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Sports betting has come a long way since its inception. The industry is almost unrecognizable from even just a few years ago. No one could have predicted that the market would reach the heights that it has. It would have been difficult to imagine the development of internet sports betting and the robust mobile market in the early 1990s when websites and mobile phones were mere novelties. But that story has changed dramatically.

Approximately 2.2 billion individuals worldwide use smartphones and a billion more own a tablet. What this spells out is a market that is primed for a smart investment. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to be seriously looking at ways through which you can get into sports betting app development.

But to keep up with the evolving market, you need to offer customers something new and exciting. It’s very important to keep your customer base engaged by offering them something fresh by continuously innovating your business with new ideas that make the venture more efficient and easy to use.

The Integration Of Live Streaming

Something that many sports betting services are doing nowadays, is integrating live sports into their mobile betting app. By doing so, they not only provide their existing user base with the ability to watch sports in real-time but can also potentially stand to gain a lot of new customers by offering them this service. A lot of people might use their mobile app to avail streaming services which can then be converted into actual customers who spend money on the sports betting side of the application. As live streaming alternatives develop from a buzzword to something of a compulsory function, their further development is all but ensured.

Live streaming development is already underway and this expansion starts with enhanced accessibility. Future bettors will be able to stream any match that they can bet on with extensive sports schedules that are all readily available within the sports betting mobile application. This will bring more enhanced in-play wagering possibilities, not to mention developing new methods of watching the game live. Bettors that are unable to stream games will be provided audio commentary and visual updates at regular intervals. These are key features that are sure to entice a lot of potential customers to your business venture.

Integration Of Social Media

The social media sphere is a major driving force when it comes to running a business in 2019. When it comes to promoting a sports betting mobile app, things are no different. A new approach taken by many leading betting app giants, seamless integration between your mobile betting app and social media platforms is a must. Taking this approach even further, many social media platforms are aggressively getting into this market by making sports betting a part of their social media interactions.

By integrating your mobile sports betting app with a social media platform such as Facebook, you can encourage users to use the app more extensively by interacting with their friends and family and going on to even competing with them. A similar tactic was used by the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power in tandem with Facebook. A scheme was employed where social media friends can join together in wagers, monitor their activity and achievement, challenge betting friends, mock each other for mistakes, etc.

Geolocation-based Services

Another feature that the sports betting app industry is quickly adopting is the catering of needs according to your geolocation. As clients demand location-specific services, the situation of a bettor in the actual globe will become increasingly essential in the mobile betting industry. Again, this is a trend that already exists in a very primitive variant. Building upon this trend can help your sports betting app stand out amongst your competitors in a crowded market space.

The technology has enough potential that in the future a user will be able to connect to any game being broadcast nearby with the use of a smart device and will have the ability to start betting on those games. 

The Continued Rise Of The Mobile 

As the use of mobile devices rises, dependency on laptop and desktop computers will reduce in all sectors. Mobile sports betting will become the new industry standard. This trend has already started in many ways. Thus, providing your customers with the best mobile betting experience will leave a lasting impression and help you consolidate your place in the market. Juniper Research, a major consulting company based in the UK, predicts 100 million new clients to emerge in the mobile sports betting sector over the next four years.

The raw numbers speak for themselves. This trend is indicative of a lot of things to come. As an entrepreneur in the sports betting market, you should be utilizing your resources in the mobile app version of your venture rather than the desktop version that is slowly but surely being phased out.

Increased Accessibility 

With the advent of wearable technology such as Google Glass and Apple’s Smart Watch, you bring your ideas closer to the user than ever before. The future of sports betting is in your hands – quite literally. With innovation in the industry in full swing, it is only a matter of time before the integration of sports betting apps with smartwatches is a reality. 

This is an untapped technology that could spell out huge profits for you. Imagine being able to get alerts regarding your scheduled matches right to your watch and having the ability to bet on the games right away, in real-time

The first company to take this leap in betting software is primed for success. Make sure that it’s you.

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In Conclusion 

With so many players jumping onto the bandwagon, to make yourself truly stand out and set yourself up for future success, you need to be at the forefront of innovation in your field. The sports betting mobile industry – like every other business venture – needs to be continuously updated and tinkered with according to the changing needs and expectations of the market. 

You can make things easier for yourself by partnering up with a competent sports betting software provider who meets your needs and helps you grow. At INORU, we provide you with the latest development software technology that will help you distance yourself from your competition. Specializing in innovative solutions to the problems being faced in the betting industry, we are the perfect partner to take your mobile sports betting app to the next level.


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