Create & Launch An Enchanting Crypto Exchange With A Luno Clone

Luno clone

Cryptocurrency trading has become quite common and soaring in popularity because of the prominence of cryptocurrencies. This is the scenario when the crypto exchange grows in number in terms of count and popularity. Though the sea of the crypto world is filled with such platforms, there are anyhow open opportunities for newbies to explore by providing an ecosystem for traders to exchange cryptocurrencies. Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur looking for a solution to leap into the crypto market? Here’s the insightful article for entrepreneurs that will guide them to headstart their crypto journey with a Luno Clone. 

A Brief Overview Of A Luno Clone

Luno is a safe and secured cryptocurrency trading platform supporting the exchange of various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), and other more altcoins. On a remarkable note, it supports 100+ crypto trading pairs across 43 countries. The increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies fuels the potential growth of Luno.

Luno Clone is nothing but a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is similar to Luno in terms of how it functions with the infusion of necessary features. That is, it is a pre-made & customizable solution that is to be tweaked for varying individual needs, enabling them to launch the crypto trading platforms like Luno. 

Here, Look At Important Features Of A Luno Clone

Fiat Currency Support – The Luno like cryptocurrency exchange supports cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. The supported fiat currencies are Euro, US dollar, South African Rand, and Pound Sterling. 

Learning Portal – With the help of the learning portal incorporated into the Luno Clone exchange script, users will be able to know in-depth information about cryptocurrency. They will be able to know how the trading process takes place.

Software wallet – The integrated crypto wallet protects the crypto-asset with the help of private keys as well as recovery phrases for providing high-end security. 

Security measures – Apart from protecting the wallet, some security measures have to be given much importance for ensuring secureness and avoiding hacking activities. This will include two-factor authentication and a digital signature for accessing the platform. 

Create & verify profiles – Profile creation is the very first step. In this, they have to sign up using their email addresses or utilize social media accounts, specifying necessary details. In due course, the users’ identities have to be verified.

Dashboard – Checking the dashboard will give the market status alongside limit orders. This is the section where users can look through order history, trade history, and other such relevant deets. This information will aid users in making the right decisions on investing in cryptocurrencies. 

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A Comprehend Workflow Of The Luno Clone Software

  • In the beginning, the users need to register and sign up with the account using their email addresses. They have to complete the registration process by activating their account, which is done by clicking on the link being sent to the email addresses.
  • Henceforth, they have to submit the necessary documents for KYC verification. Adhering to this is quite requisite for user identification & verification.
  • Once completed with the initial setup process, users can choose the type of trading from the available trading pairs on the Luno Clone software.
  • Regardless of this, it is quite possible for users to pick any available fiat currencies. This is for placing the order as per the market standard price.
  • After the execution of the crypto trading process, the respective cryptocurrency will be added to the account, i.e., the users’ crypto wallets. 
  • The considerable point is that the platform owner could levy commission charges whenever the users exchange cryptocurrency. This will bring revenue-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs who launch the Luno Clone software.

Is Employing A Luno Clone Script An Ideal Choice?

The crypto market conditions change overnight. Though, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin hold the top position in the town. Even with the fluctuating crypto market conditions, people looking for crypto exchanges are not dropping. This is when the necessity & demand for cryptocurrency exchanges upsurges. 

Meeting the market requirements by leaping into the crypto world will be a top niche, bringing various opportunities for entrepreneurs to reap hefty benefits. Contemplating creating a crypto exchange like Luno will be a better niche in the present situation. To make it easy, Luno Clone Script will aid you.

Undeniably, this go-to solution will be a preferable one for entrepreneurs willing to launch a crypto exchange sooner. It is mainly because the contrast solution is time-consuming and requires much time for development, i.e., from creating the Luno like crypto trading platform from scratch. 

Confused Whom To Approach For Luno Clone Development? INORU Is Here For You

Intending to launch crypto trading platforms like Luno? But not sure where to begin with or whom to approach? Let me give you clarification for you with some significant points to be taken into consideration. Have a glimpse of these.

The crucial thing to make is choosing the right crypto exchange development company, which plays an integral role. INORU, a leading blockchain development company, have expertise in the blockchain field, delivering crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, launchpads, and other significant services like NFT marketing through various channels, including Discord. 

Our blockchain developers aim to proffer the cryptocurrency exchange solution within a stipulated time that too without any glitches & not compromising the quality. The breakdown of the process we follow is specified here for your reference.

At first, we gather your business requirements, which will include how you want the crypto exchange to function alongside features to be infused as well as the technology to be backed. 

Our team of developers put your ideas into implementation with our pre-made Luno Clone script, which is tested & reviewed for quality and, efficiency & performance. 


Is it enough to launch a crypto exchange like Luno? Marketing the Luno Clone is much requisite as it will gain wider attention from the right set of audiences. With much prominence for cryptocurrencies and crypto freaks seeking crypto exchanges, there is undeniably the best option for entrepreneurs like you to take a first & big step to leap into the crypto world with your crypto trading platform like Luno. Are you? We would give you a helping hand. Reach out to us! 


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