Megacryptopolis Clone- Witness The Awestruck Development Of A Decentralized Gaming Arena

Megacryptopolis Clone

The gaming craze has been prevailing for decades and has no chance of perishing. Online games have attracted even more players to reside in their venue and enhance the gaming Experiences. The gaming industry erupted with the blockchain infusion. The Cryptos and NFTs took the perspective of gaming beyond boundaries. These two elements are recognized to be the protagonists of the digital landscape. 

An inspiring aspect of crypto and NFT-based games is that they facilitate the players to earn with gaming. Earlier with various online games, the ultimate destiny of the game would be to win, nothing more than that, but the NFT and Crypto-based games insist the players showcase their talents and earn with them. The play-to-earn gaming aspect of the NFT and Crypto-based projects and games provides two ways for revenue: collecting rewards throughout gaming and trading the in-game collectibles with fellow players or on certain decentralized platforms.

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Delighting Megacryptopolis

The Crypto world is a hub for various innovations developed by inspiring minds. Crypto-based games are the amplifying innovation that has stirred the whole gaming arena; various games in the crypto space reflect the traditional games that were already prevailing. The blockchain infusion has boosted the capability of gaming upon limits. One such development is the Megacryptopolis game developed on Ethereum and Tron blockchain network. The game’s main theme is to construct buildings, rent them, produce materials that are needed for other people, and perform actions such as driving cars. This is a multi-player game that provokes the players to dwell in an arena where they can have fun and yield revenue simultaneously. Each action in the game proceeded with the transaction enhanced by the player and backed up by the smart contracts assigned to the platforms. The Megacryptopolis was initially designed to be a two-dimensional game; later the game was updated to a three-dimensional gaming platform provoking delightful gaming experiences for the players. The ERC-721 type of assets are prevailing in the game, which will enhance the uniqueness of the asset and is traded without any hindrance.

The native token of the Megacryptopolis 

Each platform has a native token that backs up all the actions that happen on the platform; the Megacryptopolis has the native token that stimulates all the transactions on the platform. The MEGA is the native token that was released in 2020 by the platform itself. The native token comes under the concept of Decentralized Finance, making peer-to-peer transactions rather than relying on any third-party interference. The players have to collect the resources and stake them in the wallet to acquire the native token of the gaming platform.

Megacryptopolis clone development on two desired Blockchains

The three-dimensional decentralized gaming platform is developed on two specific blockchains, adding advanced features to the platform. The Megacryptopolis clone can be initiated in the same way, i.e, constructed on Ethereum and Tron blockchains carrying the actions in the platform with amplifying smart contracts. 

The blockchain-based Megacryptopolis clone renders impeccable security protocols to the platform, which the users can trust on circulating. The transactions and the other actions in the platform are canopied under the security features offered by the Ethereum blockchain. 

Megacryptopolis clone is developed on Tron Blockchain, where there are no hindrances for transactions because the Tron-based platform provides immense smart contracts that back up the actions and thus resulting in blissful gaming and trading experience. 

Furnish about the development

Won’t you be surprised if we say that the Megacryptopolis platform can be cloned? Hold on to the surprise and get to know about the development of the tremendous crypto-based gaming platform. INORU is one of the leading NFT Marketplace development companies that can furnish the development process with ease and enable the clients to step into the blockbuster place to earn enormous revenue. 

The Megacryptopolis clone can be developed in two ways: creating from scratch; this process takes more time and costs even more since the development starts from zero without any exposure. Moreover, this type has risks of failure, and if anything happens, the process has to be restarted, which could be a loss for the platform owner. Another way of developing the desirable platform is through white-label solutions. The ready-made platform where the developers perform certain actions and customization is the White-label NFT platform. Additionally, the business owner can choose the name and logo of the business and can furnish them on the platform’s whiteboard. The whole process involves lesser time and money when compared to the first step. 

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In the same way, as mentioned above, INORU takes the initiative to construct your desired Megacryptopolis clone and open up the platform for customization as per your requirement. After everything goes well and you are fully satisfied with the development, you are ready to launch an impeccable gaming clone that can be illuminated among various NFT and Crypto-based games. If you want to appear isolated and special among the crypto-based games, connect with us to get to know more about the Megacrytpopolis clone and take home the furious gaming platform.

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