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HyperDragons Clone

Gaming is a predominant hobby for plenty of people worldwide. Recently, online gaming has gained popularity, and many have indulged in online games; This led to the development of many games with different aspects and themes. Among all the games, the NFT games have a particular place; these games provide an opportunity for the players to earn while they play. This innovation has broken the traditional concept of a play-to-win to play-to-earn. Thinking about owning the HyperDragons clone gaming platform, reach out to us; at INORU, we have an eminent team of developers who will help you customize the gaming platform that will fulfill your dreams with the NFT gaming platform.

Details on HyperDragons

As discussed above, NFT games have proclaimed the concept of play-to-earn among the audience worldwide. There are various forms of NFT games created; among them, the battle-oriented NFT games have a distinct fan following for the game. One such battle-oriented game is HyperDragons; this is the decentralized gaming platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Dragons are battled on this platform, and they are traded along with the in-game collectibles. Each dragon varies from one others, their cute face and cool attitude are adorable. The dragon has to be well equipped for battling, and they are developed based on skills, honor, and hit points. A dragon with all these well-developed aspects will be a strong competitor for all the other dragons on the battlefield.  

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Basic aspects of HyerDragons 

The NFT battlefield gaming platform’s primary aspect is to battle with the gaming characters and trade with the in-gaming collectibles. In HyperDragons, the dragons are the game’s protagonist, which is developed and sent for battles.


The dragons present in the gaming platform have certain qualities; each dragon differs in their characters. The high skilled dragon holds the status of the strongest among the troop. With the strong dragon, users can participate in the battle aiming for victory, and it determines the period you can sustain in the game. The well-developed dragon will be allowed for breeding, and the offspring born will hold the same distinctive characteristics, which will increase the probability of winning the game. The offspring can be traded or can be used for battle.

The game’s native token is DST, and with the eminent dragon, you can acquire more DST and eventually higher income. When they are let out for battle, the dragons go as troops; the more effective troops will dominate in the battle and indulge in collecting rewards from the game. Moreover, the troop’s strength will help guard the castles built in the gaming field.


A dragon can be considered eminent when it possesses the following attributes: skill, honor, and hit points. 

A dragon has to achieve multiple hit points; similar to all the battlefield games; the hit points determine the fame of the dragon and its contribution to the gaming platform. When a dragon has multiple hit points, it will dominate the battlefield with low chances of death and defeat.

The next important aspect of the game is the inbuilt skill of the dragon. The well-equipped dragons are grouped according to their skills. The high-skilled dragons are made to battle on the field to get a higher rate of income and rewards. Apart from strength, it is the strategy that wins the battle.

The last and most important aspect would be the dragon’s honor for it. The dragon in the higher level will have the greatest honor, which will determine the dragon’s dominance on the battlefield.

These dragons with all three qualities will have a greater value when let out for trading. The higher the eminence, the higher will be the price.


Castles are where the players store their rewards and the digital assets they have earned in the game. The nature of the castle determines the player’s position in the game. When the player builds the higher castles, big dragons can enter the castle and through which the player will get high priority in the gaming field. The enemy troops will wage war against you to break the castle and loot the assets you have collected. The dragon troop, which is made to stand outside the castle, will safeguard your castle from invasion. The castle has to be upgraded often because the version of the castle will determine the number of dragons and assets that can be accommodated in the castle.

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Unlike all other NFT battlefield games, HyperDragon has a probability of earning while playing. The rewards collected in this field provide the highest income that will increase people’s engagement in this game. If you are a gamer and intersted in owning this unique NFT gaming platform, it is high time for you to dive into  HyperDragons clone development. We have well-efficient gaming developers who would customize the white-label NFT gaming platform according to your needs and deliver it for you to earn while playing and make people do so. Reach out to INORU, one of the best NFT gaming platform development companies and get to reach your dream destination in the crypto spheres.

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