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With the advent of app development technology, the reliance on mobile applications has augmented drastically. As a result, many entrepreneurs have been trying to leverage mobile apps to scale up their businesses. We all know that the operating system of the smart device plays a vital role in the development of a suitable mobile app. Of all the operating systems available, Android is the most preferred by the mobile app developers across the world. There are various reasons behind the immense popularity of Android and why entrepreneurs need to go for Android app development for their businesses.

This article explains why a mobile app development company almost always prefers Android when it comes to providing services for businesses. Read further! 


By investing in Android app development, you can make your business highly competitive. The following are the significant aspects of Android that make your business highly competent.

  • High scalability to meet all the growing demands
  • Seamless integration with cutting-edge technologies
  • The high flexibility of Android devices and applications
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management solutions) implementation

Let us discuss more such aspects in detail. 

Support from Google

Of all the search engines available, we know how popular Google is. During the course of its growth, apart from Search Engines, Google has been providing various other solutions and services, including advertising services, Google Alerts, modified search engines (Google Scholar, Google Books, etc.), and the list goes on. In the year 2005, Google bought Android. This massive support from Google accelerated the popularity and efficiency of Android to greater heights.

Android Enterprise

This was initiated by Google in 2014 to help people use Android devices and applications in the workplace. This paved the way for the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), where employees are encouraged to use their own mobile devices for official activities. However, enough measures are taken to separate the personal and official data.  Besides, Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solutions assist organizations in monitoring and managing the mobile devices owned by the employees to ensure safety and productivity. Android Enterprise allows seamless integration of APIs (Application Program Interface) and other tools into EMM solutions.

Open Source

Android is an open-source operating system. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is a Google-led initiative. The source code of Android is available for modification by anyone. This openness of Android has resulted in huge demand for it. As a result, the developer community is huge. This makes it easier to solve any issues that arise during the development process of Android apps.


Android applications are easy to customize. The Android OS is made in such a way to ensure maximum customization. According to the varying business requirements, Android apps can be customized with ease. Besides, to stay ahead of the intense competition, it is vital for any business to update itself with the emerging trends in the industry. By using Android OS, it is easier to add, remove, or modify any features. The high customization of Android also reduces the Time To Market (TTM) of the app.


There are several reasons for the popularity of Android. Due to its scalability, security, flexibility, customization, and openness, mobile app developers opt for the Android Operating System rather than any other Operating Systems. Also, Android app development is done with the help of JAVA programming language. As JAVA is already a popular language, Android is popular as well. Besides, it is estimated that there are over 2 billion active Android devices in the world. This shows the huge popularity of Android.


As entrepreneurs deal with a lot of confidential data, they are most concerned about privacy and security. To combat this issue, Google has taken effective measures to boost the security and reliability of Android. The major security features in Android include Find my device, Safe browsing, App permissions, multi-factor authentication, preferences for lock screen, etc. With the help of the default system and file permissions, you can save time and effort in making critical decisions, thereby preventing any errors in the process.


As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs use mobile applications to expand their customer base. But it is impossible to predict the number of users per day. One day, the number of leads might be as low as 1 or 2, but the other day it might suddenly jump up to a hundred or a thousand or even more. So there always exists a fluctuation in the customer base. But, however dense your business is, your app should be able to support it. The high scalability of Android enables Android devices and apps to serve businesses of any size efficiently.


There is a high scope of innovation when it comes to the development platform of Android. Its high customization and scalability let developers manipulate the software and give wings to their imagination.  You can transform all your ideas into reality with the incorporation of modern technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and other futuristic approaches.


Because of its openness, Android requires less investment compared to any other operating system. Besides, Android has a stunning Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides various development tools for the benefit of the Android app developers. The one-time registration further lowers the development costs, including the cost of development, testing, hardware for testing, and the launch of the app. Thus, you can get a relatively higher Return Of Investment with Android.

Summing Up!

Thus, owing to the aforementioned reasons, Implementing Android apps is a great way to accelerate your business to greater heights. For professional help, approach our Android app development company. We have a team of expert Android app developers, providing end-to-end solutions, and 24×7 support to clients across the world. Have a word with our development team to get a free quote!


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