Enter The World of Blockchain With A Multi-Chain Launchpad like Redkite

Multi-chain Launchpad

This decade is seeing tremendous growth in cryptocurrency globally. With countries accepting them legally, people have been coming into the world of blockchain rapidly in the last two years. People are showing their interest in investing in blockchain projects. At the same time, entrepreneurs are looking forward to launching a project accelerator like Redkite Clone.

Several projects are emerging on different blockchain networks. Every project needs the funds it deserves. You can support these projects and contribute to the blockchain community with IDO Launchpad Development. This is an entrepreneur’s guide to jump into the blockchain industry and taste success the earliest.

Why IDO?

There are several funding modules in the crypto industry when it comes to crowdfunding. ICO, IEO, STO, IDO, etc. But the most preferred and advantageous crowdfunding model is IDO or Initial DEX Offering.

Startups and crypto geeks choose IDO because they bring instant liquidity to the tokens through decentralized liquidity exchange. People search for projects to start investing in IDO launchpads, a project accelerator that spotlights potential projects. The platform will list the project only after a series of verification and security checks to check its legitimacy and authenticity. This creates reliability for the early investors to trust the projects listed on the platform.

Users get into early investments in the crypto projects in the first place to buy the IDO tokens at a cheaper price than the price when they are released publicly. These tokens bought in IDO when traded after its release will produce a high return on investment. 

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Why Choose the Redkite Clone for Development?

Redkite is a multi-chain IDO launchpad by Polkafoundry. It is one of the most preferred launchpads for early investors. The advantages that make Redkite clone a suitable platform for entrepreneurs are listed below.

1. It is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that offers interoperability. That is, it supports projects from Ethereum, Polygon, Binance smart chain, and others.

2. It offers a better return on investment to the early investors

3. It gives support to the budding crypto projects in the crypto community

4. It works based on a system that provides equal opportunity to all the users to participate in the Initial DEX Offering

5. The projects undergo a crucial screening process before getting listed to ensure the security of the early investors to be away from scams and fraud.

Developing a Decentralized IDO launchpad like Redkite might look tedious for entrepreneurs who hesitate to get into the development process. 

Our developers made this easy by offering a pre-developed and tested White-label solution that can be customized and launched immediately.  

The Whitelisting Process in Redkite Clone

The users need to get whitelisted by the IDO project to participate in the IDO. The process of whitelisting in Redkite is unique in that it gives fair opportunities to all the participants. Remember, even this working process can be customized in our Redkite Clone. 

1. The users should stake the native tokens of the platform. In the case of Redkite, it is PKF tokens. It is a liquidity provider that offers IDO tokens depending on the number of tokens staked.

2. Once the tokens are staked, the users will be categorized into tiers based on the number of tokens that are kept in the liquidity pool.

3. It is important for the users to complete the KYC process before applying for whitelisting.

4. The users have to check whether the project they are interested in is open for whitelisting.

5. Once the whitelisting begins, the users can apply on the platform easily

6. The users will have to give their details like Twitter user id, Telegram id, and other social requirements.

7. Some projects will ask the users to retweet the guidelines and give links to eliminate bot registrations and promote the IDOs simultaneously.

8. Now the users will have to connect their wallet at the end as a requirement to apply for the whitelisting process.

After whitelisting is done, the users will be allocated to participate in the IDOs depending on the number of native tokens they staked. Users will be allowed to buy tokens in two phases to give all the participants equal opportunities.

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At, Inoru, a team of experienced developers is ready to curate your IDO launchpad like Redkite in any of the blockchain networks you desire. Our expertise in tech solutions will make you stand out in the blockchain industry. Our professional marketing team can help you promote your platform and bring it to the spotlight so that it reaches the target audience.

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Key Takeaway

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a gate to open so that you can enter the blockchain world, this is your opportunity. Grab it tight and take your first step in tasting success in this industry. Still, stuck somewhere in deciding the development process? Get in touch with our expert team to get it cleared to launch your RedKite clone with us.

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