute a 300% hike in its monthly growth rate. And the business is planning to commit itself to increasing 20% in its business operations.

In a manner working towards operational excellence, the app is playing to identify 4000 new executives and also planned to feed in highly advanced

filters to ease searches. The growth of Elmenus is highly impactful in the market, firstly. In a matter of two years, it showed 300% increased revenue since 2018. They also raised nearly $8billion in funds from series that are expected to eventually increase as well. Meanwhile, the business is taking steps to expand its operation in all small and metropolitan areas around Cairo.

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Ritzy Features Of Food Delivery App Like Elmenus

1. Dish selection 

The users can easily navigate through the app within its user-friendly interface. This helps the customers to check on varied dishes and choose their favorite food to fulfill their tickling taste buds. There is a variety of food listed in the app, from pastries, beverages, desserts, bytes, and many more. The user can choose anything of their choice. 

2. Gift meals 

The functioning of the app is designed in a manner that has additional features to gift meals to the user’s friends and family. The user can easily make their orders and gift them to whom so ever they want directly. The user will have to tap on the ‘Gift meal’ button, choose the dish and pay for it. The phone number of the receiver is fed, and the order is processed accordingly. The customers can directly use this gift meal code to order different cuisines directly. 

3. Share feeds

This is a community space for the users to share their experience with food. They can post their favorite food ordered from the list and suggest food. The community space provides options to share photos and videos of the same. This is a much-improved rating and reviewing strategy.

4. Advanced searches

The app is capable of listing food based on different categories, under name, cuisines, taste, etc. This is made possible with the advanced and much-improved searches along with filter options. It has the ability to list based on individual terms, and this helps the users to easily locate the desired item and dish. 

5. Personalized Recommendations

The app analyzes the performance of the users. With the data collected, it works on sending personalized recommendations analyzing the taste, desires, and others based on our searches and likes. This helps the customers and users to get notified of their desired item. 

6. Multi Payment option

The platform is highly scalable through its efficiency and ability to perform. There are multiple payment options introduced to the app to ease transactions and other payment processes, and the user can choose any type of payment method from the available options. 

7. Favorite food 

This is another add-on feature, and this is highly attractive to users. The users can favorite the dishes they liked from their orders by clicking on the button. Not just from the orders made, they can mark favorites on the dishes from the menus of the restaurants, more like the wishlist option found in other e-commerce stores. 

8. Locality analysis

With improved location and navigation features, the users can get a detailed analysis of the restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets in the nearby surrounding that helps them order food when they want to get instant delivery to satisfy their hunger immediately.

9. Social media log-in

The social media log-in ability is an easy manner to log in to the app. This, with not much of a procedure, helps the users to instantly sign up into the app and after the verification by the admin. 

10. 24 x 7 x 365 days support

One of the most important and highly comforting things about developing a food delivery app from INORU is that we offer you round-the-clock service. We help you manage the queries, requirements, suggestions, services, etc., with our constant and undisturbed service facility, business via the app process, and continue to work on and on.

Built Your Elmenus Clone At INORU

Not just with round the clock service, there are many other facilities that we extend along with the process of developing the Elmenus clone app. At INORU, we use a white-label solution to develop your food delivery app. This makes the food delivery app more flexible and compatible with infusing advanced features and functionality.

Being compatible is being capable enough to accept customization. Based on your requirements and needs, at INORU, we help you launch your desired app just like you wanted it to be.

Final verdict

Get yourself well established through your new business strategy meeting the global needs with trendy app solutions. Take your food delivery business to an increased and much-improved vicinity through Elmenus clone app development at INORU.

What else? Kick start your Food delivery app development process and gain increased traction and traffic with improved business operations.

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