Develop A IDO Launchpad On Binance Smart Chain- An Crowdfunding Platform

IDO Launchpad Development On BSC

Initial DEX Offering launchpad is a platform that acts as a crowdfunding platform for new crypto projects which are waiting to be launched. Every business needs a considerable amount of capital to commence and progress. A business idea without investment would just sustain as an Idea. The same applies to any business. Current times in the digital world show the involvement and evolvement of cryptos. Cryptocurrency has become so popular that people have started to invest in digital assets and hope for a great ROI. When a new project emerges, it needs money to start and progress. Many people with brilliant ideas won’t have the amount for the business, and a push is required for them to move forward. A platform that attracts investors to the business is the IDO launchpad. 

What is the IDO launchpad?

An IDO launchpad provides the investors with the new crypto projects which are yet to be released. The crypto projects are tokenized as IDO tokens by the developers. The launchpad development companies tokenize them and are listed in the storefront of the launchpad. Storefront is the place where the tokens are listed, and the digital collectors would have a watch at the tokens. In this launchpad, the business projects are proposed, and the investors register with the platform and will see the list of tokens. The business proposal token is created to attract investors, and a detailed description of the business is mentioned there. 

When the investor is interested in the project and is amazed by the work, they will complete the deal; and the investor will have the ownership of the token. Post that, the investor would provide the funds needed for the business. This platform serves as a helping hand for many crypto aspiring entrepreneurs. 

This platform highlights the IDO token in the list; by this, the token would be highlighted for the investors among several businesses prevailing in the community. This platform assures the growth of the business by performing several strategies and yielding a route to success.

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Attributes of an IDO launchpad

An IDO launchpad has certain attributes that make the platform a user-friendly platform; they are;

  • Security

  • Wallet integration

  • Backend system

  • Listing tokens

  • Fast trading

An IDO launchpad on Binance Smart Chain

Binance smart chain is a recent innovation with unique attributes that impact the platform being developed in this  Blockchain. An IDO launchpad developed with BSC promotes the platform’s working. The most important attribute of this BSC would be security. For a business to go and sustain for years, security plays an important role. The information and transaction have to be secured to avoid unauthorized entries and hacking activities. The Binance smart chain provides another astonishing aspect of widening communities. The BSC gives access to a larger community of investors; this decentralized platform allows investors from various platforms to get in and view the listed tokens. This platform is not biased that only a specific person from a specific marketplace would purchase the token. It allows any investors from any forum to involve and participate in either the auction or the fixed sale. 

Benefits of an IDO launchpad on BSC

An IDO launchpad platform developed on BSC have certain benefits for the new crypto project holders and the investors who get in with interest in the search for a new business.

  • Liquidity 

Liquidity is the main aspect of the platform; the exchange of tokens happens within the liquidity pool and enables better transactions.

  • IDO marketing

Getting an investor for a well-known company isn’t a hard job, but acquiring investors for a newbie is tough. IDO marketing services do that where a new project gets the attention it deserves. The business will be marketed in a better way.

  • Fundraising methodology 

The fundraising process for the business is concerned in a better way by implementing better fundraising methods for new crypto projects and providing them the courage to proceed with that.

  • Trading speed

The tokens are traded as soon as they are posted in the forum. Tokens, when brought early, can be sold for a higher price in the future. 

  • Low gas fees

The transaction fees with this are comparatively less when compared with other blockchain platforms.


Knowing the benefits of IDO launchpad development on BSC, it is evident that this platform serves as the push for the new crypto project aspirants. At INORU, we are well-versed in creating marketplaces and launchpads with ready-made models. With the IDO platform, from tokenizing the crypto projects to the business success, INORU will be available at any instant to offer support. The platform can be customized as per your need and will be out for launch. To get your own IDO launchpad on BSC, reach out to us soon.

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