Licious Clone – An Trailblazing Solution To Meat Delivery Business

When there are apps to deliver food, grocery, etc., all of us would have wondered if there is something exclusive for meat delivery. Licious-like apps facilitate this service effortlessly to its customers. And with its highly attractive business model, it is also seen as a great business opportunity that is kindling entrepreneurs to develop Licious clone to support their business.

Let’s dig a little history to know why Licious clone is super cool for a Meat delivery business.

Licious – The Story From A Corner To The Globe

An Indian Online meat app that delivers fresh meat and seafood to its customers on time.

The app, since its launch in 2015, has succeeded step by step and now rules in monopoly. With their user-friendly interfaces, the customers benefit from doorstep delivery of meat on time. The meat here is procured fresh from the local vendors and farmers that can be directly cooked and served. This online mart operates in all the major high-tech cities in India.

This app has wider audience traction, and it has received a minimum of 6,000 requests in a day. And recently, it has cloaked a revenue run rate of over $1,000 crores and raised external funding of 282 million dollars. This customer-centric online meat market has 300,000 active customers and has collaborated with 150+ meat vendors well-versed in meat handling technicals.

The Statista survey states that the share market of staple food worldwide is 38%, whose value of processed meat is anticipated to exceed 1.5trillion dollars by 2022 at a CAGR of 14% increase since 2016.

These lucrative statistics have pulled in increased meat vendors to invest in developing their meat ordering app like Licious launched to up-scale their business. With increased brand awareness for the business, these On-demand delivery apps create a place for the entrepreneur in the market. Similarly, Licious is also vested in the same ideology and ensured to serve high-quality products to its customers.

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Harmonious Work Flow Of Licious Like App 

For the meat delivery app to harmoniously manage the business, it must have a synchronized workflow starting from the user app, vendor panel, delivery executive, and admin panels. All of this must be cardially managed by efficient people in the platform.

1. The user gets to sign in to the app with their credentials. Once after the process, a flash screen invites the user to the app.

2.Following that, the user sets up their profile for the first time with basic details, contact number, location, address, etc. they can also update and change the details when and then they want to.

3. The users from this process can simply log in to the app to directly make their orders.

4. With the advanced search tools, they can navigate to get what they want and add them to the cart.

5. Once the user orders meat or seafood, the vendor nearby the location is notified. They can accept and deny the order based on the requirement.

6. As the vendor accepts the order, the user can make a payment. There are multiple payment gateways influx in the app to ease transactions.

7. Meanwhile, the delivery executive is also notified. They also can accept and deny the request. The one who accepts to render the service details are listed on the user screen.

8. The user can track the delivery person and analyze the estimated time of delivery.

9. Based on the convenience, the user can choose the mode of delivery. They can schedule the order at their convenient time or get instant delivery.

10. Once the order is delivered to the user, the process ends at ease. The user will be asked to review and rate the app’s services, vendor, delivery executive, and the quality of the order.

What Makes Licious Special?

Licious is the highest D2C (directly to Customer) platform, delivering chemical-free meat traded from direct vendors and farmers in the locality. The meat delivery business has improved at a rate of 500% in the last year serving 2million users. The major reason for the business’s success in the region is their strategy involved to service healthy and still profiting business lucratively.

Fresh and Tender Meat

Non-veg consumption is good for the people. Instead of involving intermediaries, the app directly connects the vendor with the Customer. Here the meat is never frozen but chilled, thereby maintaining its freshness and tender texture. The meat is all hand-picked and not nurtured using chemicals.

Safe packaging 

Irrespective of the size of the order, the packaging is given much importance. The meat is cleaned and neatly packed for delivery, and the box is vacuum-sealed to hold the meat in place and retain its freshness.

Transparency in sharing information

The MRP of the meat is very openly mentioned in the app and the packaging transparently, and the details and data of the meat lambs and chickens are all listed in the app and verified. Unlike the meat stall, the app delivers fresh meat in quantity at a comparatively affordable price.

Launch An Insightful Licious Clone Now 

Licious like Meat delivery app is a highly beneficial solution. These apps not just support the business but also benefits all those associated with the app.

Step 1 – Firstly the customers. They get to order their meat and get doorstep delivery through the app, eliminating travel and bargaining at the stall. The app ensures to serve quality meat for its customers.

Step 2 – The delivery executive, on the other hand, benefits monetarily and has a source to earn income. By registering themself in the app, they get constant orders to deliver and get increased income-earning opportunities.

Step 3 – The meat farms and vendors who are associated with the app gain mutual benefit as of the admin. They get business via the app. Get to increase their customer traffic, and the app helps them analyze their business growth through its analytical tool.

Step 4 – On the final note, the admin gets to scale their business with the increased user and thereby increase their business vicinity. The admin also get multiple revenue opportunities in the means of

1. Registration fee

2. Subscription fee

3. In-app advertising

4. Delivery charges

5. Commissioning

All of these will surely kindle any entrepreneur handling meat to build a similar Licious clone app to get themself established in the market effortlessly. But you wonder where to get your app developed from? INORU is all to help you out.

INORU – Firm App Solution For Your Business

INORU is a pioneer in the field of app development. With our advanced technological inputs and white label solution, you can easily launch your app in a jiff. We also afford the utmost customization opportunities to your app, contributing to building your Licious clone app as you wish and getting it launched under your banner. With INORU, we provide you with a time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Final Verdict 

What else? Do contact INORU to get a detailed idea of building your Licious clone app. And get it launched at ease. A super-efficient app solution sprees the market and increases your business vicinity.

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