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Polkacity Clone

In the fast-paced technological world, we have completely moved towards digitally advanced ways to earn money. It is necessary for everyone to learn the current trends in the business that helps us to stick ourselves to innovative technologies. In the recent technological advancements, we would have indeed known about the Non Fungible Tokens, which has been tremendously popular among the investors who are very much interested in gravitating towards laying out money in the ingenious 3D platforms to earn huge profits out of it. In this blog, we shall look forward to learning more about the prominent and virtual Polkacity Clone.

What Is Polkacity?

Polkacity is an NFT based gaming platform built on blockchain technology that allows investors to own the virtual locations and assets in Polkacity. Every location in Polkacity is an NFT with an actual value. On investing in the virtual asset, it generates a standard profit that is paid in a native POLC token. It is created on ERC20, and POLC ASSETS are created on ERC-721. You can use this token to pay for goods and services on the Polkacity platform. It is also important to know that you can gain income until your assets are under contract, as each asset you invest your money in belongs to a contract guaranteeing your weekly payments.

How Polkacity Works?

The basic step by step guide on how Polkacity works is explained below.

  • Register yourself as a member of the Polkacity community.
  • Now, in the virtual 3D Polka game, choose your asset from Taxi, Services, Energy Station, or anything you would like to invest in.
  • After choosing your asset, you need to deposit a contract address that will be shared with you. 
  • Once the payment is made, you are now ready to enjoy the currency in your wallet every week as a future income.

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How To Buy POLC?

If you are interested in purchasing POLC, here is the list of steps to buying POLC.

  • If you are eager to purchase the POLC, you have to learn that, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it cannot be bought with the currency. 
  • You can buy the POLC with any of the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, USDT and trade it for an exchange.
  • As POLC is an altcoin, it cannot be exchanged; you have to transfer the coins in one of the exchanges to trade POLC.
  •  Now, you should have registered in any of the exchanges such as Uniswap, CoinGecko, Bilaxy to deposit BTC/ETH/USDT to the exchange. 
  • After the deposit is confirmed, you can purchase POLC from the exchange. 

Future Of Polkacity

There is always a question arising on why you should invest in Polkacity? Some of the ideas that are about to impact the NFT world using Polkacity are as follows.

  • It is expected that Polkacity is about to launch a DeFi and NFT platform before the end of the first quarter of 2021. 
  • They have also declared that Polkacity will have a robust mobile application, the release of the Polkacity wallet, NFT special edition release, and referral platform release in the second quarter of 2021
  • You can also make money by referring to friends and family members.
  • There will be a Polka dot integration at the end of 2021.


It is concluded that as the future holds more interesting technological upliftments, on investing in virtual platforms like Polkacity will yield you more profits. We at Inoru offer a robust and exciting 3D gaming experience with our Polkacity Clone. Being a leading giant in developing blockchain technology apps, we develop a trendy platform like Polkacity clone for aspiring entrepreneurs. We provide entirely white label solutions with a team of technical experts who indulge in continuous support with the clients by extending our technical support in launching your Polkacity Clone with us. Reach us to get a personalized Polkacity Clone today!

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