Practo Clone App – Demanding Healthcare App With Multiple Revenue Tactics

Practo Clone App

The primary sector on a demanding scale to render service and race revenue in the same is the healthcare sector, which is eased with app like Practo. With the advent of the internet and technology, apps like Practo are trending with increased user visibility. 

In a weekly report analysis, there has been a 16% increase in people using and being benefited from Practo in a week. The app is also growing at about 20% per month, which showcases the evident demand in the market for similar apps. 

The success story of online Health care App like Practo

A solution that is not complicated, but as users, we never thought of was the Online E doctor facility. The simplest thing that Healthcare eased through its app is incorporating Ecommerce, virtual strategies into their business like the other. And this, the idea of implementing apps like Practo, is the first success story for the healthcare initiatives that took a step ahead to launch an app to ease the medical service at the doorstep. 

Practo clone provided a real-time solution through modern technological apps. It bridged the gap between doctors and patients amidst these pandemic situations. And this app didn’t stop with just binding doctors, but physicians, therapists, counselors, pediatricians, etc. This pandemic has trailed us a long way through to get out of the house. These apps came like blessings to ease the pressure and fear. Especially for symptomatic people, it serves as an e guide and helps them boost their strength individually with the help of doctors through these Online Healthcare apps. This provided a virtual channel to get in contact with field experts instead of random suggestions. The app also played a vital role in managing the contradiction to the virus. It also helped in safeguarding the frontline workers, doctors, and experts to be safe. And in most cases, the patients who are cured with Telemedication are found stable and healthy now. 

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These conclude that the growth of online Healthcare is the future of the field, and it has been a truly successful strategy to boost revenue in terms of business. 

One app Solution for Multiple Healthcare Service

Applications like Practo provide an improved and well-established marketplace for the healthcare sector. This app renders every single service that is offered to a patient at a well-constructed infrastructure. Moreover, it supports every healthcare vendor, from doctors at big hospitals to those who own small clinics, experts, etc. More importantly, they are to impart major solutions through the online interface. 

Service to Customers / Patients

1.The Prime option facilitates the user to get instant appointments with the Doctor online. With the Prime opportunity, the users are ensured to get advice from the opted physician, and no one is random. 

2.The Plus feature benefits the users with 60% of their yearly healthcare expenses. Here the user can avail of online service any number of times.

3.The online consultation facility is the very recent solution to avail quality health care advice in a timely need. With expert advice, suggestion, online prescriptions, the entire virtual ambiance, teleports to real-time clinic experience.

Clinics and hospital 

1.The clinics and hospitals similarly have Prime facilities like the users to provide an outstanding real-time experience like that in the hospitals to the patients. 

2.Ray is a management solution provided to the facilitators to ease payment facility, easy appointment scheduling and management, ease report sharing, and much more. 

3.With hospital management software, it’s easy to enhance productivity and improve the user/patient interface. This eases in managing the entire activist of the hospital at ease. 

4.With the ad slot in the app for clinics and hospitals, it’s easy to create awareness and increase the business’s visibility. 

Doctors facilities

1.The doctors can create their digital presence to increase their market visibility with their Practo Profile.

2.The healthcare experts, with PRacto consult, can improve and extend their service to a larger audience and increase their revenue.

3.With Doctor feeds, the doctor and health care expert can share their views, provide generalized advice. This boosts their visibility. 

Revenue streams in the Healthcare app

Apart from the additional sources, there are direct revenue streams in the Practo clone app. 

1.The Prime subscription facility is a one-time user-pay model. 

2.The online consultation fees are collected from users. 

3.Charges for medicine delivery can also be collected.

The app is estimated to earn around $15million. This has provided a proven strategy to grow the business that eventually welcomed several startup entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector to establish their app like Practo. These strategies have helped Practo grow in the healthcare sector, and it’s now serving as a pioneer in the market.

Where to build your Practo clone?

To build your Practo clone app, the developer must be well efficient in reproducing the ability of the existing app. The clone app must incorporate the efficiency and knowledge of the app. At INORU, we help you launch your white-label application with improved and advanced features.

With clone script technology, the cost and time are saved. And eventually, it helps in improving the standard of the app. It makes it flexible to ease the business activity, and we ensure to improve its compatibility. 

Final Verdict

The healthcare sector is a revenue streaming source irrespective of its nature. There are multiple sources to stream in revenue, and any entrepreneur with improved knowledge in the field can establish and shine in the global market. 

And if that is your case, here is INORU, always to render its extempore service to get your Practo clone app built to ease your business flow. And this option for sure will be one good choice that you made to boost your business. 


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