Polkawar Clone – Unleash A Multi-Blockchain Compatible Gaming Platform

Polkawar Clone

The economy-yielding ability and the authenticity of the business have reached their peak in a short time. The NFTs and the crypto spaces are grading the scales pushing the hindrances down. The digital assets minted as tokens are sold and traded at an awestruck value which has grabbed many entrepreneurs to invade the field. With the invasion, many have introduced various digital assets, which have terrified the entire digital world with the trading volume.

The enhanced sale of the NFTs widened the space to revolutionize another famous field. The NFT-based games were developed and introduced, which provoked the gamers to enter the arena and get rewards. The additional advantage of NFT-based games is that it facilitates the players to earn while they play; interesting. The gamers are rewarded in the flow of the game with cryptocurrencies, which they can either save or use within the game. The innovation has outdated the normal gaming ideology of play-to-win. 

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Blockchain-based games

The NFT games are developed to provide the players with the utmost gaming experience and a chance to earn in the game. The working of the gaming platform, transaction details, and wallet integration depends on the blockchain technology where the gaming platform is developed. Blockchain technology assures the smoothness and user-friendly nature of the platform. The NFT games are developed on the desirable blockchain technology like Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, Cardano, polygon, and Avalanche. All the blockchain technologies have specific attributes and qualities that reflect on the developed platform.

What is Polkawar Clone?

Among the games developed in the NFT arena, the battlefield games have separate fanbases where they are indulged in a competitive platform and subjected to a Do or Die moment. Polkawar Clone is a platform that is a battlefield NFT game where the users or the players can participate in the battle against the opponent. 

Nature of the Polkawar Clone

INORU is one of the leading NFT-based platform development companies capable of initiating the Polkawar Clone development and making the world experience a three-dimensional gaming platform’s supremacy. The Polkwar clone development is possible on various blockchains per the client and the business needs. The platform is compatible with all the blockchain technologies. Moreover, this isn’t just a gaming platform; it combines gaming, trading, and the DeFi platform. The players, weapons, and the other components in the game are being minted as NFTs, and the players can trade the tokens and own them to utilize the path of gaming.

Working on the Polkawar Clone

The Polkawar clone is a battlefield and a betting game where the players are pitted face on one to win the game. The betting is determined in USDC, in which the players will be notified during the game. The gamers are awarded based on their properties using the game logic formula framed through smart contracts in the game and additionally for their excellence on the battlefield. The game flow is constructed and determined by the smart contract that the game adopts and proceeds further. 

 Components of Polkawar Clone

The three-dimensional clone has the place for gaming with the characters, trading with the in-game collectibles like characters and the other components, and Decentralized finance, where it enhances the peer-to-peer transaction without any middleman or a firm in between. The polkawar clone has the elements which all comprise to be a game; they are as follows;


  • Warrior

  • Archer

  • Magician


  • Sword

  • Big knife

  • Bow and arrow

  • Gun

  • Scepter

  • Magic Vase

  • Tessen


  • Armor

  • Helmet

  • Wing

  • Mount 

The players or the user are allowed to design their representative characters by choosing the above mentioned aspects. The utilities will add value to the characters, which will result in a better gaming experience and yield. 

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The native token of the platform

The native token of the Polkawar clone is the PWAR token needed for every player on the platform to perform transactions on purchasing the various NFTs like the characters, the game utilities like weapons, and other components. It is the key to entering and surviving the Polkawar clone game arena.

Benefits and features incorporated in Polkawar Clone.

Farming Reward

The players can enjoy the liquidity Pool by locking the crypto liquidity provider tokens by which they can reap enormous rewards through PWAR tokens.

Staking rewards

The players use the PWAR tokens to stake their rewards for future use, which they can use to boost their gaming performance.

Marketplace fees

The players have to pay a small amount of PWAR tokens as the marketplace fees for the working of the marketplace, like goods deployment.


The players can participate in the act of governance where they can involve in discussions regarding the development of the gaming field or experience and the usage of revenues. The users are privileged by providing a space to shoot their suggestions.


The NFTs and the marketplace details are stored in an additional storage ledger, IPFS storage. The storage space is highly safe where the details or the information never vanish once entered.

Wallets Integration

Separate wallets are integrated to perform the transactions in the gaming arena to purchase and sell the in-game collectibles.


After knowing enough about the unique gaming arena that renders an immense three-dimensional experience, it is high time to initiate Polkawar clone NFT game development. We at INORU have well-versed developers who can help you develop the Polkawar clone on your desired blockchain. Additionally, the platform can be customized per your requirements and released in the digital space to furnish your wallets. Reach us soon and get your Polkawar clone on track.


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