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My Crypto Hero Clone

The NFT gaming Industry is blooming with enormous opportunities to breed in the crypto market. As an entrepreneur in the cryptoverse, you can now explore wider opportunities with a well-expanded crowd thriving to vest on new aspects in the market. With the gaming industry progressing in this digital verse with real play2earn ecosystem have the heart of the gaming crowd, and the players are very much interested in gathering up for battles and make strive to prove their strengths and abilities in the market. And now, your players need not just stop with showcasing their abilities and earn revenue but also start trading, and by vitalizing on the various revenue spectrums, both the players and the entrepreneurs are all benefit. 

Benefited how? Build My Crypto Heroes Like NFT Gaming ecosystem in the metaverse, and you can explore these benefits before that lets us understand how Role Play gaming can make magic in the NFT P2E environment. 

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RPG Based My Crypto Heroes NFT marketplace

RPG is nothing but Role play gaming where the users assume to roles down to be those characters in the fictional settings. The players here take up responsibilities and act as the characters with narratives through literal acting or through the process of designed structure making in regards to the developed character. 

Meanwhile, My Crypto Hero and Extensions is an NFT gaming in a similar gaming space built on the Ethereum blockchain networks with ERC 721 standards, whose value soars up with the demand and as your gaming level improves in the phase. The main gameplay of this game involves MCH and PvE – the Dungeon Explorer and the PvP battle that happens with the trained heroes in the game.

  • In the PvE mode, the player sends their heroes into the dungeons to collect EXP and explore the rare items called the Original Extensions, which are all of ERC 721 standards. These weapons can be used to level up your asset value in the game. 
  • The players in the PvP mode take part in competitive tournaments and establish their performance through tailored abilities with various strengths they acquire. In contrast, the top players here earn the Original Extensions and eternal fame of the assets. 
  • Here MCH uses blockchain technology in order to store the heroes and extensions of the game. This allows the players to trade the digital assets freely in the game. In order to trade, the wallet is very essential that also stores the assets and cryptocurrencies.
  • There are 2 very important extensions in the game. The OG extension that is traded and its abilities can be leveled up through the gaming. At the same time, the replica extension has fixed stats that cannot be altered and can be untradeable. This explains that the OG extensions are stronger and more robust than the Replica. 

What are the in-game assets?

There are versatile assets at My Crypto Heroes like NFT gaming, which includes The Heroes, Extensions ( weapons), and the land. All of these can be traded in the My Crypto Hero Marketplace with the in-game currency called GUM or through Ethereum in the Opensea marketplace. 


They are the very central part of the ecosystem. There are almost 200 plus different unique hero types in the game with varying levels of rarity. There 4 different rarities in the ecosystem are Legendary (20), Epic (100), Rare (250), and Uncommon (1000), with various supplies on altering levels. The users can make their trade and purchases either using the in-game token GUM through ETH. With more heroes, the player gets into more quests to yield their chance of gaining more Extensions and acquiring more power. The players can increase the income scale per month. 


The Extension is nothing but the Weapons used in My CryptoHeroes like NFT games; extension drops in the quest and field, and the one who acquires more victories through the weekly tournaments, they own the Extension. The players can buy Extensions from others for GUM or ETH just like The Heroes. And here there are 5 rarity levels for their weapon, which include Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common, and each in varying Combinations. 

Land Sectors 

The lands in the virtual game space are partitioned and plotted into different parrots. The land in the game is of ERC 721 tokens that are open and free to trade in-game for GUM, and with ETH, the players and users can make their purchase on their desired land sectors. 

Why Build An RPG-Based NFT Gaming marketplace In Metaverse?

Unlike other businesses on the NFT market, there is a huge audience track and their sustainability is also long lasting. This is noted for the play to earn ability vested in most of the NFT games in the market. Meanwhile, will you lose your chance if you get to explore the metaverse? Never right! Metaverse evolving with almost every platform. There it has amazing abilities to soar up in the ecosystem. With enormous crowd and revenue streaming abilities, the metaverse games are treating the players with Digital world experience in addition. 

Moreover, when it comes to developing a Role paly game, the player considers the game like life and they interpret to respond to the emotions in the space and reciprocate. Moreover, My Crypto Heroes like Gaming in metaverse have the abilities to bring in real-world experience along with revenue streaming space. 

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Develop your My Crypto Heroes Clone with INORU

If you are wondering where to develop these enticing games, INORU is right in front of you. With our years of experience in the field, metaverse is our recent  hit in the space. We do have good knowledge about the market behaviours and the demands in the market. Where you can meet the global requirements for an NFT gaming marketplace. Our white label solution gives you space to recreate My Crypto Hero Clone with increased abilities and advanced technology to serve the market with ease. There are N number of add ons you can put in your MCH Clone while its capabilities soar up taking the platform to a next level. And moreover, the cost of development and the time involved in the process is also considerate. 

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