How can a healthcare app development company gift the healthcare industry?

The healthcare and medical industry are one of the best fields that can boost the growth of mobile devices. According to Statista, the number of medical apps available in the Google Play Store during the second quarter of 2019 had increased by 9.3% over the previous quarter. 

The mHealth or Mobile health industry has immense potential to enhance the efficiency and quality of the existing healthcare services. With the widespread use of smartphones, the mHealth market will grow at an exponential rate. Some of the common ways of how digital forms are improving the lives of millions are:

  • Seamless and convenient communication with healthcare professionals.
  • Remote monitoring and electronic health records for patients.
  • Efficient storage of e-prescriptions and patient data online.

Mobile health services not only help in improving the quality of patient care but also aid in saving millions of dollars every year. Due to the countless number of benefits of mHealth and its convenience, healthcare providers are choosing to shift to healthcare mobile app development. From doctor appointment booking apps to medical reference apps, there are different types of healthcare apps. 

If you wish to develop a mHealth application, you have to understand the market and the key players. Well, it has been predicted that the market will reach a total size of a staggering $72 billion by the year 2020. That is not enough to know if you are an entrepreneur aiming to own a successful healthcare app development company. In this article, we will explore the market of various medical apps and understand the nitty-gritty of healthcare app development.

Types of medical apps for doctors

Today, there is an emerging need for doctors to perform different functions simultaneously and applications are needed to assist them hassle-free. Here’s a list of classification of mobile healthcare applications by type.

Medical reference apps

While one may feel that it is a no-brainer to remember crucial information, it is hard for doctors. They can’t store all information ranging from diseases and drugs to the latest medical experiments and findings in their heads. Keeping track of everything becomes a Herculean task as it is not possible to be around a computer all the time. That is where medical reference apps are a lifesaver. Some of the most important features of such apps include:

  • Search according to categories and filters
  • Acquire information about drugs and diseases
  • Videos of medical diagnosis and procedures 
  • Refer to research material and articles
  • Medical calculators (BMI, glomerular filtration rate, etc.)
  • Medical quizzes and tests

Professional networking apps

In order to connect with other doctors, healthcare providers need to attend conferences or send each other emails. This is a time-consuming process and may affect the necessary decisions to be taken during rare cases. In such situations, healthcare professionals need a mobile application that includes a network of their colleagues and communities of healthcare experts. Some of the core features of professional networking apps are:

  • Options for chatting 
  • File and image sharing (X-rays, medical reports, etc.)
  • Access to journals
  • Access to medical content and medical events

Developing a professional networking app can be a lucrative option for a healthcare app development company that wants to provide assistance in the best way. This is because the app is especially useful for those doctors who treat patients with rare issues in remote areas.

Patient health tracking apps

It is necessary to monitor the health of patients continuously from the first day of appointment until discharge. However, it can result in a chaotic situation with doctors having to look through numerous lab results for making informed decisions. That is why an efficient healthcare software can be the best solution. With a digital solution, healthcare professionals can perform a lot of things remotely like prescribing medicines and further treatment procedures. Some of the most important features of patient health tracking apps include:

  • Examine Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Access patient lists, charts, and lab results
  • Management of prescriptions
  • Notifications related to patient health results

Doctor appointment booking apps

Many a time, there are scenarios when patients can cancel appointments and forget to call. Moreover, it will be hectic for clinics to maintain a journal of appointments. There is a solution for all these issues i.e. doctor on-demand apps which allow healthcare providers to schedule appointments automatically.  There is no need to call a clinic as the healthcare app will keep a track of all the patients. Here is a list of the vital features that make doctor appointment booking apps different from others:

  • Find nearby healthcare providers
  • Search for doctors as per: 
    • Availability
    • Specialty 
    • Location
  • Check appointment slots
  • Supervise calendars of doctors 
  • Integration of multiple payment gateways
  • Refer booking and appointment history

Well, that was a comprehensive list of the highlighted features. So, let us talk about the popular stack of technologies that can be easily integrated into a healthcare mobile application. Both Apple and Google, have developed ready-to-use solutions like HealthKit and Google Fit for helping users collect health and fitness data. 

But, if you want your healthcare software developers to integrate mobile medical applications with other readymade medical APIs, that is also possible. Developers can build medical app APIs for both iOS and Android platforms. Such APIs can allow users to store, manage and access health data easily. 

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Wrapping up

Healthcare software development is a blessing in disguise for both doctors and patients. However, proper research and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry are necessary if you wish to build a mobile application for doctors and patients. By stepping into the shoes of both, you will be able to come up with the best healthcare applications that care providers will easily adopt. Moreover, healthcare app development involves managing a lot of sensitive data and thus it must be protected at all stages. 

If you have an idea for a startup and always wanted to build a digital platform for the healthcare industry, a healthcare app development company is what you need. A skilled development team can help you transform your dream of developing a mobile application for physicians. At INORU, you can get your hands on the best solution for your target audience. From developing the best app having a smooth design and UI/UX to market research, you will be offered an all-in-one remedy.  Aren’t you curious to explore our expertise?

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