Periscope Live Clone – Trend Setter Business Model To Boost Your Social Media App With Live Video Streaming

Periscope Live Clone

Live Video Streaming App – Periscope Live

Exclusive Live Video Streaming App, Periscope, is owned by the 280 characters storytelling prodigy Twitter. It was launched in 2015 and had a great response from over a dozen million people, activities facilitated with the service. The daily traffic of Periscope is nearing one and one point five million. 

This video streaming app allows the users to record live videos and directly broadcast them to the audience. This feature facilitates the user to conveniently record and share anything that is happening at the very moment. This app provides a great platform for users interested in becoming professional reporters, and they can leverage it. This is a platform that users can vitalize to exhibit their talents and prove them. 

From discussing events, real-time issues, live gameplay, singing songs, discussing and sharing anything under the sun. Live interactions with their subscribers are also possible. From anyone to everyone, this app is so convenient. Say there are already many celebrities owning their channel in Periscope Live. 

Moreover, the app is very convincing, and it can be used from any place. And it never demands a specific medium, and its high-end configuration makes it possible for the app to efficiently perform on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones. 

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Monetization Opportunities In The Live Video Streaming Apps

Let us know about the revenue streaming opportunities for the owner of the Live video streaming apps. From the owner’s perspective, let’s discuss the possible avenues. 

There are freemium models, a simple revenue scheme that is very commonly used. Let us start with the basic model. To begin with, develop your Video streaming app, make sure it has the ability to perform meeting the requirements as listed below, 

1. It has a simplified Free version that incorporates the basic and significant features for seamless app performance. Here you can run ads to facilitate income. 

2. The Paid version of the app with extended features with improved functionality, more importantly without ads. Here the users are benefited from increased facilities, including the experience of exploring with no ads. 

The app can integrate built-in purchase options for the user to choose accordingly. 

Brimming Features Of The Video Streaming App. 

Here we have listed the must-have features exclusively for your Video Streaming app like Periscope Live that has a wider opportunity to get attention from a larger user base.

 1. Video Streaming feature

Live streaming is where both recording and streaming happen simultaneously in the app. This is different from posting the recorded video in an app. Incorporating this into your Periscope clone with custom RTMP support for android users to improve efficiency. The app can also facilitate its users with manipulative filters with attractive options using Video core; it’s too cool, you know. 

2. Social media integration 

Like Twitter, Periscope live has an integrated social media platform. And its demand is for a verified Twitter account to work. While it is not too strict, other social media accounts can also be integrated, and you can design your app accordingly. When you concentrate on a wider audience range, multiple social media integration options will help you ease your user. They can conveniently choose their preferred social media account. But doing so, the user can directly stream the video on their FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media. 

3. Live messaging options 

The Periscope allows its users to comment while streaming live videos in the app. This increases the user viewer engagement, making the app more interactive, which is needed for a Streaming Live video app. The users must also be provided with the other options to make necessary changes like hiding messages, read comments over the broadcast, disable messaging, hide chat panels, etc. The user must be able to change the options according to their convenience. 

4. Geotag

With the integrated Google maps, the broadcast location can be directly shared. The Broadcasters can make use of this feature to share their location with their viewers. This is an easy option to identify and meet people. 

5. Rewatching Live

With its incredible storage technology infused in the app, the app can save the live stream. Make it available for the users to share it post-live for viewers and others to watch the user’s activities. 

6. Donation for monetization

This is a new feature that can be infused into your Live video streaming app. A trending solution that boosts the user to post quality live video for their viewers. As the user benefits, the app can also demand a smaller portion in the donation as charges, which turns out to be an income for the app.      

Reason For The Popularity Of Live Streaming Apps Like Periscope

1. Periscope Map

Increases the engagement that traffic’s more crowded to the location. When people get to see a live stream, they get excited, and when they are being streamed? It will kindle an interest in people coming into the app.

2. Broadcast, record, and share

The app allows the users to live broadcast. They can also record and save the streaming along with multiple sharing options on other social media platforms. 

How are Live Streaming apps benefiting businesses?

1. Provides an avenue to start a new business

2. Increased opportunities to drive more potential customers

3. Gains brand loyalty

4. Customer-oriented content generation pulls in an improved audience to the app. 

5. Real-time customer engagement activities  

6. The ad-free app was encouraging businesses to sustain themselves in the app. 

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Will you not take advantage of the market and build your Live Video Streaming app like Periscope that has increased opportunities to boost user interaction, pulling in more human traffic and improving revenue opportunities. 

If you do have a similar idea, let’s get it processed. With advanced and improved Scripting technology, at INORU, we help you build your Periscope Live Clone app. There are increased opportunities to flourish in the market and emerge as a phenomenal Video streaming app vendor operating in your brand name. This is possible with our White label solution that can improve the flexibility of your app.

So here we go, let us get your Periscope clone app launched with us, and no hustle, only bustles. We are constantly here to help you out and to clear your queries, do contact us. 

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