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Food delivery is a simple trade having a great demand in the current market. According to recent statistics, 60% of US citizens order food online and get it delivered weekly from third-party apps. Instead of paying high hosting charges, restaurants, cafes, food hubs, and others have developed their exclusive delivery app at a significantly shorter time span. This caught global attention, eventually increasing the need for Ordering.co Alternatives, as these food delivery apps established a high revenue trafficking module to boost the business activities. 

What is an Ordering.co Alternative?

With the demand for food delivery services, the need for efficient food delivery apps arose to create similar clones with enhanced features and unique facilities to ease their service. 

There are two different reasons for developing a food delivery app.

1.The owners of the restaurants and other food hubs are tired of paying hefty hoisting charges to third-party delivery apps.

2.The food delivery service facilitators need a well-improved app to carry out their business with a broader audience. 

The essential thing here from the entrepreneur’s side is to establish their business and that, in the world of the internet, led to the development of Ordering.co Alternatives. 


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The business model of Food delivery apps

While discussing food delivery services, the entrepreneur must be clear about the business flow that he is to carry out, which contributes to developing the business model of any food delivery business. With the two perspectives discussed above, your Food delivery app varies. 

In the first instant, when you plan to extend your food hub with delivery service, there it eliminates the third party interventions. The Ordering.co alternative exclusively works for your brand.

While in the second instance, the app acts as a bridge between the customer and restaurants. Here the admin coordinates with the user and the vendor to ease the flow of business. 

In both the modules, the revenue strategy of the business is comparatively high irrespective of the competition. And that is the main advantage of food delivery apps, and they can traffic both audience and revenue through a simple interface. 

The revenue stream for Ordering.co Alternative

The food delivery industry is perishing in a broader range. It is not just a single revenue stream, but it has multiple revenue tracking streams to pull in money in the app.


For every delivery service, there is a part of the income as commission transferred to the admin. 


By providing space for third parties to promote in your app, you get paid for hosting it, and for every lead from the app. 

Apart from these, the most considerable reach of any app is calculated on the traffic gained in the app. The users are the actual credits. With their increased usage, the success of the app is determined. With improved SEO, the app gains traffic and heads to meet the global reach.

Enhanced Features of Food delivery app

Apart from the usual facilities offered by any other food delivery app, your app needs to be unique and user-friendly. To ensure this, here are a few suggestions that can be incorporated into your app.

1.Social media login

By providing a social media signup process, the profile setup is eased. And the future login can also be quickened for the user. 

2.Order scheduling

Through this facility, the user can book their food and get it delivered in a scheduled time. This helps office goers to get food on time with a prior booking facility.


By notifying the estimated arrival time, the users can calculate the period for delivery and order food accordingly.

4.In-app tracking and navigation

With advanced real-time monitoring, the user can quickly know where the food is. And can navigate the person with a precise route if they are in any change of course. 

5.Operating time updates 

Amidst this pandemic, by providing the time zone of restaurants and cafes, both the user and vendor can make changes accordingly to make orders. 

Irrespective of these facilities, the app can also incorporate features associated with the Pandemic blues. Like

1.Mask detector

2.Precaution check

3.No contact delivery option

4.Digital payment facility 

5.Order cancellations

From whom to develop your Oreding.co alternative?

At INORU, we provide you with the utmost customization facilities to develop your food delivery app using Clone scripts. This eases building a new app within a restricted time limit and incorporates advanced features as the business needs. 

Final verdict

This app is a timely product that helps you improve your business through a new platform that ensures more traffic. With flexible app development solutions from INORU, you can get your Ordering.com delivered at ease. 

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