Uber clone : A contemporary Revenue model for your Taxi Business

Uber Alternative App

With the prevailing situation, there are many ups and downs in the business. But something that witnessed a quick increasing shift was the taxi-hailing business service. And this eventually created a massive demand for the market to perish; thereby, many entrepreneurs in the field of taxi-hailing services started finding new insights to grow their business. One such exceptional idea was to develop an Uber clone to take their business to the global market by extending their current services.

Why is Uber clone most suggested?

Uber currently operates in 80 countries, having a global reach, and the business is also perishing with growing demand. Its standard and service expertise made the app more convenient and comfortable among the users. Other entrepreneurs also attracted this. Like Uber to be compatible and User-friendly, their app gave them their preference to choose Uber clone among the other alternative options. 

Why use Uber clone scripts to develop your Taxi service app?

To develop any app irrespective of its features and working module, it needs to be standard and compatible. Moreover, the time taken in building an app from scratch is too tiresome that it involves many trial and error periods to test from its initial stage. On the other hand, it consists of a lump sum of money, yet its success is always doubted until its launch. 

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All of this chaos is eliminated in the clone script, and the clone app performance is assumed to be standard. Developing a clone app is considerably less than the traditional method, which cuts down the development cost. And with clone scripts, the app is flexible for customization. 

Developers at INORU focus on developing Cloned apps with increased customization and credibility to boost the Entrepreneur’s business. Any business entrepreneur looking to establish their taxi business with the Uber clone can directly reach out to us to get your Uber clone developed and launched at ease. 

Working on the Uber clone

The Uber clone app developed at INORU ensures credibility, and the app can be made available in both Android and iOS versions. 

1.The User downloads and installs the Uber clone app.

2.The User is provided with an easy and quick login option.

3.Once logged in, the location access is provided by the User. 

4.The pickup location is entered and then dropped.

5.The nearby drivers are notified.

6.Either of them approves the ride.

7.With a confirmation message, the driver and vehicle details are uploaded.

8.Driver reaches the pickup point, and the rider gets in the cab.

9.OTP is given, and then the ride proceeds. 

10.The destination has arrived, and the rider/user pays the bill and can review the ride experience.

Uber clone business model

The Uber clone app is primarily noted as a taxi-hailing app only, but apart from its, there is another phase to this app that concentrates on different attributes relating to taxi service. The other side of the Uber clone focuses on providing extended service opportunities. Like 

1.Regularly scheduled ride facility

2.Taxi for tourism and travel

3Vip and luxury facility cars

4.Self-driving car facility.

5.Exclusive women drivers

These are the other side of the Uber clone app with its extended service facilities. These can be altered and customized in the app based on the need of the Entrepreneur with INORU. 

The revenue model of Uber clone

Uber clone is a multiple revenue sourcing apps, where the Admin, driver, and the User are also earned with its improved functionalities of INORU in developing this efficient app. 

1.In the first place, the users are rewarded with offers and coupons by referring friends and family. Apart from this, they also gain recommendations for their regularity in availing of Uber clone services. 

2.The drivers in the same niche are paid for their service. Next, every additional ride they serve in their routine is awarded a bonus. And they also avail a commission from the Admin for their ride. 

3.The Admin generates revenue employing commission and host cost. They are also benefited by in-app advertising and through regular SEO traffic. 

Facilities in the User app

1.The users of the Uber clone developed at INORU are provided with an accessible login facility that can be synced to their social media accounts. 

2.Multiple payment options are made available in the app to ease payment and transaction.

3.Secured interface and ensure safe riding experience.

4.The User can avail of coupons and bonuses by taking frequent rides, referring friends and family, and earning rewards. 

5.It improved the navigation facility that offers route selecting options as well. 

Facilities in the Driver app

1.The driver is provided with a simple interface to choose a ride.

2.The navigation facility is improved with included traffic updates.

3.Multiple payment options are available to receive payment from the rider.

4.Data analysis is based on weekly and monthly activities to account for the driver’s performance.

5.Commission and income segment that transfer the revenue earned for every ride into the account. 

The Admin interface

1.The app eases the management of the business. 

2.The Entrepreneur can control the entire app through the admin panel, allow and restrict users and drivers. 

3.The Admin can see the performance of every driver and User from the single panel.

4.Manage offers and discounts availed to the User.

5.Track in-app commission


To experience a better business experience and ease management, Uber clone developed at INORU will help you get things done on time. With a white-label solution, the clone app is made flexible and convenient. To traffic more crowds to your Taxi business, here is your reasonable chance; INORU provides the utmost customization facility, so use it wisely. 


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