Practo Clone – How Do Online Appointment Booking Apps Like Practo Facilitate Health Care Organizations?

Practo Clone

The world is now facilitated with immense opportunities to explore, and with the advent of the internet, there is nothing impossible that it cannot promote. Add to the row with apps like Practo, and it’s easy and convenient to make online doctor appointment booking easy. Apart from this, the app functions like a compact infrastructure that facilitates the hospital’s major services.

The Market for online Doctor apps facilitating online appointment booking and consulting is growing rapidly. The 2017 report accounted for 370+ online doctor apps in diverse sectors and facilities. 

Here, let us discuss how these online Doctor facility apps are convenient for a hospital to grow and improve their business activities.

Increasing market value for E-Doctor Appointment Booking apps

There are new reasons every day for the need for the Practo app for business and user demands. The app facilitates similar services like those offered at the health care institutions and hospitals, but here through a virtual platform. This led to the increasing demand for Practo clone app to access health care services at ease. 

1.Nearly 67% of people found it convenient to make appointments during standard business hours. 

2.When the users were given a chance to schedule appointments anytime 24X7, the app trafficked 34.3% of new users. And they prefer booking appointments after the closing hours. 

3.When a question “What would you prefer to book an appointment with a doctor – Website or a mobile app without a direct call to the hospital or clinic?” asked the users. Nearly 64% of the people opted for an online booking option to make their appointment. 

4.Similarly, when users were asked to choose a date for booking their appointment with a doctor. The ratio fluctuated in minimal percentage like 

                 6% of them booked their appointment for the same day

                 20% booked it the next day

                 74% of the users opted for a day in the near future.

The need for the Practo clone app is randomly present in our day-to-day life. And these survey results reflect on the same point. 

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Let us see a few exciting numbers related to apps like Practo

1.66% of the U.S population opted for the online scheduling facility.

2.986 million online doctor appointments were scheduled independently. 

3.64% of the patients find the app convenient to make their bookings online.

4.The worth of Online doctor booking appointments has reached $3.2 billion.

5.The market value of Global Health is predicted to reach $111.8billion U.S by 2025.

6.The online healthcare business is growing at an increasing CAGR with 44.2%

Need for Online Doctor appointment booking app for hospitals 

The survey and numbers make a clear statement that the users and audiences are very convenient with Online doctor appointment booking apps. Practo clones can ease the business activity and manage the appointments. 

When provided a chance to book their appointment and schedule depending on their convenience, the crowd is right away dragged into that option. 

Through Practo clone scripts, the users can easily log in and register in the app and make their appointments with the doctors and specialists depending on their needs and emergencies. Apart from booking appointments, it facilitates many other facilities. 

When analyzing how these apps facilitate a hospital, here we are to put it simply for you. When a Practo clone app is exclusively developed for a hospital and  health care units, mentioned below are its strategies to benefit the business

1.The app allows the patients to register in the app and make appointments at their convenience. 

2.The patients who are discharged from the hospital can get easy and quick counseling through the app. This eliminates the time of the patients and an easy way of connecting with the doctor and not missing any appointments with the doctors. Therefore quick healing is ensured.

3.The doctors can conveniently schedule their working hours and make time for these video appointments as their activities are well coordinated. Thereby the productivity of the doctor increases, and he/she can effectively manage their business online.

4.The entire activity of the hospital can be managed via the app with its improved business analytic tools, which helps in focusing and improving the productivity of the business. 

5.The app also facilitates the admin with multiple revenue options in commission, hosting charges, running third-party ads, and others. There are increased revenue options via the Practo clone app. 

Features that can be incorporated in your Practo Clone App

1.Quick and easy appointment booking facility

2.Instant access to medical reports with improved cloud facility

3.Multiple payment gateways to easy online payment activities.

4.In-app chat to ease short conversations that facilitate sorting simple queries and doubts instantly. 

5.The emergency request helps when the user is in a medical emergency and in need of medical help. That helps to coordinate with the first aid requirements easily. 

6.Ambulance booking service, for patients to book when they can’t travel to the hospital with their injury.

7.In-app medicine purchases, the patients can conveniently order their prescription via the app and deliver it directly with convenience. 

Where to develop such an efficient app like Practo?

How touch heals, the user can easily make his appointment by clicking on the Book appointment button with a simple touch. And the rest had to fall in the lane just as simple as it sounds. For this, the compatibility of the app is very much needed. To be efficient, the app’s configuration must be well structured. 

We at INORU help you launch a robust, full-featured Practo clone app to facilitate your healthcare business activity at ease. All this can be made possible by developing your app with Scripting technology. It is an effective solution where the time of development is comparatively less, thereby reducing the production cost. 

With the overall demand in the market for user-friendly Online doctor booking apps like Practo, it’s wise to go ahead with its investment plans. It has wider opportunities to explore as the heart of the business in the near future. Launch your Practo clone now to facilitate your business activity and set the trend for the forthcoming. 




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