EOS Racing Clone – Provoke The Online Racing Community By Launching A Gaming Platform

EOS Racing Clone

The real world is upgrading itselef to the  digital collabrations, ; spending a day without technology is so unreal in current times. Meanwhile, businesses have grown to great extents in the digital world. The blockchain technology-based platforms are making people indulge in various business activities, which is paving the way for increased income generation. 

NFTs and Cryptos are the major protagonists in blockchain technology which holds a primitive space for themselves in leading people to earn more. The NFT and crypto-based businesses are making enormous amounts of income which boosts the people to engage with the business.

On seeing the development of NFT and Crypto-based businesses, they have also opened the forum for gaming. These games have revolutionized the community that turned the concept of Play-to-win into Play-to-earn, expanding the industry along with adding benefits to all the end players. When people get a chance to earn while engaging in their favorite hobby, obviously no one will give up on it!

Buckle up with EOS Racing and win over the NFT gaming championship

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EOS Racing Gaming Platform

Among the games prevailing in the digital space, the games based on racing has separate fan base and involvement. Car racing attracts all age groups of people, and hence the traffic for the gaming platform increases. 

EOS racing is one other traditional game in the community,  where players has to complete the track within the period framed for the race. There will be several hindrances in the pathway of accomplishing the task; players have to overcome those hindrances and win the race. 

Format of the EOS Racing Game

For playing the EOS Racing Game, you will need to get Wombat, and then you can find the EOS Racing Game by searching in the explorer tab. You will be redirected to the place where you can select the language to register and login into the game, and once you log in, you will be provided with a car to initiate the race. 

EOS Racing Clone Development

The game that acquires people’s interest and engagement are perfect clone choice. Isn’t it captivating? The EOS Racing game can be cloned with all its amenities. The NFT gaming platform development company renders the service of developing white-label gaming platforms into desired gaming platforms similar to the mother versions. INORU is one of the leading NFT Gaming platform development companies that have well-versed developers who dwell in developing customized NFT Platforms. 

Proactive Gaming Modes 

The EOS Racing Clone provides the players the pleasure of earning while racing and winning the tracks. The game proceeds with two modes by which the players can move forward in winning the race.


One mode of the game in the EOS Racing clone are Matches, where you will race one on one with another computerized opponent. In every car game, you have to surpass the opponent and win the race within the framed time and earlier than the opponent.

To participate in the Match, you will be needed a car; as per your racing skills, you will be rewarded with fuel and other car components. You can utilize them to participate in the race for a prolonged time. A list of ten matches will be projected within which you can choose a match and play with the car. Once you finish one race, you won’t be able to get access to the same car unless you get rewards and new cars to participate in the game.


Another mode in EOS Racing Clone is Competiton. In matches, you will be facing one-on-one, while you will encounter people to win the race in competition. You have to finish the race within the framed time and less than the opponents. You will have to spend more fuel to give tough to opponents for that; you need a supercar. The supercar usually needs more fuel. When you complete it fewer times than the opponents, you will receive rewards that boost your income and in-game components. 

Furious Features of EOS Racing Clone

The players in the NFT games are provided with the facility to earn while they play, but they need certain features which make the platform user-friendly and smooth for surfing.

  • Crypto-based rewards

As discussed earlier, players are allowed to earn crypto-based rewards in the game with their method of gaming and skills.

  • Decentralized game

This EOS Racing Clone is a decentralized platform where racers can invade and register to participate in the game to earn money and rewards.

  • Governance 

The players are privileged to govern the platform by giving suggestions, and the platform will work accordingly; by this, players can feel superior in making decisions.

  • Fewer Transaction Fees

The transaction feels lower compared to other gaming platforms, making this decentralized platform more engaged with players worldwide.

Do you have a desire to own an NFT car racing platform?

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The decentralized gaming platform EOS Racing Clone that INORU develops provides the player the most pleasure in engaging with a splendid game. The game will make the players proactive and move to the last to earn money. They are rewarded in between the race, making the players sustain in the platform. Get in touch with us and develop a world standard EOS Racing Clone and collaborate skill with earning. 

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