Neon District Clone – Leap Into The NFT Gaming Industry With A P2E Solution

Neon District Clone

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have significantly revolutionized the gaming industry, while these two are flourishing in a parallel approach. Undoubtedly, the blockchain in gaming is driven by NFTs, which would represent digital assets that are non-interchangeable and unique. The fantasized NFT gaming would inspire gamers to participate in play-to-earn games and collect rewards. For this niche, there are numerous gaming platforms in prevalence. One such promising P2E platform is Neon District. Have you heard about it earlier? If not, let’s see a brief explanation of what it is about and an approach to step into the NFT gaming industry with Neon District Clone. Go through this blog and have insights!

Ready To Plunge Into The NFT Gaming Industry With A Neon District Clone?

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A Brief Introduction Of What Neon District Is About

Before we get to know about Neon District Clone, let’s start this blog with a brief introduction to Neon District. 

Neon District is a game platform featuring NFTs on the Ethereum and Matic blockchain network. The Neon Pizza mode is here with a Play-To-Earn concept. In this, players have to deliver pizzas to a nearby resident and collect Neon while defending themselves from the villainous team. To win the battle, the players will have an option to upgrade the characters that they have collected. 

Players will straightly go with playing the Neon District game and start collecting NFTs without even having any experience in the blockchain or owning a cryptocurrency. By playing this game and earning the Neon token, they could level up their rare & valuable virtual assets and these could be traded with a counterparty.  


Neon Pizza – Explained

As mentioned in the previous section, let’s dig deeper into the concept of Neon Pizza mode. In this mode, the players are given an opportunity to send their team of delivery persons for delivering the pizzas to the residents. This way, they could collect more Neon, Juice, and other significant parts like weapons and armors. Also, giving way for buying gear crates and entitles them to level up their characters. 

Considerably, it is up to the choice of platform users to either go with building a pizza delivery team or create obstacles for the players to deliver pizzas and earn Neon. Even they could do both if wished. That is, it is their choice to go with the characters, either good or bad. Irrespective of which option they choose, the ultimatum is gaining Neon and badges.


Neon District Clone

Neon District Clone is a pre-made Play-To-Earn gaming solution that would be similar to the existing gaming platform – Neon District. Similar in the sense, the features and functionalities will be the same. Through this solution, it is quite an easy task for entrepreneurs like you to get into the NFT gaming industry by providing a space for gamers to play games and collect rewards. 

In the gamified world, it would be a tiresome process when craft the gaming platform from scratch. In such a scenario, the Neon District Clone Script will aid you as it comes with a prime benefit like customization. With this, the solution could be modifiable in terms of features, defining the functionality. Eventually, with this type of perks, the time consumption for customizations will be considerably less and instant deployment of a gaming platform like Neon District is possible.  


The Functionality Of The Neon District Clone

How to play Neon District Clone? is not a mystery. Here is an overview of its functionality. Get a glimpse of this.

The platform users of gamers have to register with their accounts. The ones who are the beginners using the platform for the first time will give one character, 5 Juice, and 300 Neon. These are sufficient enough to form a team by purchasing three additional characters. 

Players would be able to claim free characters, choosing any one: Demon, Genius, Ghost, Doc, Jack, and Heavy from the Dashboard. So far, the players will hold three additional characters with 300 Neon and one free character. That is, they would have 4 characters to form a full team. 

Players have access to change the name, skin tone, and gender of the characters they own. To start with, players assemble the team in the Neon District Clone and proceed with a battle. Now, they can send their team to deliver pizzas and monitor the progress of the team. For a successful delivery, players will earn Neon.

Lead The World Of Web3 By Launching A Neon District Clone

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In the blockchain era, leaping into the NFT gaming space would be a great opportunity for you to explore more and relish benefits. When you are inspired by Neon District with the idea of launching an NFT gaming platform, take your first step by connecting INORU for Neon District Token development. We would analyze your business requirements and offer the Neon District Clone customized for you.

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