Polypunks Clone- Launch An NFT Marketplace On The Polygon Blockchain To Trade Rare Punk Characters

Polypunks Clone

Polypunks clone is an NFT marketplace developed on the Polygon Blockchain, which cantrade punk characters developed and showcased on the storefront. Polypunks is the replica of the Cryptopunks platform, which is prevailing on the Ethereum blockchain. The only difference is that this Polypunks is developed in the Polygon Blockchain.

Polypunks are the digital collectible stored on the top place of the blockchain. It has numerous characters, around 10000 characters are prevailing, and each character has unique features and abilities. These rare NFT collectibles are bid, sold, and bought on the platform and can be presented as a gift.

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Working on the Polypunks NFT Marketplace.

Polypunks NFT Marketplace is where the 10000 unique punk characters are tokenized and published for the digital collectors to invade and purchase the tokens by which they are gaining the status of the digital asset owner. The desirable tokens with primitive and unique characters are traded in higher volumes to extract enormous income. For trading these tokenized punk characters, a platform is required. The platform is made to facilitate user-friendly performance through its working that increases the frequency of traffic gained by the Marketplace.

  • Listing NFTs

The Non-Fungible Tokens are listed in the storefront. The digital collectors who register in the NFT marketplace will be able to find the tokens listed. If they see the tokens convincing their needs, they would purchase the token and become the owner of that unique token.

  • Auction/fixed sale

In this Polypunks clone, the tokens are listed and when the user wants to purchase the token, they are given two choices to proceed with purchasing. One is through auction; the tokens are opened for auction where the token’s creator will frame the starting price and the time for the auction, the highest bided user wins the auction and the token. Another way is fixed sale, where the creator fixes the price for the token, and if the user agrees, they purchase the tokens.

  • Payment Methods

The Polypunks Clone NFT marketplace has wallet integration through which the digital collector can transact  tokens, and assets. They can pay through crypto or fiat money through their wallet.

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Catchy Features of Polypunks Clone

Polypunks Clone, developed on Polygon Blockchain, has certain features which make this platform stand out from the group and get enormous response and revenue. 

Unique Marketplace

The Polypunks Clone has a Unique Marketplace developed by INORU, Facilitating trading and earning very smooth so that the frequency of people getting in will be increased.


Rare NFTs like punk characters are traded on this platform. People are obliged by an opportunity to create various punk characters like zombies, aliens, and apes to trade in the Marketplace. The identity of the token remains hidden until purchase. These are the rare tokens that are hard to find and give increased income.

Random Punks Purchase.

Purchasing the punks is not limited, which means the users can purchase any tokens in the Marketplace. With this facility, the collectors can increase their collection of many punk characters.

Benefits of Polypunks Clone

Polypunks have innovative benefits that increase the tokens’ dignity and values, which increases the trading of the tokens in the platform. 

  • Polypunks has its Marketplace, and hence it works on its principles, which increases its uniqueness.

  • Among the NFT marketplaces built on the Polygon Blockchain network, Polypunk stands at the top in having a strong community of users.

  • Polypunks isIndependent, which means, though it has a platform for itself, still the tokens minted here are interoperable and it is possible to list on top Marketplace in the polygon blockchain to gain popularity.

  • This Polypunks clone affiliates with real-time projects like gaming, and by which the market viability is increased, which naturally increases the ROI.

Polypunk clones are famous in the digital world because they inherit special aspects within; a digital collector in the specific NFT marketplace can purchase the token randomly by which he can have more than one Polypunk token. When the users are involved in this Marketplace and sell the 10000 Polypunks, the gates to own an infinite number of tokens are opened for you, by which you can make a great amount of money.

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