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Mobox clone

The gaming industry has scrolled up the expectations and has created an irreplaceable position in the current digital generation. Rather than normal games, NFT and blockchain-oriented games have started to write their posts in gaming history. The Binance blockchain have given rise to trendy card games, virtual reality games, and many more entertaining games. These games would not halt with specific ideas, whereas they await to get updated and many more new features for the players. MOBOX is such a game with unique features and trendy gaming concerns.

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MOBOX-Metaverse Empowerment 

MOBOX has the unique facility of letting other metaverses join the game and giving immense fun while playing games. A backend team with the knowledge of Metaverse has been created, and they are very conscious of providing greater gaming results.

Unlike other games, MOBOX has unique feature. Games generally, before playing, demand some money as an initial. With MOBOX, the concept is different. The competitive world gets every detail from the users before playing and acquires access to everything about them. MOBOX is very much interested in not following all these.

MOBOX doesn’t charge any amount before the game starts, but the most beautiful part is that the players can earn money while playing the game. This unique feature of the game makes it stand out from the crowd. The main theme would be that all the NFT games should be interconnected, and nothing should be isolated.

As discussed, this game has certain benefits that are listed below,

  • Free to play games

The games which are played in this  MOBOX Clone are guaranteed to be free to play, the platform is more concerned about the players. The main philosophy that the platform believes is, the players are no more needed to pay for playing any games in this platform. With the usage of DeFi and NFTs, this would be the best platform for play to earn kind of games.

  • Play to earn model

The gamers in this MOBOX clone platform are rewarded while playing the games. This play-to-earn medium is a new arrival to the blockchain gaming industry. The games are developed with the use of DeFi and NFTs where the players are rewarded with the tokens in their native coins or NFTs that can be exchanged for money when sold in the NFT markets.

  • Staking 

This MOBOX platform paves the way for the users to stake their stablecoins in the CRATE contracts for exchange with additional incentives and bonus.

  • Governance

This platforms provides the users the governing option through which the can

vote to detect and determine how the resources are being allocated.

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MOBOX clone development

Creating the MOBOX clone is possible with a Blockchian development company like INORU. The platform, which is the same as the original mother version, can be customized and delivered to the clients. Customizing the cloned version is possible with the MOBOX clone script. The naming would be according to the owner’s wish. At INORU, we have much experience with the NFT platforms and games; We can also help you with this.

Most of the games in the  gaming industry are starting the games by asking the users to pay a considerable amount of money before starting the game. MOBOX wanted to make a change in the gaming industry by bringing the access of free games to every players who enter the platform. Gaming technologies are ready to reward the creators and companies provide the games whereas they are less concerned about the players, MOBOX wanted to take a stand here and started to develop the games where it free play type and players would earn money while playing as well.

At INORU, a well-versed customizing website, we perform actions on creating and customizing NFT Marketplace where the NFT  platforms are ready made and are customized according to the needs of the creators where they can impose their names or the company logos they want to add.

For entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts waiting to own their NFT gaming platform like MOBOX, it’s high time you can reach us and get the work done to earn a ton.


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