How To Build A Spotify Clone With Inoru

As much as life has changed over the years, the need to listen to music is something that has remained constant. From listening to performances in the opera, via gramophones, tapes, CDs, and now through the internet, only the mode in which music has been listened to has changed.
Now in the 21st century, the most popular means of listening to music is through on-demand music streaming apps like Spotify.

There are around 286 million monthly active users on Spotify according to the company’s Q1 2020 report. In that time period, they have made around €1.85 billion revenue. Of this, €1.7 billion is coming from premium subscriptions, making it the world’s biggest music streaming platform. Though these numbers may seem intimidating for aspiring entrepreneurs, they must not be discouraged. Other apps like Deezer, YouTube Music, and MusicUp, although still in the shadows of Spotify, are seeing considerable downloads and profitable earnings.

With the music streaming business being a lucrative area to invest in, entrepreneurs and businesses see it as an opportune moment and might wonder how to go about developing an app that is functional enough to compete with big names. Here’s where our Spotify Clone app solutions come into play.

Appealing Features included in our Spotify Clone App

Easy Social Media Login

The app comes with social media integration so that users can easily log in to the app without going through the tiresome process of typing in their email IDs and phone numbers to login each time.

Creating playlists

As much as users enjoy curated playlists, they would also like to create their own. Users can compile their own favorites and give these playlists titles which can also be shared on other social media platforms with their friends and family.

Loop functionality

Sometimes listeners just can’t get enough of a song. The loop option can be tapped to put that song on loop for an endless listen. Or until the listener gets tired of it eventually.

Upload features

Up and coming artists would need a progressive platform to publish their work, and a Spotify Clone app is the right place. There is an option in our Clone app where artists can upload their own music and employ this stage to showcase their talents.

All payment methods

To help make the transition from using the free app to a premium subscription, payment methods like credit and debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets are integrated. This way, users can easily pay for their monthly or yearly subscriptions without any hassle.

Powerful admin panel

Using the admin dashboard, the admin can oversee the entire operation of the app and manage operations in the background. With this, the admin can have complete control of the Spotify Clone app.

Download songs

With the premium subscription of the Spotify Clone, users will get exclusive benefits like listening to songs in offline mode as well, an entertaining feature that is sure to keep users captivated.

Customizable, White-label solutions

Any number of customizations can be made in the Spotify Clone app. There are no limitations when it comes to adding personalized features and functionalities to it. To ensure visibility and increase the presence of your music streaming app in the music streaming industry, the app can be rebranded according to your business model. Every nook and corner of the app will bear the branding of your choice.

Having said all this, the Spotify Clone app we develop will come with a separate interface for the users and the admin with distinct features to make using the app conducive.

What The Workflow Of The Spotify Like App Will Look Like

Our Spotify Clone script has an easy and accessible workflow that will captivate music lovers who use the app.

  • Users will be able to create a profile where they can upload their photos and update their personal information.
  • They will also have a home page displaying music they have recently listened to, curated playlists, and song recommendations from similar artists and genres that the user might like.
  • There is also an option available in the Clone app for the users to create their own playlists to compile their favorite music depending on their mood or preferable genre.
  • Users can also make use of the ‘favorite’ option to mark a song as a favorite which will prompt the app to recommend songs similar to that.
  • The Spotify-like app comes with a multi-payment option which can be utilized if they wish to access the premium membership.
  • A sharing option will also be made available in the clone app which will enable listeners to share a song or a playlist with friends or family through a platform of their choice.

How The Spotify Clone Makes Money

With a free application like the Spotify Clone app, most of the revenue is made through these means –

In-App Advertisements

Since the app services are offered for free, advertisements – both audio and video, can be strategically placed in the app, mostly in the transition period from one song to the next. This can be a stable source of money for app owners. To avail of an advertisement-free experience, users will have to pay for premium services.

Promotional fee

Apart from this, other up and coming artists who wish to publish their music or debut on the Spotify Clone app can do so by paying a fee to the admin. This rate is dependent on the duration of the advertisement and the placement of it.

Premium subscription

Since the free app comes with advertisements and access to certain exciting features is limited, many users will prefer the premium version of the app. For this, they will have to pay a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis. This way, they will have unlimited access to all music and other innovative features. This is designed in a way to make the premium membership affordable enough and not restrict the free version too much to drive users away.

How is the Spotify Clone App made?

Our app development process is foolproof and high standards are set when it comes to the functionality of the products. We have developed many highly functional apps with innovative features. And the Spotify Clone App is no exception. The process goes as follows.

  • Requirement analysis – The team will sit and discuss your business requirements. Your customizations will be taken into consideration and worked on by a team of expert developers with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Forming a team – Once the fine details to develop your clone app are planned out, a development team will be formed and assigned to your project to begin bringing the Spotify like app to life.
  • Front end and back end development – Our qualified developers will make sure the Spotify clone script is designed to have an interactive and user-friendly interface. Following this, the developers will focus on the back-end development of the app integrating the work the design team has done to outfit the app in such a way that users will have a polished and smooth experience while using the app.
  • Quality assurance – The Spotify clone app will be evaluated by our testing engineers by assessing the app through a series of tests to ensure that it is a top-notch product without any hiccups in its functioning.
  • Launch and post-launch maintenance -After the Spotify app clone has been tested, tried, and gained the approval of the buyer, it is ready to hit the market and find its way into users’ phones.Our marketing team is highly skillful to promote and market your Spotify Clone app. After the launch, if there are any skirmishes in the working of the app, the maintenance team will ensure that the bugs are fixed and get the app running smoothly.

Why Inoru Is The Best Choice For On-demand Music Streaming App Development

As a pioneer in the app development business, Inoru offers the best services in the market that are quite untouchable by competitors. Our skilled and experienced team of developers and engineers are the best in their respective fields. The clone app developed by our team will be completely scalable to suit the needs of the growing business trends. With over 14 years of experience tied to the company, the products produced by us are world-class with prices that are affordable and stand justifiable to the quality of the end product. Round the clock support will be provided by the support team to clear any queries and issues that you might come up with.

With such stellar work, Inoru is the right place to invest and witness stunning ROI in the music streaming sector. Build your own Spotify Clone app with us to make your mark in the music streaming app industry!

How To Build A Spotify Clone With Inoru


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