Technologies Used in the Development of Casino Gaming Software

casino game development

Gambling is a type of game that is completely or partially dependent on the luck factor of the player. If luck favors, one could win a million dollars in just a few seconds. But in case, if luck chooses your opponent’s side, you must understand that you are in danger of losing your money or even going bankrupt! 

So why do people still prefer gambling? It all started because of the adrenaline rush that gambling gives when the player rolls dice or picks a card! Slowly, the monetizing ability of gambling started to attract more and more people. Further, with the advancement in technology, Online Gambling came into the picture.  

Online gambling has led to a dramatic increase in the number of plungers, as it gives players the privilege of gambling almost anywhere and anytime! But this demands the use of cutting-edge technologies and snag-free software so as to induce the effect of a real casino to the maximum possible extent. This resulted in the need for professional Online Casino Game Developers

Interesting facts that you might not know!

According to Statista, the online gambling market is expected to bring a revenue of 60 billion dollars by 2020. 

In other words, 

  • This marks an increase of 4 billion dollars when compared to 2019. 
  • The revenue has been nearly tripled over the decade (as 2009 saw a revenue of approximately 21 billion dollars).

Software is the backbone of development! 

There are many phases involved in the process of online casino game development, and software is the most important requisite for it. 

Besides, it is necessary to devise and execute a perfect plan of action to stay ahead of the intense competition. To build a successful online casino software, one has to follow a series of steps and have in mind, some influencing aspects. 

      ➼ Idea Generation

      ➼ Software Prototyping

      ➼ Coding Used For Casino Game Software  

      ➼ Software Testing

      ➼ The Launch!


casino game development

The foundation of Casino Game Software Development lies in formulating great ideas, and it should be laid properly to progress in the right direction. 

An idea can be considered a good one, only if it is materializable. It should also suit market trends. A relatively novel idea is preferred to an old-fashioned one. It is essential to adopt new technologies to be unique. To achieve this, extensive research and analysis should be performed. Know what the people need and make sure to meet them. Bring about solutions that are cost-effective and not so time-consuming. 

But how to generate a perfect idea? 

Brainstorm! This is very important. Think of all aspects. 

  • From a business’s point of view – What would be profitable?
  • From the developer’s point of view – What technology should be used?
  • From the user’s point of view – Will this be useful? Will this be fun? 

To determine whether the idea you have come up with is workable or not, try answering all the above questions. It should give an in-depth understanding of what you need to do! 

Besides, there are tools to help you in casino software market research.  

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely used for Digital Analytics. This free software by Google is built on JavaScript. It collects data from different websites about users. With this data, you can answer the following questions:

  • How many visits?
  • What is the duration of each visit?
  • How did people find you? 
  • Which page has the most traffic and which the least?


Tableau is a data visualization tool used to convert raw data into forms that are easier to comprehend. These visualizations are usually expressed as spreadsheets and dashboards. C++ and other DBMS languages form the basis of Tableau. 

Social Mention

Almost everyone has a social media account. Social mention helps analyze the most trending topics among the users. The content that is posted by people all over the world is combined onto a single database. 


Questback serves as a great tool to conduct surveys and researches. It collects information from the users about the products and services. This helps the enterprises to understand in-depth about their performance. It provides feedback platforms as SaaS offerings. 

Google Alerts

This is yet another free service by Google. You can use it to get alerts about the topics that you are concerned about. To be successful, it is not only important to gather information but also to update your knowledge. Google alerts help you stay informed about the latest updates. You can also choose how frequently you wish to be alerted and the source of information too. 


Software prototyping is the process done before the execution stage to see how the software might perform and make any improvements if necessary. Firstly, it is important to determine what your software is for. Based on the requirements, casino software developers build a prototype of how the end-product should be. Now, this initial prototype is to be reviewed for any shortfalls. These are then corrected and the final prototype is formed. 

But how to create a foolproof casino game software prototype?

There are several tools that you could rely on for this. Given below are the most popular of them. 


This is a web-based tool that enables users to create an interactive prototype. This has a whole lot of features to simplify the process of presentation, getting the client’s feedback and resolving the comments. It is also possible to create a to-do list and keep track of the actions to be performed. Its in-app project management feature allows designers to upload files of various formats. 

Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD) is an Adobe prototyping tool that helps users to create the perfect wireframes and mockups of their software. It is compatible with any device or platform. Sharing your prototypes is easy, as it can also be accessed on a smartphone. So, having a word with the designer for review or development is easier. This also allows users to open files from other tools like photoshop. 


