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Instacart clone

Today, we have completely moved to an online marketplace where it is considered cost-effective and easily accessible to everybody. The pandemic has eventually pushed the customers to be safe enough due to which they started to avail all the online services anytime and anywhere. So, the businesses have also expanded their services online so that customers feel comfortable ordering the necessities. One of the major reasons there is a huge demand for online services is that the ordered products will be delivered on time without any lag. When it comes to groceries, it is also witnessed that even groceries have been purchased online at large.

This is because it is considered that the groceries delivered online are much fresher than in the crowded grocery stores, which are today considered unsafe. To avoid unavoidable circumstances, ordering groceries online is felt to be the best choice for customers. If you are a grocery business owner looking to expand your business online, Instacart Clone is the right choice for you! Inoru’s Instacart Clone is an on-demand online grocery platform built with advanced technology and various customization options, making it more convenient for your customers to avail of the groceries online.

What Does Stats Say About Instacart?

Are you curious to start an online grocery business? Then it is more crucial to learn about the statistical figures that will help you to have a broader understanding of the online grocery application, Instacart. Some of the notable figures of the Instacart app are given below.

1.According to Statista, the Instacart application has been the most downloaded grocery app with a 200 per cent of growth rate during the pandemic.

2.After the pandemic, the consumers have started to buy groceries online with a boost of 25 per cent globally.
3.It is witnessed that the overall grocery market share has an increase of 1per centcent in Spain, China and France.

4.As an addition, 66 percent of customers prefer to get the delivery services free of cost or for a low cost.

5.And, post-pandemic online grocery sales are expected to crop up to $35 billion to more than $250 billion.

Why Do Customers Choose E-Grocery Shopping?

There are various reasons why users go for buying groceries online. We shall now look at the reasons to prefer e-grocery shopping.


Compared to store shopping, online grocery shopping is more cost-saving as they provide various offers and discounts on the products. Hence, customers are more likely to go for online grocery shopping.


Without spending more time deciding and buying groceries, it is easier for the customers to order the essentials online, which saves huge time.


E grocery shopping is more convenient when compared to physical shopping as it requires more effort. But, ordering groceries online requires only a smartphone, an internet connection and money in an e-wallet.

4.Quick Delivery

The delivery of online grocery takes less delivery time and the complete list of ordered groceries as fast as you order. So, customers have entirely relied on purchasing their groceries online effortlessly.


It is concluded that, apart from the pandemic, in future, it is expected that the customers will choose to rely on buying groceries online. Also, there will be more penetration of new grocery services online, it is a wise decision for the aspiring entrepreneurs to go for an immediate choice to initiate their grocery business with an Instacart Clone. If you are interested, get your personalized Instacart Clone from Inoru, which is built with cutting edge technology, where our expert team will provide you with an advanced Instacart Clone app  where you can even get futuristic insights in business. Partner with us now! 

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