Marvel is yet another prototyping tool that is compatible with both mobile as well as web platforms. It enables easy navigation and allows users to share files. It also provides a number of exciting features to create the best user experience. is a user-friendly prototyping tool as it requires no coding. It employs a drag-and-drop user interface. This also provides apps for Android as well as iOS. Apart from all these, it is also easy to upload files of various formats, receive feedback from the users and work on them. 


This is an incredible tool from Mac for building Prototypes of mobile applications and web projects. It has an amazing system of licensing. Users need to buy the license once and it lasts for a year. During this period, you can avail of  all of the updates. Though you can use this tool even after the license has lapsed, you will have to renew the license to access the updates. 


casino game software

This is the stage where the coding of the software is done. The effective functioning of any game owes to bug-free source code. So it is highly important for the developer to have a sound knowledge of computer languages. 

Besides, there are several tools to help you through your way. Given below are the most preferred ones that provide amazing results. 


With Unity, you can build both 2D as well as 3D games. The personal edition is free of cost. However, if you are a professional game developer, then you could subscribe to professional versions. The most famous game, ‘Temple Run’, was developed using Unity. Several casino games, including poker and blackjack, can also be built with Unity.


Stencyl is considered to be highly user-friendly as it does not require any coding knowledge. It supports several platforms from iOS and Android to Windows and Linux. It provides an amazing repository of gaming resources and also allows users to share their resources. Apart from this, there is a huge Stencyl community too. Games like Wrassling was built using Stencyl. Games like slots, blackjack, and poker can be built too. 


This is based on TypeScript and is open-source. It is supported by Google and is highly secure. It provides various exciting features, including support for data maintenance, inbuilt filters, data models and the list goes on. It is efficient in performance and is compatible with all platforms. 


It is an open-source Database Management System (DBMS). This is a popular database capable of holding huge amounts of data. It supports all the major programming languages, including C, C#, .NET, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.


Using vert.x, it is possible to code in various languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc. It is modular and lightweight. It operates on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Furthermore, it is a non-blocking and reactive application platform. Various records from online casino table games are collected and processed. 

However, you can also hire casino game developers to help you build fascinating games. 


online casino game software

This is a very important stage that comes right before the launch. After the development stage, the software is tested for bugs. The software can be launched only after this process. 

Besides, there are several types of casino game software testing. 

Compatibility Testing

One of the most important features of a game is compatibility. This is because of the fact that the game would be developed in a device operating with a certain OS and the player might possess a different device with a different OS. It is practically inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive to develop software for every type of device and OS. Thus, compatibility serves as a key factor. 

While testing for compatibility, there are certain points to bear in mind, including the Text Alignment, Screen size, Readability, Workability and  Stability across various platforms.

Functionality Testing

This yet another important type of testing. While performing functionality testing, the game is screened for any bugs that could negatively impact the user experience. 

Firstly, one should ensure that the development outcome matches or exceeds the expected outcome. Then, the workability of the added features is to be checked. 

For instance, imagine a scenario wherein the user tries to create an account using their social media login and gets a series of error messages. This will surely end up as a vibe-killer. 

To avoid such situations, one should make sure the software does what it is supposed to do. 

Ad hoc Testing

This is unplanned testing where there is no structure or steps to follow. The software is tested randomly to find out any defects. 

This is based on a very simple observation. Sometimes, even after arduous implementation and testing, out of the blue, one might find errors. 

Thus, checking haphazardly turns out to be an astounding strategy to identify the shortfalls. 

Regression Testing

This is the process of testing the unchanged components. After every stage of testing, updates are made wherein the errors are rectified. These rectifications might affect (positively or negatively) the unchanged parts. This might even end up in new problems in the software. So it is always advisable to perform regression testing regularly. 

Play and Load Testing

This is done after the updates and checking are done. During the previous types of testing, only a handful of people would be associated. Whereas, in real-time, the software will be facing innumerable users. This incredible load might cause snags and lags. To prevent this, the game is tested under heavy loads. 

Once the Load Testing is successful, Play Testing is done, which focuses on the non-functional aspects. Testers play the game to analyze the difficulty levels, bonuses, fun factors, etc. 

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An online gambling software has to go through all these mind-wrecking processes before being launched. The launch of the software is usually accompanied with ingenious marketing strategies. 

Thus it is explicit that the success of an online gambling business lies in the use of cutting-edge technologies and strategic software development. However, the process of development does not end with the launch. Even after several installations, users might need support. So, frequent updates need to be made.

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